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  1. Thanks for calming me down. We got the evals, so we could make an educated next step. I'll wait. I do love the video idea, and I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!
  2. I appreciate the help with the social issues yesterday, and so, I thought you might help me again. It is almost a daily struggle with my 10 yr old and instigating, teasing, picking, back-talk, just 'ugh' behavior. Under handed messing with peoples' stuff and pretending he didn't, saying he's not playing a game and then declaring himself the winner, etc. It drives his brothers nuts, which drives his parents nuts. When we talk to him about it, he doesn't seem to understand what he does, or doesn't remember, or claims not to remember, or says that everyone is always fussing at him. Well, he's always messing with people or their stuff, unless he is highly focused on his own thing. He honestly doesn't seem capable of learning to not piss people off or understanding what he did. Recall that we've had evals and are waiting on results. I did email to tell her these things, which we did talk about before, and ask if we could get in any sooner. In the meantime, I don't have any idea how to fix or improve this. Do we need ABA, more excitement, meds, counseling? Any ideas?
  3. Yes, I should have said his mind may be hyper, but he isn't. What kind of coaching did she get, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. He can follow conversations with one or two people, especially with adults,if he is interested. He clarified for me just know that there were two options, he didn't care which, and he didn't vote. The little boy that is the "leader" of their group is a real pill, and I think that sets him off to where he can't or won't participate. With a good leader that can draw him out, he can function. So maybe, I should have asked if there are situations worth putting kids in when they do struggle? One reason we homeschool is because of the terrible time my husband had, and we didn't want ds to be picked on, bullied, left out, etc. I hate spending money to put them in activities and see them treated poorly. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the replies about social issues and evals, kbutton and tiramisu. OhElizabeth, you always have a good idea. He loves audiobooks and reading (if he picks the books), so I'll use that. I'd thought to add more exercise since that can only help and drawing/modeling as he likes those and they will help his hands. Back-off on some of the other things. Add in hands-on kits or computer programming or scout projects or whatever he picks. City Mouse - That is a good explanation of what is probably happening. I do feel his processing speed is low as well or that his brain is too busy for me. Thanks all!
  6. I usually ask a ton of questions, but I did not think to ask all the tests she did. I do know that i did the long questionaire and then also an interview with similar types of questions. I didn't think waiting would be too hard since we've waited so long to test, but starting back to homeschool this week is a pain. I don't want to go in a different direction until I have more info, but I'm so tired of the fits and lack of progress. School is both boring and too hard. We do have to wait a bit because we tested at the local university, but she did oodles of tests and then called us back for another for motor testing. I just wonder if the testing will help with the social side at all.
  7. *Update in Post #15* We are waiting on reports from recent evals, but this is killing me. Can you name it? My 10 yr old son wants to be in groups with kids, do activities, seeks the attention and time with others. However, he is reserved, quiet, doesn't speak up much, and often misses cues or what's happening. Example, in small group at scouts, the boys were to vote on a yell for their group. I asked if he got to vote or voted, and he wasn't sure if he had or not. If I or another caring adult isn't there to walk him through, he misses what's going on, lags behind. My husband said he was the same way and always struggled in school because of it. He know has a few close friends, but I find he still misses cues like when a conversation should end or we should leave a place. His mother has it, too. She is unable to even hold a job because she can't understand what is happening or keep up or gets too upset by others or something. I know they all have ADHD or something very like it; although, I don't have a dx for that. Does anyone else have this?
  8. I haven't even checked to see if I can change the settings on this one. He did better today, but I think I may still get the color stickers. I could use them, too!
  9. Typing is one of the goals for my 10 yr old this year. I've had him try Typing Instructor for Kids. He says it's broken because it won't let him in the games and makes him redo the lesson when he gets 72%. With his attitude, he is making no progress. I saw colored stickers for the keyboard; I think that will help him. Is there a not-so-fun typing I could try? Offline is nice as we have limited data. (He is ADD, if that makes a difference.) We've also tried Dance Mat. I'm looking for effective little bursts of effort.
  10. Typing is one of the goals for my 10 yr old this year. I've had him try Typing Instructor for Kids. He says it's broken because it won't let him in the games and makes him redo the lesson when he gets 72%. With his attitude, he is making no progress. I saw colored stickers for the keyboard; I think that will help him. Is there a not-so-fun typing I could try? Off-line is nice as we have limited data. (He is ADD, if that makes a difference.) We've also tried Dance Mat.
  11. I have three boys, the youngest 3.4 years old, so I'll give a bit of enough that comes to mind. On the stories for car, my three have all really loved the America cd by Wee Sing. It's not a story, but it does have parts of speeches and such as well as lots of good American songs. Putamayo music CDs are almost always a hit; I like these better than WeeSing as they are real artists, not kids, singing. The Thornton Burgess books are good for young ones (free on Librivox). Winnie the Pooh and House on Pooh Corner read by Peter Dennis (he makes great sounds as piglet) are great. What about Little Golden Books and CDs? My 3 year old likes the ones we have with records, but you might find some with CDs. For printed books, I haven't used any of these, but continue to look at them for my preK child: Rod and Staff preschool books and Handwriting Without Tears Get Set for School.
  12. I just want to say that I appreciate this thread. I appreciate seeing two sides to picking curriculum, not just good or bad. You hear one thing here; another thing there. It's hard sometimes to desifer why it worked for this one and not the other. You've all given details about the specific problems for your family or lack of problems and that is helping me make decisions. I love that we have freedom to do what is best for our families!
  13. Thanks for the responses. I actually lost my own post and couldn't return to it until just now! After rereading WTM 3rd edition as mentioned above, I think I have a fairly good idea of what to do. Treasured Conversations is on my list if I get overwhelmed or run into trouble. Thanks!
  14. I like the WWE text that outlines what I need to teach my child. I'm fairly competent in teaching him writing, but need an outline of what to do when. Is there something that would follow WWE text? Is there like a WWS text? My son will be in fifth grade, narrates well, but struggles with physical writing. I'm looking for something to walk me through outlining, writing across the curriculum, literary analysis, etc. Thanks!
  15. Thank you so much for the extra ideas! It gives me some things to think about.
  16. I have considered stealth dyslexia. Some of the issues he was having got better when he got glasses. Flipping letters has stopped. He has almost got his numbers fixed. Really, besides the physical act of writing and spelling, he's made lots of progress this year. (He spells like me!) He reads well and learns from what he reads. If he didn't, I'd be more concerned. I'll look at IEW again. I was afraid it would break it down too far for a VSL. I know he needs steps to follow. What about the Executive Function Training Elementary book I've seen mentioned on here?
  17. I should have mentioned that he is interested in Vikings, Middle Ages (castles and such), and maybe China/Japan/etc.
  18. Need ideas for soon-to be fifth grade, 10-year-old boy, ADD, visual-spatial type child: I'm working full-time. Dad and I share hsing. I NEED something planned or very easy to follow as my husband also has ADD and has a hard time finding and tracking things. I don't have time to plan and write everything for everyday and sleep. We are in the country with low bandwidth limits, so online isn't an option. (That would be my first choice for this child.) DS reads well, comprehends well, spells horribly, writes better (letters are going the correct direction now!) but slowly in print, low memory recall typical of ADD, needs lots of change and excitement. We do short lessons. We've done AAS 1 and 2 with little retention, WWE 1, lots of narration with me scribing, some misc. worksheets on grammar and writing. Math is beginning to improve, and I'm more confident dealing with that as I teach math. My thoughts: HOD Preparing for the variety and notes to student, ease, etc. Ideas? Biggest issue is what to do for writing, grammar, and spelling. Thanks for any ideas!
  19. I'm working almost full-time this summer and next year and finding it would be helpful to have something planned out. I'd like to spend less time planning and writing out plans for my husband who does school two days per week, so I can clean house or have fun! I've picked up HOD Beyond for my second grader. The fifth-grader-to-be is giving me issues. He has not done formal grammar or writing. He has ADD and is difficult to keep "entertained" with school. Changing topics during the year and doing hands-on things (not lapbooks) are pretty important. He reads well and learns from what he reads. That's one reason I'm looking at Preparing - to get the independent work planned out, but build the writing skills in. He has asked to do anything with airplanes (but he knows lots already), Vikings, Middle Ages, or WWII. I've considered WP Sea and Sky pretty heavily, too, but it's not all nice together like HOD. Question: What else should I consider?
  20. What about a geography year like MFW ECC or WP CAW or your own thing put together?
  21. How many times did you repeat the dictation? I think SWB says in her newest remarks that 3 times is probably necessary and okay. At 11, I'd at least WWE 3 or something else. What are you hoping he gets out of WWE?
  22. My boys love Snap Circuit, but we have the super big set with the radio and all the extra stuff. I do think snap circuit would work fine if that is still holding his interest. Maybe even give him the guide and an time to work through as many set-ups as he can. At the same time, I think by 14, it would be great for all boys to be able to use wire-cutters and do little bits of electricity, more for the value of knowing how to fix things than know about circuits. KWIM?
  23. Are you on Facebook? There is a group for HOD Sell/Swap. It's pretty active, if you decide to go that way.
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