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  1. We had great results with Dianne Craft's program. My dd gained 2 years of reading in one year and the Biology of Behavior really helped too. I think people misunderstand the purpose of her program. The phonics is designed for kids who have already have gone through phonics but still struggle. It is not a learn to read program. The idea is to expose your child to a large quantity of words in a short period of time to get their reading skills up by just reading lots of words over and over so they recognize them to read them. This is a huge boost to their self-confidence and from there you go to work on spelling and writing. The Brain Training works but it is hard work for both teacher and student. We no longer have writing reversals and my dd's handwriting has improved dramatically (from the writing 8's). We have been doing the program for about 15 months. We spend about 45-60 minutes PER DAY on this. It is a lot of work and time consuming. That being said, it was well worth it. FWIW I think that if you plan to do the program, purchasing the DVD's or attending one of her seminars is vital to really understanding it. My dd did VT as well and there is a huge amount of overlap between VT and BIT. I prefer Dianne Craft's program b/c 1 hour daily with her in my home beats driving 30 miles away to go to our VT appts.
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