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  1. I would say they are light for that age. I use them at our local homeschool coop and use that level for 4-6 grades and the elementary for 1-3.
  2. I live in a rural area on a farm. I know most all the neighbors and regular joggers and such. An unusual person in my neighborhood would definitely catch my attention and I write down a description on the calendar with time/description and if applicable-type of vehicle and plate number. A neighbor was burglarized a while ago. I have kicked hunters off of our property and would call police if they would act in any way off. I would kick any trespasser off. If someone unknown/uninvited was around any of the farm buildings or the house, I would call the police. Race or religion would not make a difference in the decision to call on someone. However, being a predominantly white agricultural community in the northern US-not many people of color here-so they would be easy to identify as not a "regular" on my road. I have no issue with the Hispanic neighbor down the street-other than their ignorant dog and would not be more or less likely to call on them -vs-other neighbors. I have a driveway alarm on our farm lane so we are not surprised by people coming in the drive. I see a car coming before they get to the house. I have called 911 for brush fires, a chimney fire at our house, people swerving around the road-presumably drunk, and toddlers playing in the street that cussed me out when I tried to get them off the road-more than once. I have called the non-emergency number for people I have seen regularly driving kids around without being in car seats (my Mom was on an ambulance crew in the rural area I grew up in-I have seen people that have gone through a window in an accident)-personal issue for me. I have also talked to the police after seeing a drug deal in my church parking lot.
  3. My favorite tree is the sugar maple. We have a very beautiful one in our yard.
  4. I have a Levenger Circa notebook that has pages you can easily add. I get monthly calendar pages and add a page of notes/projects etc after that month in the calendar.
  5. Earlier today I: -did outside chores-feed feral cats and chickens, check water... -weeded half of the raspberry bed -spread chicken manure on the asparagus and 1/2 raspberry bed for fertilizer -mulched the 1/2 bed raspberries -cleaned dog yard -did 3 loads of laundry -did a load of dishes Currently cooking supper This evening: -watch a movie with the family -one more load of laundry -one more load of dishes -prep for Sunday (bathe kids, pick clothes...)
  6. We have our last Christmas today. Between church and that, I'll only get a quick lunch in. I'm eating it while on here ;0)
  7. I'm part of a large homeschool group that I LOVE! We have been members since it began 6 years ago. It has families with high schoolers down to preschoolers. I am also part of an academic coop. I think what you do depends on what issues you are having with the other group (s). If you are not interested in the activities your group offered-set some up that your family would enjoy. Most groups have only a few people setting things up. Our group uses Meetup to plan events and such. Anyone can post an event and you can go to just the ones that appeal to you. With a high-schooler, we don't do as many activities as we used to, but I do post things that we would attend. We went to Star Wars today ;0) If your kids are interested in different things than the other teens-see above... Post activities that your kids would enjoy. You may be surprised who shows up. You made some comment on not liking what the other kids were into. Is it "bad" stuff or just stuff you are not personally liking? For example, are the other kids are into video games and you think they are a waste of time or are they doing drugs? I, personally, think it is fine for my kids to hang out with others with different interests. I'm all for starting your own group, but be mindful of what you actually wish for. What exactly are you looking for in a group? field trips only, classes offered, loosely attached play group... Our large group is wonderful. We have all types of religious backgrounds, homeschool styles and political leanings. The one thing we enforce strongly is respecting the rights of all of the other members to school and believe as they wish-no preaching allowed or discussing divisive things without the other party being a willing participant. If you are going to be a group limited by some topic (unschoolers only, Christian...) be specific in what you will allow or not. This has been a huge problem in our area. Though Christian, I was not allowed in some groups because I was not the "right kind". They were rude and vague. If you are an only young earth creationist allowed-for example, then that is great, but be up front not just we are Christian. If you are unschoolers but only allow attachment parenting styles-then say so... you get my point. That will solve you a lot of problems in the future with irritated people who signed up for one thing and it was really something more specific. Our group offers things ranging from play dates, to group classes with everything in between. Just because you may not be interested (for instance-I rarely if ever do a park day) in everything, that does not mean the group is not for you. We tend to have some groups within the group, but also some large events that cross ages/types of homeschoolers as well. The major issue I see with people not being happy with our group is they feel things that they are interested in are not offered. However, they don't wish to offer them. Such groups are dependent on people being involved and offering things to the group at large. If you start a group, be prepared to do a lot of work. If you can manage to remain in your old one, you may be happy with offering things you and yours may be interested in, amongst all of the other things offered... Good luck!
  8. I teach a Story of the World Class. They read the chapter(s) during the week and we do the fun projects from the activity guide or that I find online at COOP. We have done everything from trying ethnic foods to making jewelry to mummifying chickens... I'm considering a Real Science 4 Kids class for next year... We'll see. It would be run the same way-read and go over at home and do experiments at coop.
  9. Youngest dd practiced alone at 5 yo and she is now 6. she has older siblings that also go to lessons at the same time and they know what she is supposed to play and how it sounds. What she is supposed to practice has dates on the top of the pages. If she has problems, she asks brother or sister for help. DS started lessons at 8yo and practiced alone then. He also asked oldest for help when needed. Oldest always practiced alone and started at 9yo. I am completely non-musical. I don't even go to lessons. I either drop them off and run errands or the oldest (17) takes them. My contributions are to make sure they take the time to practice, drive them there and to pay for the lessons.
  10. Australian Shepherds are herding breeds and can get bored easily, herd people and be destructive if not entertained enough. Viszlas have one of the highest exercise requirements of any breed-they were bred to hunt all day long. They can also tend to get bored easily. As mentioned above Pyrs are guardian breeds, so tend to be one family type dogs and standoffish with others.
  11. I believe it stands for Social Home Educators of York has a group down there and they do have some kind of COOP-though I think the group is fairly informal. some of the members may know of some other groups in the area too.
  12. DH is orinally from Lancaster Co-Peach Bottom to be exact. Most all of his extended family is still there-some of the million Weavers to be found in the phone book....;)
  13. Wildwood is a nice place to go, as is Little Buffalo State Park outside of Newport (they have activities now and again from fossil hunt to wildflower walk) and the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art over in Millersburg.
  14. and probably 45 minutes away now or so. Howdy neighbor. We used to live right along rt 34 between the Susquehanna River rt 11/15 and Newport. I love driving along the river-and don't get to as much since I moved. DH used to work in Camp Hill and drive the river route every work day.
  15. Now we live just up the river in Snyder County.
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