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    If you want $30 or more in items, shipping will be a flat fee of $8. If you want less than $30 then shipping will be a flat $10. Pictures available on request. I accept Paypal. Science Sciencewise Book 2 by the Critical Thinking Company $5 (no writing, good condition) Awesome Ocean Science by Cindy Littlefield $6 (no writing, good condition) Physical Science Activities for Grades 2-8 Book II by Tolman and Morton (name written inside, good condition and no other writing, original price tag on cover) $12 Magic Tree House Research Guide Space A Nonfiction Companion to Midnight on the Moon by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne (paperback, good condition, no writing, one outer corner creased) $4 Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes by Steve Spangler (paperback, good condition, no writing) $7 Disney Learning Wonderful World of Animals by Dr. Donald Moore (hardcover, overall good condition, but first cover page is half torn off) $5 4M Bubble Science Kit (unused except for the little bottle of bubble liquid - most of the liquid is still in the bottle) $9 - pick up only 4M Magnet Science Kit (unused) $10 - pick up only 4M Science Magic Kit (unused and plastic wrapped) $10 - pick up only Language Arts Vocabulary from Classical Roots 5 $7 (no writing, good condition) Writing Portfolio Activities Kit: Ready to Use Management Techniques and Writing Activities for Grades 7-12 by Mary Ellen Ledbetter (good condition, no writing) $16 PENDING Treasury of Literature: A Resource of Practical and Creative Activities Based on 17 High-Interest Chapter Books: Grade 3-6 (name written inside, a couple torn pages where part of the page is gone, slight water damage – pages are somewhat wavy in places, but it is functional) $3 Windows to the World An Introduction to Literary Analysis $32 for set – student book and teacher’s manual (good condition with a few small corners upturned in the student book, no writing) Steck Vaughn Experience with Writing Styles Grade 3 $3 (good condition, no writing) Evan-Moor Grade 4 Reader’s Theater $7 (good condition, no writing) Writing Strands 1 (cd included and unused) Good condition, no writing $4 The ABC’s and All Their Tricks by Margaret Bishop: The Complete Reference Book of Phonics and Spelling (good condition, no writing) $7 Kiss Grammar (free printable program found online) Level 1 workbook printed and bound. First 20 pages need to be reprinted as they were completed and removed from the book. Answers are available on the Kiss website. $2 - pick up only Alphabet Art – Activities, patterns, games for teaching reading skills by Wendy Weir softcover (Good condition with name on inside cover and one dark green marker spot on a leaf for the A letter) $3 Teacher Created Materials Literature Units. I have the following units. They are in good used condition. $4 each. From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler, The Sign of the Beaver, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Julie of the Wolves, The Outsiders, Tuck Everlasting – Little House in the Big Woods – Number the Stars – The Whipping Boy – A Wrinkle in Time – The Phantom Tollbooth – Sing Down the Moon – Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry – Charley Skedaddle – Johnny Tremain – On My Honor – SOS Titanic – Old Yeller – Shiloh - James and the Giant Peach - Anne of Green Gables - Maniac Magee - Charlotte's Web Answer Key to Student Workbook for Harvey’s Elementary Grammar Part 1 $5 (good condition, no writing) Scrabble Game (very good condition, was gifted a game and we already had one) $7 - pick up only General 101 Ready-to-Go Activities for Every Subject You Teach for Intermediate Grades (name written inside, no other writing, good condition) $2 Math Horizons Math workbook Kindergarten book 2 $6 (no writing, good condition) PENDING Singapore 1A and 1B textbook and 1B Home Instructors Guide - Standards edition $22 (good used condition, no writing noticed) Miquon Lab Sheet Annotations $8 (no writing, good condition) Math Express Speed Maths Strategies (Singapore books) Level 4 (First 1/3 of the book filled out) and Level 5 – Both for $5 Geography/History Human Geography by William Norton 6th edition – Hardcover text (good condition, no writing) $20 - pick up only People Around the World - Kingfisher (hardcover, good condition, no writing) $8 pick up only Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson (paperback, good condition, no writing) $7 Mesopotamia DK Eyewitness Books with clip art cd. (hardcover, good condition, no writing) $7 You Wouldn't Want to Be a Mammoth Hunter by John Malam (paperback, good condition, no writing) $5 You Wouldn't Want to Be an Assyrian Soldier by Rupert Matthews (paperback, good condition, no writing) $5 You Wouldn't Want to Be a Sumerian Slave by Jacqueline Morley (paperback, good condition, no writing) $5 Gilgamesh the King by Ludila Zeman (paperback, good condition other than slightly upturned corners, no writing) $4 Famous Friends: A Child’s First Encounter with Famous Americans by Wells and Carroll (Preschool-3rd grade): Pathfinders (good condition, name written inside) $4 Famous Friends: A Child’s First Encounter with Famous Americans by Wells and Carroll (Preschool-3rd grade): Presidential Leaders (good condition, name written inside) $4 Every Day’s a Holiday: Value-Based Theme Units for Individual Calendar Days by Resnick, Pavol, and Pappas (Grades 4-8) (good condition overall, name written inside, slight water damage to top cover of the first 5-10 pages) $8 Soft Step and Bright Eyes: A Tale of Native American Life by Suzanne Tate (paperback, good condition, story, grade 2ish reading level) $2 Stories of Knights Usborne Young Reading Retold by Jane Bingham (paperback, fair condition) $2 Foreign Language Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Level 3 answer key softcover (good condition, just price tag removal mark on front cover, no writing) $2 Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! The Reader (fair-good condition, no writing) $4 New Practical Chinese Reader 2nd edition – Textbook with CD, and 2 workbooks with CD (one workbook has writing in the first 2 chapters and one has writing in the first 4 chapters) (other than the writing in the two workbooks, good condition) $20 Fine Arts The Land of Music: The Note Family and Friends Book 1 Part A – Includes a spiral bound colored main book, CD, and reproducible pages (may be a couple missing pages and noticed one page has pencil writing). $15 A Handbook of Arts and Crafts by Wankelman/Wigg 8th edition – (good condition, name written inside) $18 Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method Grade 2 Expanded Edition (new, unused) $9 Special Education Tasks of Problem Solving Elementary by LinguiSystems - $23 (good condition, no writing) Homeschooling and Education Books Story Masks for Contemporary Tales and Story Masks for Fairy Tales (Pre K- Grade 2) set of 2 books, softcover (Good condition with names written on the inside cover) $3 Literature/Reading My Father’s Dragon softcover (good condition, no writing) $5 Green Eggs and Ham hardcover by Dr. Seuss (good condition, no writing) $5 – Sonlight Grade 1 Reader The Cat in the Hat Party Edition hardcover by Dr. Seuss (good condition, no writing) $5 – Sonlight Grade 1 Reader Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire hardcover (good condition, no writing) $5 – Sonlight Grade 1 Reader Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik softcover (some bend marks in the outer cover, but otherwise good condition, no writing) $2 – Sonlight Grade 1 Reader The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson softcover $3 (front cover has a formerly upturned corner and first page has a small tear, no writing) Great Wheel by Robert Lawson (good condition, paperback) $5 Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel – An I Can Read Book Level 2 (paperback, good used condition) $2 Greg's Microscope by Millicent Selsam - An I Can Read Book Level 3 (paperback, good condition with some creases in the paperback cover, no writing) $2 PENDING The Bravest Dog Ever The True Story of Balto – Step Into Reading Level 3 (paperback, good used condition) $2 Vintage Friends Old and New Dick and Jane reader Book 2 Part 1 1963 edition The New Basic Readers (hardcover, good used condition with a name written inside) $12 Vintage More Roads to Follow reader Book 3 Part 2 1964 edition The New Basic Readers (hardcover, good used condition $14 Vintage Open Highways Reader Level 4 hardcover (fair condition, some writing on inside cover and outer cover has some stains, no noticeable writing on the reading selections) $6 Treasury of Illustrated Classics The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (adapted by Tracy Christopher) (hardcover, good condition other than some writing on the inside of the front cover) $5 Questions and Answers Mighty Machines: A fascinating question and answer book featuring the world’s most powerful and exciting machinery hardcover (good condition, no writing) $5 - pick up only Unsolved Mysteries: Where Was Atlantis? by Brian Innes (paperback, good condition, no writing) $4 DK Readers Atlantis The Lost City? by Andrew Donkin Level 4 readers (paperback, no writing, good condition with some creases in the paperback cover) $3 Usborne's Children's Encyclopedia by Jane Elliott and Colin King. (paperback, overall good condition except for some water damage that has discolored the top corner of pages for almost half the book, the pages all turn and function normally) $5 Bible Life Lessons with Max Lucado God’s Open Arms Studies on Grace (paperback, good used condition, no writing) $4 Life Lessons with Max Lucado Books of Ruth and Esther (paperback, good used condition, no writing) $4 Life Lessons with Max Lucado Book of Genesis (paperback, good used condition, no writing) $4 The Tabernacle of Moses by Kevin Conner (paperback, good condition with a little highlighting inside) $8 Mik-Shrok, Charlie, and 77 Zebra by Gloria Repp. These 3 books tell the story of the adventures of an Arctic missionary. (3 paperbacks appropriate for ages 9-12, in fair-good condition with no writing) $6 for the set Made for a Purpose by Dandi Daley Mackall (hardcover, very good condition) $7 See It-Say It Bible Storybook by Anne Adams (hardcover, fair to good condition) $5 Focus on the Family I Want to Know Bible Stories, Articles, Facts and Fun about God, Jesus, the Bible, and Prayer. for ages 8-12 (hardcover, good condition, no writing) $7 Bible Lands DK Eyewitness Books by Jonathan N Tubb (good condition, no writing) $7


  2. So my highly imaginative 4 year old had an idea. She went into the bathroom, took off her bottoms, and stuck toilet paper in her rear end and began to run around the house with the toilet paper flying behind her. When I saw her I sent her back to the bathroom thinking she was in the middle of taking care of business. Once I took her to the bathroom I questioned her if she just went potty. She looked at me with an innocent look saying that she didn't go potty - she just had a tail.:svengo::laugh: I couldn't help laughing at that point.
  3. I've lived in Canada for 3 years now, but I'm not Canadian (yet). We are in the GTA.
  4. Sorry, wrong link for my above post. It wouldn't let me edit it so here is the correct link for Mandarin TV shows online.
  5. My son was looking at a language tree on the computer and expressed great interest in learning to speak Hittite. :confused::tongue_smilie:
  6. My son told me that he liked school because he enjoyed learning. He said this with a big grin on his face. I had fun with him because he has been known to whine at times. I asked him to repeat it and then I asked his brother what he said. His brother told me "I'm not going to say that!" :lol:
  7. No, I don't think early readers are necessarily gifted or accelerated. I would say they are more likely to be gifted or accelerated, but there are so many other factors besides reading. To me gifted is not about academic achievements, but the way a person relates to the world. The gifted individuals I know feel things deeper and have a general sense of being intensely alive. That exuberance can show up academically through pursuit of passions and general intelligence, but it can also be absent academically if a child does not care about learning what the teacher/parent/school wants them
  8. watercolors markers stickers make toy animals talk to one another rotating toy boxes
  9. I totally agree. I am an example of that. I didn't like math, but it was my best subject.
  10. Interesting poll. I realize math and science often go together, but not in our house. My oldest's greatest strengths are in science and language arts. He doesn't like math. My younger son is in math, language arts, and creativity. He doesn't like science.
  11. What is there in Moby Dick that is not good for a 10 year old?
  12. I don't plan for my son to graduate high school until 18, but he is free to take any college classes when he is ready for them. He is doing his first college class this year (video lectures only, no outside assignments or tests) and loves it.
  13. I usually read in the afternoon, but it can vary. The amount can vary too depending on how alert I am. Sometimes I have to skip the read aloud for the day because I know it will be a huge struggle. Sometimes I can read 2-3 chapters and other times it is hard to make it through one page. It does get funny sometimes though because if you fall asleep in the middle of a sentence you can put words into the sentence that aren't there. We have had many laughs :tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie: There is no way I could read in the morning and be alert.
  14. My kids would just respond with the grade level I tell them they are in. They are in grades according to their ages (Kindergarten and grade 2). The work they do has nothing to do with the grade they are in. I have one child that is doing grade level work a couple years ahead of his grade and another child that is all over the place (11 grade level span of skills).
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