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  1. Did you have your daughter do two lessons a day of whichever one she was doing that week? I like the idea of alternating them.
  2. I did this myself in high school way back when, but I'm not sure if anyone else does this. I have my 17 year old at home one more year before he'll be heading to community college. He's done all the science he needs and will be finishing his big writing course by December. So I'm thinking he'll have time to do both. Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else has attempted it with a student and how it went. :) We use Teaching Textbooks, for the record.
  3. Thank you both! It sounds like I should probably buy the whole kit. :)
  4. If I decide on TT for algebra 1 and geometry, I'm wondering if I need the whole kit and kaboodle or if just the cds work fine. What say you?
  5. I would love to stick with BJU but I can't afford $300+ times 5 kids for either the online or DVD classes times 4 years of high school math. Of course, that's assuming they do all of their math at home. Some of it might happen at the community college. But even if they all do Running Start/dual enrollment for junior/senior years, we're talking about $3000 just for math instruction for algebra and geometry. [gasp]
  6. Ok, thank you. :) After reading more reviews of Saxon I'm thinking it might drive my kids nuts. They've done BJU since 1st grade and are used to that way of doing math. I'm thinking something like Teaching Textbooks might be a better fit, and give me the help teaching math that I need. But I'm still doing research.
  7. So here's what I'm thinking for my boys... please tell me if this won't work! 10th grader: 9th grade: BJU algebra 1 (finished) 10th: Saxon algebra 2 11th: Saxon geometry 12th: Saxon advanced mathematics 9th grader: basic Saxon sequence... thinking separate geometry wouldn't be necessary since it's included in the algebra and advanced books..... correct?
  8. As far as I can tell, BJU doesn't have DVD courses for algebra 1 or 2, and has them for Geometry but doesn't sell them. :huh: They have online classes for around $300 per student which is a bit steep considering that I have several kids coming along after him. I'm wishing I had realized how hard some of this was going to be to teach. What if he did Saxon's Geometry as well? Wouldn't that make up for whatever he missed in algebra 1? I'm willing to stick with BJU and actually really like it. It's just gotten to be so expensive to get help teaching it...
  9. My oldest completed Bob Jones algebra 1 recently and I'm trying to decide where to go from here. I would like much more help in teaching math beyond this. Saxon's Teacher CD-Roms look great and so I was considering switching. I thought geometry was included in Saxon but now they have a separate geometry book. I'm not sure if we should plan on doing the Saxon geometry book or not. Would it work to go from Bob Jones algebra 1 to Saxon algebra 2 and not worry about a special geometry course?
  10. Sorry about resurrecting an old thread, but I'm wondering about this as well.
  11. I feel a bit silly asking this but I can't find the info anywhere in my TOG stuff... what's the difference between a "continuing" and "beginning" student? I have a reasonable guess at that answer... but at what point does one change from "beginning" to a "continuing"? This affects a lot of assignments for literature and I'm not sure if I should be assigning the continuing assignments or not.
  12. The Microchem set looks interesting, thanks. :) Should we wait for labs until he's taking a regular chem course as opposed to conceptual chem? I'm concerned with him not understanding the math involved since he isn't doing algebra yet.
  13. Part of me wonders if I should wait for a chem lab when he's doing a more advanced chem class later in high school.
  14. I have no idea! I'm looking around WTM to get some suggestions. Does anyone know of a good one?
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