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  1. Thank you for all the yummy ideas! Looking forward to a whole week of crock pot cooking with these! Thanks again, Michelle
  2. Thank you all for the wonderful tips and ideas! Can't wait! Michelle
  3. WE love Trail Guide to Geography..and can be used with multiple grades.
  4. I'm interested in what others have to say too!
  5. I seem to only have the basic chilis and soups...I would love for you to share if you happen to have a favorite "summer" recipe... Thanks!
  6. We will be attending a wedding in late July in San Francisco..but plan to spend a couple days in the Santa Cruz area. Any must sees?, favorite restaurants? Thank you! Michelle
  7. If so, what program or freebie have you found online? Thanks in advance, Michelle
  8. Wow! Thanks Lori D! I really appreciate the list and details! Thanks, also, for everyone's replies....My ds is at camp for a few days and I'm going to get to work with planning our year! Michelle
  9. Thanks Countrygirl! How often did you work a dvd into the schedule? Did that replace the workbook lesson for the day?
  10. We'll be doing both....we plan to use Trail Guide to World Geography ...I love geography and so does my ds, so this should be fun:) Thanks! Michelle
  11. We plan to use The Planet Earth Series and Globe Trekker....anything else? Thanks, Michelle
  12. Thanks so much for the info Lori! These will be perfect. Thanks for sharing! Michelle
  13. I have the Teacher Book which includes what to work on for the week, but I was hoping to have a daily plan. Any ideas? Thanks so much, Michelle
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