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  1. That is crazy town! Hotels are extra dark, we often leave the bathroom light on and crack the door. I cannot imagine lighting a candle at all in a hotel let alone letting it burn all night while we slept?! Haven't these people ever watched Little House on the Prairie!?
  2. But what else were they using? The studies that I have seen showed the most success with steroids. Which are also cheap and readily available. You can't just look at one piece of the puzzle. I still haven't seen an double blind data indicating hydrox. is a slam dunk. A single anecdote or even a few is not a study. There are more complete studies happening. I hope ALL the drugs work. And comparing low dose hydrox use for an otherwise healthy person for RA is different than using it with someone with possible organ failure and blood clots in the ICU. I know people who were involve
  3. I would expect a pastor that had his congregants following him to maintain a professional profile on social media. That is just so unacceptable, I just can't even. It's one thing to say "I am concerned about policies because ...." and just below the belt jabbing in a way with language I wouldn't find acceptable for my own teen and young adult. Not only would I not return, I would carefully type up a letter and let some powers that be know exactly why I am returning if that were at all possible.
  4. One thing I was going to mention is to dig into the demographics of architecture programs individually for realism. I actually was pre-arch for a year in college. The architecture program at our big 10 school is open to undergrads. But the average student accepted was 27+ years old and already had a bachelor degree and professional experience.
  5. I think 2 BS will count as a double degree at some institutions. It does at my son's because it is out of 2 different "schools". If there is a large base of core work that is the same for both majors, that is double major. Very common in BA programs and liberal art focused schools. If 2 degrees have their own set of requirements, that would be double degree. This is really common for non-BA music majors. My son is working on a comp sci BS and a music BS. Where he attends that is dual degree. If he were doing 2 BA's, it would be a double major. BS degrees are often more specialized than
  6. I'm at a keyboard now, so I was going to add I think if there is no buy in from anyone about a good path forward, it's going to be a hard road no matter what. You can't make a teen use an app or a checklist on their own devices without buy in. Things like setting up your kid a work space in the main area of the house and having her use it is a habit thing that you may need to enforce consistently for a few weeks until it becomes automatic. You may need to be the back up for an alarm for a while. If you can sit down with the teen and say "listen, it's obvious to me when you do W, X, Y and
  7. My kids reminder pop up on her phone and her school laptop. Google calendar can work for this at least with an android. I’m sure something similar could be set up with apple calendar.
  8. Well I just had teens who prefer not to have much in face time and nagging never goes over well with anyone not to mention it is not fun. I currently have set up both google calendar and an online homeschool planner with notifications and a to do check list. Not all academic things on the checklist. Sometimes I do wake her up but at times I’ve had an extra loud alarm in the hall that the teens have to physical get out of bed to turn off. So I think you can rig something up like this with an onl8ne planner/calendar. The big issue in is getting buy in on using it and follow through.
  9. I will say both my kids ate a ton of popcorn when they had braces. They were just mindful of hard kernels. My kids were older when they got braces and I couldn’t really enforce those rules easily. They also had hard fruits and veggies, we’d just cut them up smaller.
  10. I really am hoping by like the April time frame the picture on vaccine rollout will be much clearer and we will have more data to work with. I hope we see data on Johnson and Johnson's singled dose vaccine within a few weeks here which could make a huge difference in rollout. Anyway - I feel like it's just too soon to be certain or to make unalterable plans yet but I'm crossing fingers.
  11. I am so sorry and no this absolutely wasn’t your fault. 💕 thinking of you and yours.
  12. We use dr. bronner's soap in foaming soap dispensers and that works great and makes it last a really long time. I cannot imagine using it as toothpaste. We have used it on hair like when camping or something but do not recommend for regular use.
  13. I have multiple sets of grocery boxes and I get tons of compliments on the: too. I know I have recommended them on threads here, they are so handy they often get procured for other uses too
  14. I really enjoyed the inauguration. I thought the whole thing was lovely and optimistic and a nice diversion and spectacle. ❤️ I thought Amanda Gorman was great. As the parent of a young adult, I thought of her parents and how that must have felt for them. I'm sure they almost exploded. ❤️ 🙂 That said, as someone who has kids in the arts and who seeks out these types of performances and know young people that have done this (I actually know a young poet recognized nationally this year), she was great but not really unexpected to me? I always worry when someone gets the overn
  15. If he actually tested positive for Covid, he had to have been exposed and if it is only been 10 days since his 2nd dose he definitely wasn’t fully protected. He may have been exposed prior. I’d be angry at the facility for not keeping up safety protocols. We had huge numbers of assisted living and nursing home outbreaks and deaths here prior to the vaccine. It really may just be awful timing. I am very sorry. I hope he is able to turn around. Thinking of you and your family.
  16. I think of jealousy as different than craving something for yourself or feeling wistful about relationships you wish you had or grieving. Jealousy just connotates certain outward behavior in my head. But I can see how someone else might use those words interchangeably when you talk about it like that.
  17. We've had one for years with a couple different high end pillow top mattresses. We've been very happy with it.
  18. I could see a child feeling jealousy? But I love my kids have had generally a good friendship over the years. I suspect my daughter especially tells my son more than she tells me. I'm fine with it. I have one sibling and was close to him at points through out teen years and young adulthood. But when someone marries a really unbalanced person who has no interest in fostering family relationships, it's hard to maintain more than a passing relationship. My brother blames me probably, I think he lost a few too many brain cells as a young adult and doesn't have a lot of self awareness.
  19. For general baking you could probably put a tablespoon of each finely ground in a cup and top it with flour. That won’t work with bread but should be fine for quick bread, bars, waffles, pancakes, etc. I often do this to up nutritional profile when baking. I would check the flax to make sure it isn’t rancid though. Ground flax you can throw into almost anything.
  20. I agree it could be a sugar/corn syrup/fructose thing. It could still be dairy. Could be gluten I would also like to throw out there, it could be irritable bowel and not necessarily connected to a single ingredient. If she is food journaling, you might also have her journal what else is going on during her days (exercise, stress, social, etc). I might try a reset for 2-3 weeks with minimal safe ingredients preferably GF, DF, very low sugar, no processed foods. I might add a allergy free multivitamin if I weren't doing that and possibly probiotics. I manage IBS very well with
  21. I don't think someone else's grief gets to override someone else's need to continue to live and create new memories. We've had unexpected losses including miscarriage. And in the fog of grief, I did excuse myself from some events at times. But I can't imagine denying a grandmother and granddaughter a chance to create a memory together? None of us know how long we get on this earth. I think it's especially odd the aunt will communicate with this child but not see her if I'm reading correctly? I really hope the aunt is getting appropriate therapy. As a parent, I would probably pull out
  22. Meh - it sounds like she has an option in her sister. Sometimes tough love is the best love for a situation and you've already opened your heart and home to your little one.
  23. Pearls digestive health. Florastor wasn't great for me.
  24. I've seen posts like that too. I highly doubt most families could afford or would want to pay that would actually cost. I always think if you aren't reading and researching extensively about homeschooling on your own, no one is going to spoon feed it to you and it's probably not for you.
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