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  1. Big Marvel fans here. The older boys and DH were big fans.
  2. https://www.johntaylorgatto.com/all/john-taylor-gatto-passes-away-but-his-spirit-and-work-live-on/
  3. My speech therapist won a couple of million. She and her husband kept their jobs. They remodeled the house and went on a few trips.
  4. Living in Canada, I can tell you that I and my relatives have experienced what Selkie mentions.
  5. The US funds a lot of research. More than Canada. Dh has always been envious how much the US government funds. That is why the company that dh used to work for move to the US. Better funding opportunites.
  6. And does anyone know how much it actually costs to get a drug(the ones that make it) to market, from concept through all trials and FDA regulation? My dh had tested (he out sourced it) about 11 compounds that have already been approved in other countries. He tested these compounds against known drugs used to treat various diseases. A couple of compounds out performed the standard of care for a couple of the diseases he tested. Price tag, $500,000. That was just to get started. The timeline to market is about 4-6 years spending 50-100 million to get it approved. That is one drug. If the compound was a new one, the timelines would be even longer and more expensive. one in every ten drugs make it to market. However, millions of dollars have been spent on all ten. Investing in drug development is high risk which is why there is such a high return for shareholders. You need deep pockets. You need to be ok with losing money. Those drugs that failed, investors lost their money. They want to recoup their loss. They do so, when that one drug makes it to market. Not only do shareholders make back their money, but that profit on the drug needs to pay everyone from the CEO down to the janitors that clean the building. all the infrastructure to support drug development needs to be funded somehow. Someone above was upset about the cost of insulin. I asked dh about that. He said it is a large protein that is difficult to make and that is why it is expensive. When these discussions come up, dh always says to me, Do people want safe and effective drugs or cheap drugs? The other thing, people need to be incentivized to do things. Very few people do things purely out of the goodness of their hearts. People want to make money and it is probably the easiest way to incentivize people. Dh does not only because he wants to help people, but he likes the intellectual challenge of coming up with new drugs and new uses for drugs already out there, but also because he wants to make money too. If all things go well, when we sell the shares we will have enough to retire.
  7. Tenby and Taliesin for girls. My husband wanted Llewellyn for a boy.
  8. It is hard to say nothing when you see adult children making poor choices. If it is something serious, I don't bite my tongue. Had I known how much the momma heart could hurt I seriously doubt I would have had as many kids as I do, if at all. Toddlers were far easier. Too bad they couldn't stay young forever.
  9. liber


    I will check out the book. Thanks. I have a degree in Classical History so I want to check out the sites i studied. I like beaches too but going in May not sure how warm the water would be. I swim in the Northumberland Straight every summer so can it be colder than that?? I also don't want to stick to only the main touristy sites either. Hubby wants to see a few places in Rome, and then Athens and Delphi. The rest is whatever I want to do.
  10. liber


    Dh and I are going to Greece and Rome in May 2019 for our 25th. We are going for a month. Any recommendations for must see besides the obvious? Anything off the beaten track? I am overwhelmed with info. Just trying to narrow it down.
  11. It's not my story to tell, it's my dad's.
  12. I have often thought about doing the DNA testing but I won't. it would open up a whole can of worms in my Dad's family. My dad was nicknamed 7 up because of the number of girls he had pregnant at one time. He married one of the girls he had pregnant. My mom raised me on her own. My maternal grandmother told me when I was a little girl about his nickname and that I had half siblings out there somewhere. One girl had twins that she gave up for adoption. Other women were in a relationship with another man and probably passed the child off as theirs and I probably was going to school with them and didn't even know it. It was a small town. All these things I knew for years. However I don't think that my half siblings with the woman my dad married knew. I never brought it up and neither did they. A few years back, when my dad was feeling the affects of some potent painkillers for his back injury, wanted to talk to me privately. He told me about the twins that were put up for adoption. I just pretended I didn't know. I still think my half siblings don't know. My reasons for thinking they don't are 1) they didn't know about me until they moved back to the same town and we would be in school together and 2) my "half brother" didn't find out our dad wasn't his dad at all until he was in his late 20's. I have no plans to ask them and I am afraid that if I did the DNA thing I would probably discover more siblings, which wouldn't bother me but if my half siblings don't know it would be a big shock as they think the sun rises and sets on their dad.
  13. I was always under the impression they were hs friendly. Dh didn't get that feeling. They can be directly admitted but it requires quite a bit of work proving that the student is capable of doing the work. Lots of hoops to jump through so most homeschoolers I know go U1. Then after that first year apply to their program of choice. I did just ask on a FB group and a mom said that her child got into U1 with her transcript and and letter of completion from Manitoba Ed. So far all U of M has asked of us is the letter of Completion. Ds is applying for U1.
  14. We are applying there now. I have known homeschoolers in the past who have gotten in without having a problem. When Dh and ds went down to admissions a few months ago it didn't seem like they were homeschooling friendly. They got a totally different vibe than what has been touted in the homeschooling circles here that U of M is homeschooling friendly.
  15. Any indication of why they change in policy?
  16. No advice sorry. It didn't end well for us. Trying to have healthy boundaries to out right forbidding when it was getting too much. My son was too headstrong and that ended up with him becoming a dad at 18. The fallout from that is still occurring to this day. My son, at 24 is still insecure and I think is making decisions that I don't think are the greatest because he won't address that. He is now a dad of two children that he has 50% of the time. I guess if I had known how insecure he was I would have tried to address that issue. I also don't think he knew what healthy relationships looked like and I assumed he did. By the time we realized how toxic it was he was in too deep and too headstrong to admit he needed or even wanted help to get out of it. If I could go back in time I would talk more about what healthy relationships look like and address his insecurity issues.
  17. My cousin's boy who plays hockey in Saskatoon, knew all the boys that died. They are pretty devastated.
  18. I am so glad I am not the only one like this. I have had to tell my dh not to give house tours. It was part of his upbringing I think as his parents are like that.
  19. We use that word here to mean a really big mess.
  20. In Canada, you have to live together for 6mths to be considered common law. In the event of a break up assets can be split 50-50. My son's common law relationship ended after 4 years. They have two kids. The ex partner is entitled to 50% of his pension for the portion of the time that they were together. At this point they have agreed to 50-50 custody with no support being paid. They have not been to court yet. She doesn't want any support from him. I suspect this will change in the future when circumstances change for her. In that case he will probably be on the hook for arrears.
  21. My inlaws are Welsh. They've told me the language is dying out and more people are speaking English.
  22. Guns that are supposed to be more lethal than AR15 https://www.quora.com/What-firearms-are-just-as-lethal-as-the-AR-15-that-gun-control-advocates-dont-talk-or-probably-even-know-about-Supposing-an-AR-15-ban-what-would-mass-shooters-use-instead
  23. What was the point then? The article was a negative opinion piece. What, he should have a SJW instead?
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