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  1. I don't know about level 2, but for level 1, they are different every week (even though many of the selections are also from longer books).
  2. This doesn't have to do with getting the concept of "a long time ago", but one thing I am finding with narrations is that my dc gets a lot more from the reading if I do the reading. We do have the CD, but it moves slightly faster than I read, and dc get more out of it when I read. I can also slow down and ask to tell me something back after a paragraph, if I think it might not be sinking in, instead of after an entire chapter. I've also read that dc find it easier to listen to a woman's voice than a man's when they are young, so that might factor into it also. We are using the CD to listen to in the car, kind of as a review a few weeks after we have already been through it once.
  3. I'd be surprised if a 10 year old, or especially a 12 yo, didn't already know it from other kids. My sister and I were fairly sheltered and our parents had the talk with us about 9 or 10, and we had both already heard it (but never let on to our parents).
  4. Well, for me, getting the books sooner was worth it, because I want to use them starting now, not two months from now. Amazon gave a "maybe" date, but from my experience with them before, some times they will get the books by that date, and some times not. Actually, in every other case where I have gotten a similar email saying that there is a delay and they might have the book by a certain date, my order ends up being cancelled a month or two later, anyway. I do like supporting homeschool businesses that I like, when I can.
  5. SO bummed about the bait and switch with Amazon. I cancelled my order with them and just ordered from PHP so I can get it soon. I'm excited! As far as whether to use it with FLL, of course I haven't seen WWE yet. But I just did a re-reading of the grammar stage portion of TWTM, and they recommend using FLL PLUS copywork several times a week for first grade. We are doing FLL1 now and I don't think it is enough writing by itself, especially because we only use it 2-3 times per week. I am interested to see how the two programs will complement each other.
  6. So your mother was 34 when you were born. Is that still considered "older" these days? Things might be different now. Most mothers I know these days had their first child around 30, and I don't know many that started in their early 20's. I know that is probably just my circle of acquaintances, but I also know the age of having the first child is about 5 years older now than it was 30-40 years ago.
  7. I plan to use it for my 3 year old starting when he is 4-4.5. I tried it when my 6 year old was a new 5, and it was already boring for him. The exception would be the writing. Some kids aren't ready to write on the lined paper at age 4, mine probably won't be. But I think that is easy to adapt by having him trace letters, or just write them on unlined paper. Also some scissor skills are required, so that may acquire some adapting, depending. Be aware that there are no books included, so you will need to visit your library regularly and find books on the science topic of the week. Also there are a couple of suggested books each week for an enrichment activity, but I found my library has most of these.
  8. I am planning on using most of the recommendations for WTM for first grade. We use OPGTR and I think we will finish it this summer, or into the fall. My question is, how do you think the WTM sequence stacks up compared to typical schools, for the elementary years? If a WTM homeschooled student entered traditional school in 3rd or 4th grade, do you think there would be any challenges? My first impression is that such a student will have more history knowledge, maybe more science background, but is WTM approach a little (or a lot) lighter on writing in the early years than schools? I wonder if there would be trouble transitioning to doing more writing. I also wonder how you all think other areas would compare. BTW, I think overall, it is much superior! I just wonder how it compares for the 3R's, in the early years--way ahead, behind, or ?
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