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  1. Just to make some sense of this ... if you consider that you are doing geography and not history studies, you really have to consider how many different people (cultures), landscapes (environments), and physical locations there are to study.  This would not mean that you would exclude the history of their development as a society/culture, but you would not focus, for instance, on the world wars and their associated battles unless they absolutely had an effect on the people.  As you look at it from this perspctive, and depending on how many different cultures you address, you could very well stay in Europe for years.  :)


    Now, consider that the normal classical cycle is a four-year or five-year history cycle.  You are going to cover the world's people and their differences, and as such you should expect years of study too.  I actually think this is a great idea for the second cycle.  I'm glad you mentioned it!  Let me know how you find the studies and what you do to condense the physical studies.  It sounds like a wonderful experience.  I love CM's way of letting children research and discover.

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