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  1. As a curly girl, and mom to 3 curly girls, I think her hair is cute. Curly hair is what it is. My girls use the Pantene for curls with great success. I use Deva curlz. My hair never sees a brush. I use a pick when wet only. 2nd day hair is achieved with spray bottle with a squirt of conditioner shaken in. I have better luck with cream styling aids. AG recoil comes to mind as a favorite. Mousse frizzed my hair out. My youngest's hair is probably the closest to your daughters. I do the same as mine, but since it's so much longer, pony tails, braids and cute messy buns go over great. Play with a few things and take pictures. Then create a style book for her. Then she can choose her style. If the knots are really bad and driving you crazy, consider shoulder length layered. Then a hair band can be used with cute bows and flowers. My mom struggled with my hair, she has slight waves and I have crazy curls. My motto is just go with it, don't fight it. The celebrities and hair models with the curly hair that is just so spent hours and hours on it. It's not a realistic expectation. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  2. I took all this information to heart. I really thought about how she works best. How I function best. We snooped at some of the recommendation/suggestions. I decided to shelf TOG :( It is simply too much and I know I would spend so much time trying to find everything. I decided to go with Memoria Press. After talking with them on the phone, at length. We are using their lesson plan guide and doing the Ancient World and Ancient Greece. I have Story of the World if we want to do a little more reading on any particular era. Adding D'aulaires Greek Myths read aloud and discussion(she loves myths and fables) and read aloud Percy Jackson. And the goal is last week of it all we will do lots of movies with Greek Mythology as a base. What works is that she thrives in workbooks. Maybe because it's ready to go, or maybe it's the structure. It works for me because it is ready to go. Life has been hectic, and this keeps us going. I think it was a happy find :). I am so glad I asked!
  3. Social studies/history is one area, we don't thrive in. It isn't a topic of interest for me, I didn't do well in my own studies, hence my struggle to teach it. A few years back, I downloaded the first Unit of TOG, year 1. I am thinking of pulling it back out. But it overwhelms me. I am missing something. I must be over thinking it and complicating it. Can some one give me some guidance? I'm going to be working with an upper grammar student. She is a good student overall, but if I am not organized and understanding what we're doing.... I lose her. So we do great in my strong areas. But we struggle in my week. So far this year, I'm ashamed to say, we have only read some historical fiction, I really wanted to study our history (Canada) but what we've found to work with is set up so poorly. I don't have the background to create my own. I need something concrete. And if I could wrap my head around TOG... I think it could work. I see lesson plans. I have a healthy budget to order books, as well as 2 nearby libraries. I would really like to tackle it in the new year. I'm failing at this, terribly. So much so, there are times I feel she'd be better in school, which I know is ridiculous. But thankfully, she is thriving in all other areas.
  4. DD16 is taking a grade 12 social studies class in school. She has an essay assignment, and we're really struggling with it. We spent hours researching it, and she has started writing, however, in talking with a friend, who is a Social studies teacher, he feels she has approached it completely wrong. I thought that we have some great minds here, maybe we can get another point of view. Here is the full assignment: To what extent should we embrace the ideological perspectives(s) reflected in the source. Write an essay in which you: - analyze the source to demonstrate an understanding of the ideological perspective(s) reflected in the source. - establish and argue a position in response to question presented - support your position and arguments by using evidence from your knowledge and understandings of social studies ****************************** Source: Political realists believe that the implementation of the principles of democracy in the twenty first century is impractical. The economic and social costs of allowing for the free play of conflicting opinions is prohibitive. Advocating a practical political system, realists reason that to expect political institutions to be totally responsible to the participants is not possible. Moreover political leaders cannot be expected to be totally responsible to the electorate. While the principles of democracy are sound in theory; application of the democratic principles in a modern political system is not attainable. ************************** The instructor outlines how she wants the essay written. What should be in the introductory paragraph. 2nd, third etc. How would you interpret the source? We are trying to analyze it. And looked up what political realist is, how they think, etc. Found examples of where democracy has failed, where it is succeeding. Thanks, Social Studies is not something I am good at, never was..lol. so this is so beyond me.
  5. It is always interesting to see what people like and don't like. It's a really good thing that there are so many choices out there for curricula!!! We loved 3 and 4. This year we tried something different, for a change...doh... and going back to Behold and See 6. We loved OPGTR, we didn't do every single page, if she had the concept, we moved on. We started at the vowel sounds. I have recommended it to sooo many people! I agree with this one. We did it for 8th grade, and my dd didn't like it. We did finish it, but it was brutal to go through. Other things that were bad ideas for my crew Real Science 4 kids Apologia Science (this was the junior high level, not the elementary) Elemental Science Writers Jungle Tapestry of Grace Any Latin Easy French Math Mammoth _ Liked grade 1 and 2, but after that she didn't retain. Easy Grammar Life o Fred We liked but discontinued CLE Math CLE Language Arts FFL WWE I'm sure there were more... but I can't think of it.
  6. 4H isn't very big here, the closest club would be a minimum one hour drive one way, that isn't related to animals, a friend tried to start one within the city and couldn't get the numbers, it's only 8 kids, but there was no commitment around here for something like that. \but the comment was about myself growing up, only farm kids were able to participate in 4-H. I know 4H is for all kinds of things these days, including fun things like paint ball, painting, etc, but I think around here there isn't much else, other than involving large animals, that are within a decent travel time. I just looked at the regional listing, and there is minimal that isn't, and the distance just isn't feasible.
  7. This is a skill that I know we are lacking. Being homeschooled, there isn't necessarily a group to present to. I have dd9 present her projects to her older siblings, but that isn't the same, plus they think she's adorable, which angers her..lol. Anyone care to brainstorm with me on how to provide this learning opportunity? I was thinking perhaps small group, co-op like setting. But I'm not sure. I know we could get a room at the library, and meet there to do the presentations. Truly, I'm not a speaker myself although I did do well in 4th grade competition but after that the school didn't do anything for me, 4-H was only for farm kids. How can I teach this to dd9, and give her the opportunity to improve and grow her skills? I don't think she's missing anything that the school might be doing, as all my kids lack in this area. I see this as an opportunity to grow. I see so many videos of young teens speaking to rooms full of people,and they are so eloquent. I want to let dd9 have a chance to try this. Thanks!
  8. I stumbled across the term in another post. The concept of having the kids write what they do remember vs. finding out what they don't is really appealing! I struggle with some of the textbook questions at times, I've read it but can't recall several of the things. I am evaluating this year, after all it's February, and finding we have a great math and LA system, but LA could use a little tweaking. But I am not enjoying science, social studies, or even the religion, which we did enjoy last year. This is really a new concept for me. What can you tell me about it? what did you find most helpful in making this successful? I see real potential!
  9. I created my own, love it. It's loosely weeks, and divided by topic, as I am rarely on task on all subjects. Some are way ahead, others on task, and others maybe a little behind. All are behind dividers. It's so easy to go through, flip see where we're at,check things off. Love it. I plot everything in. I do put dates in, simply to see if we are too behind, then we'll spend a little more time on it. I don't worry about a week or two, but if it's more than that I know we need to focus. I love it :)
  10. I am just starting thinking on this. Math: CLE 400/500 - we are off by 1/2 cycle Science: CHC grade 5 or possibly CSH hands on science + co-op LA: CLE 4/5 - plus AAS 4 Social: provincial curricula, 5th is still a narrative and dd enjoys it. Religion: Faith & Life - possibly online Art: ecclectic, some crafty, some grand masters and co-op Music: Possibly piano lessons Performing arts - co-op Phys Ed: home treadmill(burns anxious energy). hockey and karate. Possibly swimming, but that is usually summer+co=op French: 1x a week group class, L'art de lire and at the co-op. Very preliminary. I'm debating LA right now as well as science..lol.
  11. I was thinking no drop, parents stay. The possibility of some of them teaching, but all stay to assist, in some capacity. I do child care already, I am not about to take on more of that. I also know that this age group can be difficult, so mom or dad nearby is a great motivator for good behavior. I do plan on charging. I am not sure what would be better, yearly or monthly. It woul. Be nice to have the budget up front. That way I can catch sales, etc, and be prepared, without household funds. I am really leaning towards doing it. I am trying to dot all my i's and cross all my t's
  12. Any one done this? I am sitting here contemplating doing just that. This January, my girls started going to a co-op, dd9 absolutely loves it. She repeatedly tells me she wishes there was a second day. I don't worry about the missed school day, because, really it's not lost at all, as she studies French there, does science experiments, art, drama, and phys Ed. I have tried the various groups to increase her social interaction, and it's never the same kids in attendance, it's hard to form solid friendships. I did find another co-op, but I wasn't comfortable with some if it. And that's all I can find in this area. We have a pretty large homeschool population here, but they are quite unschool-y, some are awesome, but most I've met I haven't found it a good fit being more of that Classical learning style. So the thought is what if I started a co-op? A once a week, 1/2 day co-op. I don't know what facility costs might be yet, but could a coop be kept really small? 6 kids? At least initially. Then that would solve facility issues for now. Science, art, grammar, public speaking skills, math, finishing up with a social time, both for parents and kids. It would be done in 30-40 minute blocks. That is a very loose idea at this point, and I have a lot of thinking, pondering and debating with myself to do for this. I figured, this was the place to get the information. :) What are important factors to consider? What have you learned since starting? What do you wish you'd known from the beginning? What would you do differently? Thx
  13. Another factor that can bring on anemia is hypothyroidism, and it is one of the most undiagnosed illnesses in women. Just a thought I battle anemia as well. My count is typically 2-3, in a REALLY good stretch it's 6. I have been tested for anemia, had a uterine biopsy, have had lots of blood work. The one thing posted here that I hadn't heard about is low HcL... I'm going to look into that. Hope you're feeling better
  14. I can relate. I had some one in my life that was like that. she didn't have money to buy food for her kids, but when they got money, she didn't stock her pantry, she wasted it within days. Then she'd complain there was no money. They earn a 6 figure income. As much as i liked her, I found her stressful. So I keep my distance. I miss her in some ways, but I am much less anxious without her.
  15. I have learned many things in this thread. Some new, some refreshed. I have been trying to cook more or less only what we need that meal. Dh isn't taking leftovers to work, no heating facility, and ds isn't working right now. Leftovers are often wasted in the fridge. As I was tidying today, I realized something, why not freeze them? Not a major epiphany. Some things I already do that for. Left over ham is cubed for soup or scalloped potatoes and ham. Mashed potatoes for potato dough. Why not everything else? No one will take that 1/2 cup of veggies left over. But tossed into a container with complimentary veggies for a soup or stew would make use. Left over roast could be cubed to be warmed with broth and served over rice. Left over rice can be frozen for mini rice puddings or heated with milk and cinnamon for a warm breakfast. There is no reason to have a fridge full of leftovers. Freeze it, and plan to use it in the next 2 weeks. The kids don't like having a left over day, but leftovers can be made into fresh new meals. I'm going to need to think on this more. I see great potential with approaching leftovers as an ingredient to a new meal, vs the main course a 2nd go round.
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