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  1. LOL, she already does logic puzzles for fun! It's what she does with any wait time in the car. And she can usually solve one or two on her way to an activity. (Never considered it enrichment.) She reads in her interest areas for fun, too (for awhile it was herbs, then it was fact compilations...no single interest, it changes regularly.) She also does art, piano, and swimming as enrichment after school (resulting in activities 4 out of 5 afternoons.) Then in her free time she does digital art, plays Minecraft, Scratch programming, and researches interests. When I look at it that way...it sounds pretty full! I'm not sure what would challenge her, though (other than BA, which she is awesome at, but doesn't particularly like doing.) Swimming challenges her...she is not athletically inclined. Its obvious to her the new kids coming up are faster than she is...but she is persistent, and I've had to keep reminding her of the tortoise and the hare. But I think you meant more academically challenging...and I'm not sure how to do that. Thinking about high school....it just dawned on me that they said she may start Algebra this year (depending on how fast she moves through the math.) That means starting those high school credits this year!! EEK! How will that work if her algebra is not accredited, and she re-enters public school? I may need to see if they'll let her do math online and find an accredited online program for her to do....probably would mean having to supply her with a laptop for use at school....I may not have as long as I thought to consider high school! I didn't think about taking siblings along for college tours...we went on one this year with 17yo. If the 16yo does any visits, we'll be sure to let her tag along. 16yo may not, though. Do they provide tours for an 11yo?
  2. So, back before your dd started college...you had her take the ACT early? Was that helpful to know she was ready? Our college uses the Accuplacer, for placement. Would that tell us the same thing? I don't think I'll do that this year...but soon. And, yes, my dd needed a school, too. What were some of the first classes your daughter took at college? Did she have an interest in the topic before she took it, or did the classes just meet general ed requirements? Did she start in a degree program that young? (If so , did you just pick a general AA type thing, or did she know what she wanted to do that young?) Basically, how does that work? Were you ever worried she'd have failing classes on her permanent transcript? Did you help her significantly? If so, was she open to that help? (My dd tends to do everything on her own...doesn't ask for help....often really amazing work, but not what I expected.) Interesting about the special gifted school...we have one an hour away, but at 20K/year its beyond our finances. I felt bad I couldn't offer her that. Now, I feel like there's no guarantee it would fit, anyway. (That is, I feel better, so thanks for that!)
  3. I concede that they'll know. I still think socially she'll do better at this school a year ahead. She has some difficulty making friends wherever she goes, but seems to do better with kids older than herself (especially older gifted kiddos.) However, now I am questioning whether she has the executive functions...I think she does, but I'm not certain. I wish I had a better feel for why she stops working. Her brother (severe adhd) wishes I'd redshirted him now that he is off to college with no scholarships and unable to sign anything for himself (because he won't be 18 until about the time school starts.) But she isn't her brother...but I don't want to make the same mistake twice!
  4. The 7th graders wouldn't know she was young (see post above.) Academically I don't foresee an issue...if she continues to work diligently. The issue is that her interest in academics waxes and wanes. She is not mildly gifted...in a classroom of gifted kiddos she was one of two kids who were "light years beyond the others" (teacher quote). However, she goes through periods of not wanting to do any academics (possibly an issue with applying herself when the material isn't interesting to her....there is adhd in the family, but she doesn't appear to have it...possibly masked by giftedness.) [she is equally gifted in art and music...so she turns to those when not engaged academically.] She is not interested in doing additional schoolwork...I wanted to keep Beast Academy for her but that fell by the wayside because she already had math homework, she didn't want more. She's very good at math, but she doesn't like it enough to do extra! Same for everything else for that matter. Except reading...she'll take extra of that! She currently wants to be a librarian...I think she thinks they get to read all day. She only has the one teacher, who is in favor of the acceleration. Unlike public school, because so much is self-paced at this school, she was never sitting around with extra time. At public school she filled extra time (actually all time) drawing pictures or making origami for her friends. Unlike when she was little, she no longer says give me more work....she'd prefer to skip school and just read. So its hard to get buy-in for enrichment/afterschooling....unless its just handing her a book to read.
  5. She would love to skip. Socially she'd be with the kids she made friends with the end of this year in the combined 5th/6th classroom...the 6th graders who are moving to 7th (which includes the one person she made friends with the best...not a best friend.) The other kids would be unlikely to know she's younger, since it was never clear who was in 5th and who was in 6th, and dd appears to be a 6th grader comparatively. I would consider early college, but I don't think she's there yet. And for her, I'm not sure she has the study skills/motivation to be successful...maybe. She's surprised me at this school! I'm taking classes at the community college right now...its nice (though many more online courses than in person.) Totally on board with her going there when she is ready. How do you know when a kid is ready? With siblings heading to college, she asked when she could go. I told her when she'd had algebra 2 and could write a well-developed 5-paragraph persuasive essay. Is that right?
  6. Background: Dd11 was homeschool K-3, attended ps ft gifted program for 4th, back home for most of 5th (put her in private christian school 4th quarter of 5th because nothing was happening at home.) Gifted teacher let her get away with doing no work since she was top student and ahead of the class. I couldn't get her to work for me (regardless of how hard or easy I made the work.) So, for 4th and most 5th she did very little academic work. The private school we placed her in is imo quite easy/behind. Her teacher suggested a grade skip (which I had previously told my daughter no, because I didn't want it to make her miss out on college scholarships.) The school has never grade skipped anyone before, but the teacher was going to talk to the principal about my daughter being an exception. Her reasoning is that a) she placed into their 8th grade math program...still pre-algebra as far as I can tell. b) the combined 5th/6th class will be doing 5th grade abeka science/social studies next year, as they alternate and were doing 6th this year. It quite likely my dd will be bored in those areas, though math, english and spelling are self-paced, anyway, through 8th. My daughter will be able to proceed to Algebra whenever she gets through their 8th grade math. This school seems like the best fit I can manage at the moment. Should I pursue a grade skip for her? Are there considerations other than college scholarships I should think about? Maturity was mentioned in the other thread...she appears mature, but she has anxiety issues and is very quiet. Most of her friends are 1-2 years older. I am a little worried about her entering the secondary program with kids dating/etc, and discussion of inappropriate topics. She is tall for her age, so that is not an issue, and reasonably physically mature. When I tried 7th grade curriculum for 5th, it was "too much" (not too hard...she just wasn't ready to apply herself.) However, 7th grade homeschool curriculum is different from 7th grade at this school...and she seems more willing to apply herself there (though admittedly intermittently.)
  7. I don't want to hijack the thread, but am very interested what you'd say for my child about skipping 6th. I'll post a separate thread, so as not to hijack this one.
  8. Actually, this is a generally compliant child...not strong-willed. I had one of those (first-born.) I think you're under the impression that the relationship is worse than it really is. And...we are taking steps to give her more control and do a lot of what you suggest. I'm not as harsh as you seem to be under the impression I am. We had a structured school day, with consequences if work wasn't completed (such as no electronics.) Yes, I prefer more structure, but I bend a lot too, as I am now. I bend when I feel its best for the child, and in this case bending seems the best thing to do. She selected all her extra-curriculars. She has had total control there. And I think we are on the same team...moreso than I have been with any of my other children!! We don't fight (or at least not verbally.) She's a very sweet girl. The suggestions up thread have helped considerably, and I'm actually quite content with these changes!! She seems happier, too.
  9. That was one of the first things mentioned, but having it reiterated helps...and I like the way you explained it. I stressed a little today about no math happening, but reminded myself she could easily catch up. We are waiting on evaluation results before we decide next step (drugs, therapy, etc.) Thanks for the post, though! It was helpful.
  10. Thanks all for your advice!! I feel much better. Today dd and I watched Sound of Music and did the discussion questions on teachwithmovies.org. Unschooling books are on order at the library. I contacted a friend to see if she'd be interested in mentoring dd (she's thinking about it.) I ordered a slew of herb books from the library (all adult books, but I don't think dd will mind), along with some Mensa list books. And yesterday dd read a cookbook from the cupboard (of her own accord) and made me a salad! So sweet. We have a plan (it doesn't include math...learning decimals...but she's smart and I can trust she can pick that up quickly when she is ready to tackle it.) I feel good about it! (for now, anyway.) Oh, and as I type this she just thanked me for the herb books and book of Greek Myths!!
  11. A move is not very feasible at this time. Maybe in a few years. I know all the resources would be available 1.5-2 hours from here (larger city.) They might be available 45 min away (smaller city.) I'd rather drive the 45 minutes than move. If it seems we need the resources of the bigger city...that would be very unsettling!! I don't think she's that PG that it would be necessary, but there is an early university program there.
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