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  1. My 4th grader is not a "natural speller". This has been wonderful. We don't always choose from the list of words provided. We've used words from her Latin program, books read, history etc. It provides many different types of activities to do with the spelling words that really make them stick!!! It was recommended to me by someone on this site. Amazon has it where you can look at the first few pages. Good Luck to you! Norine
  2. I appreciate all of your help!! I think for now we are going to stick with NEMS and see where it takes us. Since he is just in 6th grade, we can always switch to something different if it truly doesn't work. I'm becoming more optimistic that it will work though...:) Norine
  3. My 6th grader is almost at the end of 6B. NEMS is the next book. I was wondering if anyone is using it for a student in 6th grade and how are they faring? Also, though I loved Geometry in school and took Calculus at University, I do not in any way consider myself strong in algebra. Does NEMS provide enough guidance for someone who hasn't done algebra in 20 years?:001_smile: Thanks so much for your help with this! Norine
  4. to read, what would they be? (Any time period up to and including the 19th c.) We are going to attempt Henry V the first quarter but need ideas for the remaining 3. I'd like to do 1 book slowly and carefully per quarter but I'd like to give my son a few books to choose from. Thanks again for any help...I have to say I've gotten the BEST ideas from this forum!!! Norine
  5. My son is a 6th grader. He'd like to learn all about the British empire during that period. I'm also trying to find a book on the Am. Revolution from the British perspective. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for your help on this! Norine
  6. My son, who is 11 and a great reader, wants to study the British Empire in conjunction with the American Revolution. Does anyone know of any books from an English point of view. He'd like to learn about the period leading up to the American Revolution. Thanks so much, Norine
  7. I actually tied it to Story of the World. We just used the sections based on what part of the world we were studying. (We just finished book 2.) We used the questions in the student notebook for the modern day questions and then used the maps for labeling anything pertinent to the time period. My kids loved it. Geography has become one of their favorite subjects. Purchasing the ebook also made it really easy for me. I just printed out whatever we needed for that day. Good luck to you!! Norine
  8. The Trail Guide to US History. If you go to geomatters.com you can read all about it!!! We have a great time with it. Norine
  9. Although at times I feel like the "LCC loser"!!!!;) Anyway, thank you to all for the great suggestions! After reading all of the positive responses I'm anxious to start researching info to teach it. Norine
  10. Did you take the entire year for the Iliad or did you also go on to the Odyssey?
  11. I'm a little anxious about using it as curriculum for my 6th grader next year. He's a very bright student and loves Greek history. He's read D'Aulaire's myths and Black Ships before Troy this year. He's also in the process of finishing up the Famous Men of Greece program from Memoria Press. So the interest level is definitely there. My worry is that I didn't read it until University and at that point it wasn't the easiest read. Granted, other than Shakespeare, I really wasn't exposed to the classics until University. My problem is that I don't believe that I know the book well enough to help my son interpret the various themes, characters etc. Help!!!!:) How deeply should we be delving into this work. Is there a good guideline that I can use? Also, I can only find the Lattimore edition (which I already own). Is there a huge difference in translation? Thanks so much for your help with this!!! Norine
  12. My children are actually learning both Latin and Italian simultaneously. It works really well since, obviously, Italian comes directly from Latin. I believe the same would be true with Spanish. It is amazing how many "lightbulb" moments the kids have when they realize that the words are either exactly the same or really close. My feeling is that any language that you have the opportunity to learn should be learned. Good luck to you and your children!!
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