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  1. This is such a lovely idea. I wanted to share in case anyone else would be interested.
  2. I would look for linen pants. The first link is a natural color. Second link is black. Try searching for black linen pants and maybe you will find a style you like.|Shopping|Google|PL_ACQ_XPROD_BESTSLLRxxxxx_EVG_ROAS_XXX_COUSA_EN_EN_A_FACT_GO_SE_PLA_xxxxxxxxxx,Top_Sellers_x_xxx,PRODUCT_GROUP,71700000065788869,58700005802297322,p53603392632&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Paid_Search&utm_campaign=PL_ACQ_XPROD_BESTSLLRxxxxx_EVG_ROAS_XXX_COUSA_EN_EN_A_FACT_GO_SE_PLA_xxxxxxxxxx,Top_Sellers_x_xxx&utm_content=Shopping&NoPopUp=True&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjw57b3BRBlEiwA1ImytmdmaBKc_yjFW1kAC-ToC4W7r6pNuIaDGaOHkryF9y_kGSKlVGgRpBoC0UMQAvD_BwE Found one more that is black linen and more fitted toward the ankle. Since they are a crop style, maybe you could order a tall to get more length?
  4. I would skip the mix and stick to just frozen strawberries and rum.
  5. Was your "No" to the article or to my question?
  6. Isn't this to some degree, defeating the purpose of school closures?
  7. From what I read when I researched it a few years ago... A certain percentage receive immunity from the first shot. However, there were some (like 4 percent) that did not receive immunity after the first shot. So, they increased it to two shots to cover the percentage that did not receive immunity after the first shot.
  8. Could you please elaborate on what "...might be coming up with the Greeks", as you mentioned?
  9. I use this recipe. Eta: I actually got the recipe from her cookie magazine one year. The reviews are saying this one posted online is actually different from her cookbook/magazine. I can check later to see if it matches the recipe I use from the magazine.
  10. Are you talking about an actual indoor pool or a screened lanai?
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