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  1. :tongue_smilie: Is it terrible that I totally am ordering this for my DD? (She likes Steven King, and...I have some conscience pangs when she reads him, so obviously, the gore won't bother us a bit!)
  2. My oldest has Tourette's syndrome, and some other...issues. A LD. A high IQ. Some of the Asperger's signs, but not enough. Basically, she's weird.:D It *did* help us to get a diagnosis, even though it turned out rather vague except for the TS. We weren't just imagining things, there are lots of parents out there with kids dealign with the same stuff, and most of all, it helped *her*. Now, when kids ask why she tic-ing (flapping her arms or hooting or whatever) she can just matter of factly tell them. And you know what? Its fine.Its something she *has*, not something she *is*. It all combines to make her a girl I would never, ever change. It really became evident when my youngest got older, and her development is so totally normal. When we saw what typical really is, it made older DD's issues more apparent. She was 7, and our youngest 4,when we went through all of this diagnosis/peds/ nuero/etc evaluation stuff. IMO, it is better to know, for the child's well being. That has been our experience, anyway.
  3. You don't even have to "teach" them, just go to the pool everyday. My oldest was in Y swim lessons from 3-5, never learned anything. We moved to MS, neighbor had a pool he let us use and we went every day, and she started swimming in afew weeks. My youngest has never had a lesson, but learned to doggy paddle at 2, and is a great swimmer (though not as polished as big sis, who does a swim team). Just take them a few hours every day this summer, and they WILL be swimming by the end of the summer.
  4. Well, the "plan" is changing yearly, at this point, because DD was way ahead, but then algebra was just too abstract. Pre-algebra, she's ok on. But that "leap", well, it didn't happen last year. So we took a year and did all the MUS's from G-Z. And over the summer she will do CD Basic Math (Math 6?) for more review(maybe), and then CD pre-algebra *or* Algebra after that. But, I just don't know where she will be nor can really push a kid who is just not developmentally ready for algebraic thinking, IMO. SO, the tentative plan is: 6th- CD Basic and/or pre-algebra (hopefully "and", not or, LOL, I need a good tutor/coop/etc for Algebra and want that to wait until we are back in the US!) 7th- finish CD pre-algebra, start CD Algebra, maybe also MUS Algebra added in there too because we really liked the different way of looking at math 8th- finish Algebra I, start Algebra 2, or start geometry* 9th- geometry or Algebra 2* 10th- trig/pre-calc/ish* 11th- Calculus* 12th- statistics/physics/who really knows* * denotes classes I am hopefully going to have a tutor/class option for, otherwise probably use CD or even TT or something I don't have to totally teach. SO I don't have a program planned, because the "plan" is to have someone else teach these!! Also possible and a-ok, in my book: 6th- CD Basic Math 7th- CD Pre-algebra 8th & 9th- Algebra 1 10th- geometry 11th- Algebra 2 12th- pre-calc/trig
  5. None of the GWGs are tough, really. Its the same stuff, in greater depth, each year. We've used 3-6 so far, BTW. I really like it though- it seems more than rigorous "enough" for us. She retains enough, and what she doesn't is addressed the next year, and so on. I know diddly about diagramming sentences or appositives or anything else from my ps years (and even intensive foreign language at the college level!) so I am pleased with what they are learning via GWG. No need here for anything tougher. I think your son may just have been having a "10" moment, though. My oldest is 10 (nearly 11) and some days her brain falls out. I'd give it more time before ditching the program altogether.
  6. We're moving to Korea in a week, so I cleaned some of the basement, dropped kids at a birthday party, and back for a quick snack and hopefull finish the basement, clean out the truck we are selling before we go, and then go get the kids. I have to hang out for a while at the party, and unsociable, super-busy-stressed me is not looking forward to it. Plus most of the other moms are Russian or speak Russian, so...its tough to socialize too much. I mostly stand around and smile vacantly at these things, LOL.(Its a party for one of the girls at my DD's rhythmic gymnastics team, they are all msotly Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, etc. Just not us! I do like to (try) to talk to the Russian grandmas, they all have moms who live with htem and they are a hoot!)
  7. I was thinking about the SAT subject area tests- are those the SAT II's? And AP tests. We're starting the cycle over again middle next year (oldest DD's 6th grade year) and I think we'll hit modern era in 9thish. So my plan to have those first will work, then ancients 10th, medieval 11th, and another pushed together year in 12th of renn-to modern. Ancients in 10th is doable, I think. As doable as its gonna get, LOL. I realize I am looking at those years with a kid who is only 10 now, and it seems SO overwhelming and like she'll never be ready for that, but of course, she'll be different then. I hope. She will, right??? 'Cause right now, lordy, she's a hot mess of tween hormones and scatterbrained-ness! Thanks all, I just started hanging around here, trying to get a handle on the "future". Its skeery.:willy_nilly:
  8. If we follow the WTM logic recs, then we don't get to modern lit/history until 12th grade, which seems too late for SATs and all that jazz. But doing Ancients in 8th seems pretty difficult- in truth most of the ancients readings for Logic stage are pushing it for a 9th grader, IMO. How do you work around this, get all 4 years in, and still get the modern classics most ps high schools read in time for SATs in 11th? I have soem years to plan this, but I just got my new WTM and read the Logic section for the first time and wondered about this.
  9. I meshed them together, this will be our last(ish) year with SL until younger DD gets old enough, I guess. I started with SL Core 3 & 4, that was our early modern year. Then we went to modern, used Core 7 and also 2 but not for history, just read alouds and readers for my youngest (they are not historical books). Next year we will finish Core 7/2 and use Core 6 (but not 1,we've read all the read alouds already) and stretch it into the Middle ages time period. Then no more SL for older DD, I am not a huge fan of their upper level cores, but she'll be in mid-7th grade by then. We may revisit some of Core 3-4, 6-7 for younger DD, she hasn't read any of the books, just listened to the read alouds. I used SL LA for both and kind of like it, we just use a seperate grammar, vocab and spelling. Next year my oldest will do IEW, not SL LA, but my youngest will do SL LA still. I love SL's books, I like the way they are scheduled (the WTM list-o-books to read each year is too loosey-goosey for me, I like a plan) with history readings and whatnot. I just wish they had chronological history for upper grades, then I would continue to use it, maybe.
  10. Orthodox6, are these the books you referenced in your post? http://www.amazon.com/Science-Ancient-China-Past/dp/0531159140/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1242947192&sr=1-1 If they have simple experiments, that is great! The review of the Egyptian one was particularly distressing to me. But are these even the same books you mean? http://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Science-Time-Traveling-World-Exploring-History-Making/product-reviews/0471215953/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 This one looks interesting, too.But maybe overkill with the science kit I already have. I do love me some overkill, though.:lol:
  11. I don't mind Hakim- we enjoyed some of the US books last year. But I may be completely tasteless.;) We are using these books next year, along with a Thames and Kosmos kit on ancient scientific discoveries, and Archimdes and the Door, and some other scientific biographies. I would LOVE to find the Science in Ancient_____ series, if anyone knows where. Amazon yielded only the much-maligned picture series of the same name. I read somewhere (but cannot remember where!!) that the TM that goes with the Hakim science books is geared for ps classrooms and basically useless. I didn't buy it, so I really don't know. I do know the description has lists of "learning objectives" tied to ps standards and whatnot, which is totally unhelpful and unnecessary info for hs'ers. ANy other books to recommend for studying ancient science, let me have 'em!
  12. http://www.rfwp.com/series36.htm#363 This is it. I found it via this board a while ago. I would like to use it with my 6th grader next year, but don't know where to start. The books aimed at 6-8 grade seem too heavy. The 3-4 or 4-5 grade books look great, but which one? If I go with the 4-5, Building poems book, will she miss topics covered in the 3-4 book? She could probably *do* the 6-8 books fine, language arts are her strong suit, but I want it to be a gentle introduction to poetry. I want her to learn concepts, of course, but I do not think we need the depth provided in the 6-8 books right now. ANyone used any of these? Reviews? They have a yahoo group I could join, but I thought I'd ask here first.
  13. STOP IT, YOU!! We already have *2* art programs- 2!! We never even finish ONE per year, so what possessed me to get 2, I'll never know. We already have a music appreciation program. I do not need this product. Nope. DOn't need it. Not looking. (LALALALALALALALALALA) Seriously, I was just coming here to lament my extreme over-scheduling for next year, and what do I find? More stuff I want to buy! (not necessarily use). SO cut it out, you. :D
  14. Maybe I am missing something, but where is the interactive/talking with others part of their programs you mentioned in the original post? I can't find it!! I am mulling over the vocab class for my oldest, though I have next years really boring Wordly Wise books already bought. I have been looking at Angelicum's Great Books Discussions for my oldest, and possibly my youngest, for next year. The schedule will be a little wonky, as we'll be in Asia, but it should work. I think my oldest NEEDS that sort of interaction. We are also using their philosophy materials, but I would love, love, love to have an interactive class to discuss philosophy rather than just me and a kid. But I couldn't find philosophy on the site? Their cathecism classes would send my kids into fits, but *I* learned the Baltimore Cathecism, so... that is a possibility. Memorizing is good brain work, I think. The geography looks interesting, too. We did (don't laugh) Geography Songs last year, after using Trail Guide 2 previous years, and learned WAY more. Why? Simple, no bouncing around, straight memorizing. Heck, *I* learned more geography than ever with those songs!! So their program looks interesting, like Geography Songs but less cheesy, LOL. Thanks for the link, this looks interesting!
  15. This looks awesome...if its not young earth creation science. I am thinking of using the upper level for my had-very-little-science older DD. I was going to bite the bullet and use PH, but frankly it looks b-o-r-i-n-g and a pain to implement as it is geared for classroom use. This looks way more user-friendly. Please, please tell me if it is young earth science!I am ok (and firmly believe) in old-earth, evolution as the means of creation based science, ie we are not athiests or anything and some references to God are fine. But I can't do young earth science. The website doesn't mention a POV at all, and it may not come up at all in physical science (which is cool) but I need to be sure. (((crossing fingers over here its not!)))
  16. I love all the old-is-new tube tops out this year. They are bunchy on top, strapless, and then loose until the bunchy bottom. They look great on someone with zero curves...that'd be me, LOL. I have nice looking shoulders, and I think they look cute. I'd let my DD's wear them, but my oldest wouldn't because she'd be uncomfortable probably. I don't think they are trashy-?
  17. There are a couple different ways you could do it. First, you could open a new document (it isn't a document in PSE, but I forget the name!!!) in editor, and set the size for whatever size. I would do maybe 8 x 10, an easily printed out size, if you are going to print the collage. Or if its for a signature or blog header, smaller. Whatever size you need. Set the background to white. Then open the photos you want to put next to each other. Drag them with the move tool onto your new white document. You can then resize them so they will all fit. OR, you can go to the Photo Creations menu and use one of the card templates they already have. They have arrangements of 2-3-4 photos already, with frames. Hope that helps!
  18. YOu know, my oldest DD just pointed out the same thing to me, actually. That she wants to be around our hs'ed friends more, because they are "nicer". What she meant is that there isn't nearly as much of the me-and-you-against-her type stuff that goes on with the hs'ers. As she gets older, the girls are getting snottier and cattier around us! But, it is true, not the hs'ed ones, at least not that we have seen. Maybe our hs'ed girl friends are late-bloomers, mean-girl wise. But I don't think there is anything wrong with acknowledging that sometimes the very dynamics of ps make some behaviors worse. My DD's truly do not understand WHY someone would want to purposefully exclude someone else, and divide friends against each other, and all that. There is no popularity contest in hs'ing, I guess, and from what I see, those attitudes in ps carry over to neighborhood play with those kids. I am not trying to slam ps kids or defend hs'ers as "perfect little angels", but we see it, too, here, and my girls have all on their own pointed out the differences in hs'ed kids.
  19. I would appreciate it if someone would tell the uber-creepy 14-15 year old boys who hang around my 10 year old this little piece of news. (She looks older, but still- soooo creepy to hear the neighbor girl tell DD that Bob "likes" her, when I know Bob is 15 years old!!!) I imagine DH will be overjoyed, as well!
  20. Drive the PCH going south, for sure!! Carmel, Ca has one of the most beautiful missions in the world. Also fab beaches and a darling little town, Monterey is next door with its great aquarium and more great beaches. Lincoln City, in Oregon, has great beaches and is another darling town. Eat at Moe's! ((sigh)) Have fun. I haven't done that trip in years, and only once wit hthe kids but they were too young to truly enjoy it. My favorite stretch of highway in the world.
  21. Wow! I hope your son is okay- cat scratches and bites are very bad news, infection wise. My mom landed in the hospital after getting bit by her cat (she was bathing him, its a long story, LOL). My kids have had some really ugly looking scars that have faded incredibly fast as they grow, it seems like kids heal so much faster and better. I will pray that is the case for your poor son. I've had many, many cats my entire life, volunteer at a cat rescue, and have never, ever heard of a cat attack! Some scratching trying to get away, yes, but an all out attack?! I can't imagine there isn't something wrong with the cat. Yes, neutering is VITAL for cats, they will get aggressive, but normally that is to OTHER cats, not people! Truly, he might have a brain tumor or something weird going on that made him so aggressive, because this sounds so out of character for a cat to do. In the grand scheme of things, having seen how truly awful and tormented some of the lives strays and abused animals lead, being euthanised is pretty humane. He will probably end up euthanised anyway if you give him to the pound or ASPCA, as older cats do not get adopted very often due to the influx of kittens from irresponsible pet owners. Better, IMO, to spare him the trauma of being alone in a cage before it is done- take him to the vet and do it yourself. You can tell your son he went to a farm, I would tell a white lie in this case to spare him the guilt of feeling like its "his fault". It ISN'T his fault, and probably best for all involved (including the cat, honestly) to have him put down.
  22. OH honey, I know just how you feel, unfortunately! But I DID scald my poor baby. My youngest was 13 months old and chewing on a marker, I bent down wit ha coffee cup in my hand to take it and spilled it on her. It didn't *seem* that hot- I was drinking it- but she had 2nd degree burns on her chest. It was so, so, so, so, so SO awful. She has no scars, thank God, and it healed fine without anything more than a cream the doctor had us put on and a visit to check it a few times. But, oh, the guilt. I still just get sick when I think about it. (((hugs))) I know you need 'em.
  23. I would say it depends on how much you like the studio, and if others are available. Having a baby wreaks havoc on your emotions, so if she is not normally this way, but is now, I would chalk it up to that. Say something to the teacher, for sure, but if she is not usually this way, it must be that. If this teacher (or other teachers) *are* normally that way, you and your DD will have to decide if its "worth it". (We have some...uh...interesting motivational practices my DD's gymnastics coach and ballet instructors use.DDs have just decided to "deal", as its the only game in town.)
  24. The plan for 6th, regrettably not going to be implemented until October most likely as we are way behind in 5th due to an overseas move: History/literature reading- Ancients, SL Core 6 some Asian history I am throwing together Math- Chalkdust Basic math Probably ought ot get SM CWP as DD struggles mightily with word problems. I hate them, myself, and feel like screaming if I have to teach it, but... English- Sequential Spelling 3, WW ?( I forget what book she is on now), GWG 6, some random literature study books and maybe CW Poetry. Probably more handwriting (cursive) as DD is perpetually dreadful in this area. IEW Ancients, too, almost forgot. Geography- Geography songs with her little sis (don't laugh- we've all learned so much from these this year, we are doing them again next year!) Korean- some stuff I threw together, possibly Rosetta Stone or outside classes as well Science- Thames and Kosmos kit on ancients, reading Art/Music appreciation- Maybe Harmony Fine Arts, maybe Meet the Masters, maybe nothing! Logic- anyone got a secualr, formal logic recommendation?? We are doing philosophy for children from Angelicum, but I got the book and immediately shipped it to our soon-to-be-new house and haven't actually looked at it. Latin- Lively Latin. We did Minimus this year, but I know no Latin and am not particularly enthusiastic to teach myself via Henle, et al, so Lively Latin looks the most "self- teaching". Maybe a Socratic discussion class with Angelicum. Maybe science or art at the middle school on post. Ballet for sure, found a good school. Hopefully some rhythmic gymnastics as they will be lost without it, but it ain't looking good.
  25. On the other side of the Testing Silliness Spectrum, my DD went to PS for 2nd grade. One of the reasons we sent her was to get some help for an LD. (It ended up being me working with her at home that helped the most, but thats another thread!) Anyway, poor kid couldn't spell or write herself out of a paper bag, due to the documented LD. BUT, the test for the spelling portion was multiple choice, no writing. She got a perfect score on the spelling portion. Yes, on paper, according to "the test", DD was a perfect speller, when the school knew darn well she had terrible spelling/writing issues and was recieving OT (at the school!) for it. But hey- she brought up the test scores for the school, they even break them down by class and when I went to enroll her, all the 2nd grade teachers wanted her in *their* class after her initial testing. Those tests mean NOTHING.
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