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  1. :grouphug::grouphug: Praying for your son, for you and for your family.
  2. Could you have your student watch SWI A or B on his or her own? Then they would understand how to do the exercises in the Ancient History book? Just a thought...
  3. I agree with a PP that while a structured carrier might be a great idea, depending on the size of your baby, an ergo may not be the best bet. I found the ergo to have a short rise...by the time my ds was 2, if he fell asleep in the ergo, his head was hanging about because the carrier did not come up high enough. However, I have BIG kids. My hands-down favorite carrier is always a toddler size, even for my 7 month old (he's 23lbs). A beco. toddlerhawk or other toddler sized carrier might be better and last longer. Hope you find what you're looking for. Hanging out at thebabywearer.com might be helpful.
  4. My situation was similar to yours with ds#5. They kept stripping my membranes (OW!) which had worked within 8 hours with ds2, ds3 and ds4. But little #5 wasn't budging...and was so high that they could barely reach him. Anyway, they ended up giving me prostaglandin gel (? I think, anyway). The midwife administered it at the hospital and I went home. That night I went into labor and little man was born at the birthing center in the morning...10 lbs, 15 oz. He didn't drop until I was actively pushing and complete. Good luck to you Mama~
  5. Often the problem is that the parents are so busy running the things that they cannot directly supervise the boys. I go when I can to help my dh...but I cannot always. Maybe you could help by supervising the boys and calling them on their behavior. If my boys were behaving that way, dh would be all over them...if he knew about it. But I know for our blue and gold, he was running the script, ceremonies, slide show and directing the food. Most of the moms were in back preparing/serving food and the other leaders were prepping for the ceremony as well. We cannot address behavior that we don't know about. Should the boys be better behaved? Yes. But they're kids and they need some correction sometimes. If the parents aren't able to provide that because they are putting on the meeting/blue and gold/PWD, etc. the other parents need to step in with discipline. I hope you find what you are looking for and that scouts works out for you. But please remember, these parents who run the pack are volunteers. They are working hard to make the ceremonies and dinners and derbies special for your boys, just as you work hard as the den leader for theirs. If you don't like the behavior, tell the other boys to knock it off & drag 'em to their parents if you need to. This can be solved. :D:D
  6. About 10 years ago, we had a company come and professionally paint our tub. Of course, I cannot recall the name now. But I do remember that they suggested cleaning the tub with toilet bowl cleaner...very good cleaner and it didn't require scrubbing. I suppose that doesn't answer your question but I thought I'd share.
  7. My hallway is painted in dirt brown, semi-gloss paint. I actually really like the color (the shine, not so much) but I did it because...well...I have five boys. My carpet is also the color of mud...variegated mud at that! It's great for hiding spots! We picked this color a year ago when we redid the carpet and paint...it's been the best! Just do it!
  8. I second Scarlett Feather! Enjoyed Minding Frankie And the one where the lady runs the heart clinic...Heart and Soul, I think. But read Scarlett Feather first...some of the same characters are in each. Is there a book called Quentins as well?
  9. Yes! Rest, Mama! DS#5 is almost three weeks old...in the first two weeks, dh spent two days doing hurricane cleanup (leaving me indoors with the 5) and four days cleaning up my parents' house that flooded in NY with my oldest two (you know, the ones that actually HELP!). Those were things dh needed to do but I'm still a total wreck after almost three weeks. Tired, weepy (and I've NEVER cried after having a baby...I've always been euphoric before...but then, I always got to REST before), grouchy and feeling overwhelmed...yup, that's me. We started back to school this week and I cried at least three times each day. So yes, you should rest because if you don't, you'll be a caffeine addicted wreck like I am ;););)
  10. If you have the opportunity, try going to daily Mass a few times. It's generally much shorter (ours is 20 minutes). We sit in the cry room (no one else is in there for daily Mass) so I can explain to them what is going on. It's much more interesting if you know what's going on (for me too!). Also, we've had better luck with Mass behavior when we do the readings as a family ahead of time. :) They'll get there. It takes awhile but it does get easier...and then we seem to have another one... With our 2 y.o., dh and I take turns sitting downstairs by the speaker with the little one while the other stays in church with the bigger kids. Not as nice as sitting together, but eventually we'll all be there together. :grouphug:
  11. :iagree: Yup...the boys take turns entertaining the baby. They LOVE getting to take a short break in the middle of the day to play with the little one(s). The little guys love it too :)
  12. Haven't read all of the replies...we're Navy and have moved 11 times in 15 years. We've had some good moves and some...uh...really bad ones. It's definitely helpful to have dh there...it is important to have someone watching the movers at all times (we've had stuff stolen, medications swiped, etc.). FEED THE MOVERS...that way they can't leave for 3 hours in the middle of the day. We usually have donuts and coffee in the morning, pizza and pop in the middle of the day and dinner if they're still there in the evening. The goal is to NOT let them leave until they're done. :):):) Put up signs in each room stating how you want items from that room labeled (i.e. "boy room #1, living room, etc.). That will prevent you (hopefully) from opening boxes that have been labeled "stuff." The majority of our movers have been really nice, hardworking, awesome people. I hope you have a great experience.
  13. I had two that were very challenging to train. I would go to the store and buy LOTS of cheap undies and when they get pooped in, just toss 'em. And I'd try a waterproof mattress pad and taking her potty a couple of times at night. Then, just smile and carry on. Congrats on your little one!
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