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  1. It was not covered by my insurance and we had to save up to do it. That being said our kids tested much higher than anticipated (perhaps we were in denial!) and it was extremely beneficial in our decision to homeschool part time and do B&M part time.
  2. Experience with Online G3 and Athena's Advanced Academy? We tried one class from each (Chem with AAA and Horrible Egyptians and Romans with OG3) NOT impressed. We ended up doing the readings and going more in depth on our own assignments. We do like the webinar discussions, but the weekly assignments do not seem to be that advanced. The forums seem to be a joke and we are now skipping those as well. Is this true for all the classes or did I just happen to pick some duds? I had liked the idea of farming out some subjects, but this is ending up being very shallow and busywork. Tell me if you
  3. Did anyone find online G3 better? She is also taking a simple history class there which seems a touch better thus far, although that might be because she can take the assignments in more depth herself.
  4. So we are trying some online courses. After reading reviews of AAA I thought middle school chemistry might be a good course. It has only been 2 weeks. However, we are finding it pretty watered down. Lots of "fun" videos to watch- no lack of volume. But it really doesn't seem to go in depth. Trading cards of the elements? Really - my kids did those in 2nd grade. Someone please tell me this gets better. She is yearning for real work and depth, not frills.
  5. We did this several years ago and my child loved it. He is going to college now so it has been a long time, but it was great fun and made for some creative problem solving
  6. My DD is starting prealgebra and she really likes workbooks as opposed to a regular book. Yes I know at some point she will have to switch. Anyone use Math Mammoth prealgebra? Other suggestions? We are switching from Singapore as it gets a little messy with integration of subjects and discontinued books with them at this stage.
  7. We take notes- in artistic form- lots of pictures drawn and labels etc. Yes- chapter tests
  8. Mine has 3 AP tests and one final in differential Equations- a college course. He seems to be taking it in stride. He is also dealing with a toenail that fell off and we found out he has a benign tumor underneath it.I think he is handling it all better than I would have at age 16.
  9. When you say newer- how new? just within the last year or two?
  10. I am so tempted to use the Great courses but my child is so visual and it appears they are all lectures without much visual representations. Any BTDT with visual learners?
  11. I have mixed feeling about DYS. It has been nice to be on the facebook page and elists. However, I thought there would be more to it. Honestly we get a lot more out of PGR. My kids all have PGR friends and some of those are DYS also. I haven't been all that impressed with the webinars for DYS and we stopped doing them. We haven't used the advocacy because we homeschool and live in a very flexible school area that just lets me plug in my kids where we want (the ACT scores helped start that). We love the local PGR outings as well as the yearly retreat. It probably depends on where you liv
  12. This is really new. It would be interesting to see what had changed. We used the previous edition and did NOT enjoy it. I sold it and my other 2 will use something else.It was so dry and although we are Christian and do not normally mind Christian curricula (except for science) it seemed way too conservative for our tastes. Some of the writing my son did reflected on how his views differed from the book.
  13. Dmmetler, I think I may have not communicated clearly. I totally agree to let them wander into topics and see what happens. When my 5 year old wanted to learn about black holes we gave him material and he had to learn a lot on his own about physics to understand. However, now that he knows calculus, his understanding is much deeper. The point I was attempting to make is that if the OP's child really wants a deep understanding of poisons (which it sounds like they do), there probably are not going to be good sources out there that would make sense without knowing some chemistry. They wil
  14. I think the issue is that you really need a good understanding of chemistry to fully understand how they work. My kids have like to look at my toxicology things from med school but they couldn't have understood without chemistry. It will likely be hard to find something that explains it unless your child is at that level.
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