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    I'm a forty-something mom of 4 who has homeschooled off and on for 17 years.
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  1. I checked with our counselor on 1/28 and she said that she didn't have them yet. My son made an online account, but it wouldn't give him scores with just his student ID# and stated that an access code could be obtained from his counselor. He asked the counselor for the code, and she replied, "that is one you" to come up with. I'm not sure what that means. Is it on the test booklet? I should have mentioned that this is my formerly homeschooled DS who is now at a STEM magnet high school. His younger brother is still being homeschooled.
  2. I feel fairly confident in my understanding of basic grammar, but I am at odds with the answer key today and could use some help. Here are the sentences in question: "The answer should have been found by now." "The answer will be found in two days." The answer key indicates that "found" is not part of the verb phrase. As such, I'm assuming that the authors are considering the word "found" to be a past participle functioning as a predicate adjective for the subject "answer". The rationale is not given. I would have considered "found" to be the main verb of the passive verb phrase with the agent (the one doing the finding) simply not stated. Opinions?
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