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  1. From what I read when I researched it a few years ago... A certain percentage receive immunity from the first shot. However, there were some (like 4 percent) that did not receive immunity after the first shot. So, they increased it to two shots to cover the percentage that did not receive immunity after the first shot.
  2. Could you please elaborate on what "...might be coming up with the Greeks", as you mentioned?
  3. I use this recipe. Eta: I actually got the recipe from her cookie magazine one year. The reviews are saying this one posted online is actually different from her cookbook/magazine. I can check later to see if it matches the recipe I use from the magazine.
  4. Are you talking about an actual indoor pool or a screened lanai?
  5. The last place (not one listed here) that I ordered 100% beeswax candles from, had a very strong pesticide smell to them. It was so bad, that I had to return them. I am quite positive it was pesticides because it was the smell of what my Dad would spray on his garden. ? Then shortly after I returned the candles, the landscapers in the community we live were spraying and it was the same exact smell that was in the candles. I am very sensitive to smells and immediatley recognized it was like the candles had smelled. I had ordered from the same place a couple of years ealier and the candles were fine then. Anyways, I look forward to ordering from a new monastery in hopes the candles will have that nice honey, beeswax smell.
  6. Vegan Nocciolata chocolate hazlenut spread. I make overnight oatmeal with almond or coconut milk and chopped strawberries. The next morning we mix in about 3/4 of a teaspoon of the Nocciolata in it. SO yummy!!!
  7. Is the $400 repair quote at the same autobody repair shop that both you and your son work?
  8. Ugh, do NOT feed the alligators!!!
  9. I'm sorry for all of the health issues your daughter has and is facing... Have you considered getting a 2nd opinion before going through with the surgery?
  10. I ordered a Vegatos rashguard on Amazon. The one I got was $24. They may have some under $20.
  11. Nm, sorry. I realized our probitoic was labeled vegetarian instead of vegan because it is processed in a facility that also processes other products that include dairy.
  12. Do you have any B12 and/or D2 supplements for children you recommend? Or do you just go ahead and give your kids a multivitamin? I have flax seed and actually meant to buy chia seeds yesterday, but forgot. I added them to my list for next time.
  13. Thank you for replying. I keep reading, even on some of the vegan websites that it is important to supplement with B12. I have yet to find just a B12 supplement, specifically methylcobalamin, for children. I can only find it in multivitamins. Otherwise the sprays are all adult dosages and say not intended for children. The fortified B12 foods like nutritional yeast and almond milk, cereals etc. all seem to use cyanocobalamin instead of methylcobalamin. I just thought I would check here with the vegan mommies to see what you used, if anything. Also, if anyone has any favorite vegan websites, blogs or YouTube channels with recipes...please share.
  14. Are there any vegan parents here that wouldn't mind if I pm them with a question about vitamin/supplement recommendations for vegan children?
  15. Why did her husband apologize to her for cheating on her, if it didn't happen?
  16. I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing what a lovely person your daughter is, with us. Many prayers and hugs for you and your family.
  17. You entered a thread with the topic of "Annoying Dog People" and posted about children that annoy you. So, you do seem to be attempting to equate dogs with children. There are kids that help brighten the day of other people. Doesn't have anything to do with there are some kids that annoy you. Some people are annoyed with horrid dog owners. If you aren't one of them then no need to get your leash in a twist about a thread sharing annoying dog people stories.
  18. "Well behaved"...some people's opinion on what that means is much broader than what I feel it means. For example, the dog going to the bathroom in the middle of Home Depot. I guarantee the owner of that dog would say her dog is well behaved. Another example, the owner of the unleashed dog at the car dealership today sniffing Moxie's feet. I would bet he thinks his dog is well-behaved. So, that requirement on the door of Lowe's doesn't mean anything. We went to a restaurant one weekend for brunch. On the patio was a group of people, two of which had their dogs. Both taking turns yapping and barking at each other. Not once did either owner say anything to try to calm or separate them. They just ignored them and kept on talking. Oh and the leash was on each of the dogs but was just lying on the ground beside them. Needless to say, we requested indoor seating.
  19. If I had a nickel for every dog owner that lets their leashed and unleashed dog run up to my children thinking they are kids and must love dogs. I too could buy my own island. I don't care how good the dog is with kids. It is not our job to socialize their dog for them. Or to impose upon us just so they can train their dog.
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