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  1. I've ordered twice. Never had shipping break, however this last time they had a sale code offered around Mothers Day. It was for 20% off. I haven't seen sales at all ever other than that. ETA: mistake on percent.
  2. Here are some additional ones on a list I've been making for my DS the past few weeks...I had quite a few which were mentioned but here are some I don't remember seeing on this post: Shiloh Sounder In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson The Story of Dr. Doolittle From the Mixed Up Files... Maniac Magee Holes Twenty and Ten Flight of the Phoenix The Earth Dragon Awakes The Borrowers The Secret Zoo Artemis Fowl Owls in the Family The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg The Long Way from Chicago The Iron Giant The Whipping Boy Secrets At Sea The White Giraffe The Sign of the Beaver Eragon
  3. We are finishing up 54 for my DD's fourth grade year. I do know someone using it for their fifth grader.
  4. I forgot we have Mrs Frisby...I'm going to add Ballet Shoes and Hitty and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. There's a few others mentioned she's read and some I forgot. Thanks for replying everyone!
  5. A couple of them, we will do a basic "end of story" essay questions, a few comprehension questions, or some fun project. Some that I had for her to read but didn't get to are: Half Magic Thimble Summer Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes I thought of: Listening for Lions Tuck Everlasting The Penderwicks I was going to do Island of the Blue Dolphins but decided to do more of a unit study involving our Apologia Science along with it during the next school year. *I've seen the 1000 Great Books list...I'm looking for the HIVE answers, though. :)
  6. I let my girl slide by a bit more, with even a C+. She struggled with certain things, and we reviewed our hearts out. I'm planning on continuing with Key to Series this summer and on to 65 in Fall. Half the time, she had a B+ or better, FTR. Sometimes, she just didn't have her mind set on doing well with tests!
  7. We've taken an hour and half occasionally. Today she just could not get the problems so it took a good two hours. And that, for me, was just tooooo long. Ugh!
  8. Well, it's been a hit here. DD is reading the third book, Mole, and we are delving into a few vocab terms every chapter. With the other two, we did a bit more, commenting on everything MCT wrote in the books, ie analysis, literary devices, etc., but with this one, honestly..this week has been rushed and I just didn't have the time. We will start hitting the language arts part next week. I LOOOVVEEE the parent manual for it- the essay questions are fabulous. My DD has done well processing them and I'm looking forward to discussing the rest after she finishes Mole. I think you can go as light or heavy as you want, with the accompanying language arts element. HTH!
  9. We used the storytime treasures in first grade, but I didn't have my son do ALL the writing..it was a bit too much...for a plan to use it instead for second? PERFECT! He liked those books and so did I! :)
  10. God bless you! Thanks for the extra work you went through on top of the initial work of creating these worksheets! We are doing ancients next year..trying to go as cost efficient as possible..so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
  11. We just began a reward system this past week. The kids have taken to it fast and have learned some valuable lessons. I can message you more info privately tomorrow....I'd rather spell it out that way than note on the board. Not for all subjects, but some.
  12. It's a GREAT book...and I feel honored to have been in the program at the university where he taught. He passed away a few years ago, unfortunately. I have used this book to help me get a footing when I teach kids archaeology for some homeschool classes. I had forgotten it had been published by Prufrock!
  13. Oh I wish I'd seen the code too!! Nonetheless, this was fantastic! And you all...if you didn't get a copy of the hands on archaeology book...bummer....because my anthropology prof wrote that! HA! Way cool!
  14. Still wanting to continue with Saxon next year with my daughter. She's doing 5/4. Last year she did TT3, and we did the first few lessons of 5/4 then at the end of the year. She's really hating Saxon most days, though I see it is sooo good for her. Would you use TT alongside Saxon? Maybe do just the odd or even problems of Saxon, and add in the TT lessons a few days a week? I feel maybe I need to get her attentive to her learning again...and maybe the computer lessons would do it. We've tried the DIVE cd this year, but she really doesn't want to watch it. I know she did really like TT, but I wanted to try the DIVE 5/4 this year. Again, she's doing better with math, as she struggles, but I'm asking so I can try to get something for her to do that can gain more of her interest. Thanks!
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