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  1. Yep, BDTD. Doing it again. Hoping to avoid going down the PEX route (plasmapheresis followed by more IVIg) because of the invasiveness and the fact that cardiology would probably have a cow, as we used to say, once upon a time... but there may be a study for PEX, so it would be free. It just gives me the willies.
  2. I bought these based on recommendations I had read, but dd hasn't looked at them yet: For the Love of ACT Science https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0996832203/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2018 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1119386896/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s03?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (I was tempted to wrap them as Christmas presents as a joke, but it wouldn't have gone over very well lol)
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. My two cents: the antibiotics clearing up previous tics is obvious evidence of PANS. As you probably know, with PANS, any number of immune system triggers can cause tics, and it is common for new tics to surface later, the next time there is a trigger. I would start by first looking for a new infection. The most basic first step would be a throat swab and maybe a urine culture. Then on to bloodwork. As you also probably know, it can get a whole lot more complicated after that. Can. of. worms. There has been research into a particular plant that some have seen reduce Tourette's tics, Clerodendrum Inerme; might be worth googling, though there is also a FB group with better info. (Sometimes spelled Clerodendron Inerme. I happen to be growing such plant and making extracts, LOL. There is no length I won't go to.) Feel free to PM if you want to hash things out. This is one of those areas where the more I learn, the less I know, though I'm pretty firmly in the camp that even "regular" tourette's is likely a neuroinflammation issue, albeit with a number of factors that include various kinds of genetic roots.
  4. I can't help but feel there may be a misunderstanding. The quote of CW explicitly says they're not refusing to help.
  5. It depends on the school, but most are closer to 15k for room and board together (e.g. our state flagship is 14k for R&B)
  6. I would avoid pulling teeth and go with one of the palate expander options (probably #2). Even if a tooth or two need pulling after doing the palate expander, that's better than pulling several teeth. Keep in mind that the window of opportunity to do the palate expander will probably close at some point in the not-too-distant future. ETA, there is some type of device I can't remember the name of, AF-something, that comes to mind re: mouth breathing/ENT. We had a positive experience with the palate expander and one of my younger kids will probably need one. (And on the really wacky science side, if y'all don't mind, there are lymph vessels back behind the mouth someplace that drain from the brain that were newly-discovered in 2015. My palate-expander kid always had issues, but the palate-expander time period were happy days for him.)
  7. I'm not sure those scores are terribly unusual considering where the students were at in the sequence. Did the 11th graders do any test prep prior to the PSAT? I'm a little reluctant to judge any particular math program by standardized test scores, even a whole class-full. FWIW, my strong math student saw a large increase in PSAT score junior year, while early in precalc, after having finished algebra 2. I'm not sure how much of that increase was simply being further along in the sequence and how much was the concurrent SAT prep, but I can't imagine it was all owed to prep.
  8. On the possibility of large loans, as I understand this, students are rather limited in the amount they are allowed to borrow. Large loans would be parent loans or, at a minimum, cosigned by a parent. ETA, if majoring in engineering with a physics minor would do the trick, Wyoming also has engineering and physics.
  9. For any GF cake, I'd think about using Pamela's first. There is a recipe for a lemon cake that starts with Pamela's vanilla - not sure it's what you have in mind. http://www.pamelasproducts.com/lemon-cake-with-lemon-ganache-glaze/
  10. Weight lifting and dizziness would make me want to check out heart health, for sure. The only other possibility I can't remember what it's called, unfortunately... something postural about the angle of the neck.
  11. My biggest concerns would be academic - if they don't yet have higher grades, what do they offer the more advanced student, especially for math. How will they structure the courses, will there be any opportunity for APs (or DE), etc. I pulled two of my kids out of Montessori in middle school because the academics at that moment in time were insufficient. The general ideas work well for younger kids and I still have two in a Montessori elementary, but a lot doesn't really translate well to the high school level. Montessori herself did not teach high school level or even middle school, IIRC. There is a famous Montessori high school on a farm somewhere back east. There's also one here in our metro area but it is not suitable for my kids' academic needs. There's nothing wrong with exploring of course, but I'd be skeptical that it would be a great fit for an advanced high schooler in terms of the college prep. One bonus might be opportunities for independent study.
  12. With zero spam from the psat, my guess would be that your ds did not check the box. The range must be really big. My dd received spam from Vandy too, but not for anything remotely approaching competitive scores. Vandy has a reputation for liking very high scores. However, I do like that Vandy is one of the few schools that separated out Old and New scores when they reported their admissions data from this past season, first season with the New test. That helps avoid accuracy concerns over the botched concordance. ETA, and if I had a nickel for every piece of spam from U Chicago...
  13. It's wonderful that you're happy with the scores! But, snail mail college spam is completely meaningless. In theory perhaps, but that seems kinda far removed. The PSAT ceiling per section is 38, whereas the ceiling on the 8/9 is 36.
  14. It doesn't matter if the test is "good" if his scores were excellent. Send them - they can't hurt. Good luck with the HSPT. Usually, the math is easy and the vocab is hard. Usually takes about two weeks to get that back.
  15. It depends on what you mean by valid. They don't count for NMSQT, but sure, you can calculate a selection index (reading, writing, and math scores, each out of 38, added together and doubled).
  16. The test content is the same. There are just different percentiles for 10th graders. PSAT/NMSQT is the name for the fall version, PSAT10 the spring version, but they are the same. https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10/taking-the-tests/compare-psat-nmsqt-psat-10
  17. That's interesting - my kiddo's increase from 10th to 11th was 17. (ETA, much SAT prep around the time of PSAT in 11th, which surely helped.)
  18. Just adding a major-related article I happened upon. https://www.morganstanley.com/articles/wall-st-recruits-non-finance-degrees The caveat at the end (what campuses do they recruit at):
  19. That's annoying! Sometimes they get busy or lazy - I think that someone has to do something in order to make the scores appear in Naviance, i.e., they don't travel to Naviance automatically from College Board, but perhaps there's some sort of download that needs to be executed by the counseling office, buttons that need to be pushed. We met with the counselor last week and at that time the November SAT wasn't in Naviance yet (though the PSAT was). Of course I mentioned it and boom, the next day there it was lol. So far I'm rather pleased with the counselor. Fingers crossed that I continue to be impressed. (Disclaimer, this is a private school that has a reputation for decent college counseling. Yet still I doubted them and I've been spending time learning stuff from CC).
  20. Our school counselors do get SAT scores. Then they upload them into Naviance.
  21. You can't equate score with Selection Index because a portion of the score (EBRW) is double-counted. (So kids who are stronger at math than reading are not likely to fare well with the SI.)
  22. Also keep in mind that College Board, in its infinite wisdom, explicitly designed the PSAT to allow for score growth between now and the time the student would typically take the SAT in the spring or next fall. So I would NOT interpret the PSAT to be the final indicator on what the student's SAT score might be, even though it was designed to indicate what the score would be if the SAT was taken that day (am I making this clear or am I being confusing?). It'll depend on the kid, but I read someplace that growth of 100 pts might not be unusual, or some range 50-150. Now that my junior has already prepped for and taken the SAT, I'm not sure how true that is, but it's possible - PSAT and SAT scores were fairly close, as CB said they should be. (Wow maybe CB did something it said it would?) We had a presentation by the president of Compass test prep at our school, and that guy specifically mentioned that many kids do not peak until summer/fall of senior year. We are hoping my kiddo can squeeze out a few more points as it could make a big difference. ETA, we also found that, as expected, our slow reader benefitted significantly from SAT tutoring. Not all kids will, but on the order of 100 pts, and as I said, we are hoping for more on the next take although that will have to wait until next year. Patience, sigh... lol. And PSA: for those students who are at least 1/4 hispanic, the cutoffs for NHRP are well below the cutoffs for NM. If you aren't aware, NHRP is a national award and there are a few schools that also offer scholarship $.
  23. I doubt that a consultant will have info that isn't on the website, info that isn't also available to you some other way, like looking at web forums where prior student's scholarship experiences are discussed (or by calling there yourself, as the PP said). They would need very extensive experience with a particular college to have significant info on merit scholarships that's not otherwise available, the level of experience more typical of a high school's college counselor where there are many data points. There are some schools that include a scholarship estimate in the Net Price Calculator (in that case, the NPC will ask about GPA and test scores). I don't know how accurate any particular NPC is for that, but it's worth having a look. Our school counselor pointed us to the College Board search tool because it includes data on "average" non-need scholarships for a particular college, though now that I've looked at them, at least one of them I know is not really reflective of the situation - the College Board page gives an average merit of 10 or 20k for a particular college where I know that, in fact, that college only offers a handful of super-competitive full-tuition scholarships and zero other merit. Our school counselor was able to give a typical merit range for a private college that's popular with students from this high school, where >20 kids apply each year, and that was helpful to know. That college likes students from this type of high school and the typical merit info was a little different from (more than :) ) what I'd have expected based on what I read on forums.
  24. Yes, they are looking up the scores on the College Board website. Have him make an account now - he'll need to do that anyway to take the SAT. If you're waiting for a school to do something, who knows how long that will take. (Or snail mail? Ha.) Even if you get an email from College Board, you'll still need to make an account to download the score report - the email would simply say that the scores were available.
  25. Anyone know how Compass got score information available to schools? The schools just give Compass the data? ETA, they are right not to rely on the percentiles, which are once again fake, coming only from the 2015 and 2016 tests and not from the actual 2017 test.
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