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  1.  DD wants to do special effects makeup for an elective course this year. I am just wondering how to go about creating this course ourselves?


    I found a really great book on Amazon "Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen: Making and Applying Prosthetics"  and I thought I would have her work through this book while creating a portfolio of the work she does.


    Would this work? Has anyone done anything similar and any suggestions are appreciated!  


    We are in New York and I am trying to type up her IHIP so I wanted to double check on how to do this.



    Thank you!                                 

  2. We liked using the Ultimate Series Easy Grammar in high school.  for grades 8-12.  Takes a few minutes (maybe 10) each day to keep skills sharp.   not the same series as daily grams. it is also not EG Plus (the middle school book)

    link to basic info on it.  then buy where you want to. several places out there have samples.




    I'd probably use the Ultimate series for a 10th grade instead of the Plus book.



    Thank you! That is what I was wondering if the Plus was a level above the ultimate or below.. Appreciate the info!  Ordering the Ultimate 10 :)

  3. Okay here are updated

    10th grade plans:


    Math : Power basics Consumer Math  


    Science: Power basics Earth and Space Science


    History: Finishing world history/geography  ( same text as 9th grade)


    English: Easy Grammar 10, Wordly Wise 10,    EIL American Lit


    Health:    Total Health - OR -  Oak Meadow - Where can this be purchased and I wasn't sure if it was an online or at home ??




    Elective:  Makeup Artistry Class Or Fashion

  4. Thank you.


     The test results only gave us a report I didn't see one particular test score. So I will include a copy of that report.

     I also just put satisfactory or above on each quarter report I did not put a grade, Should I put I final grade in the last one or maybe on the end of year assessment which the

    the district guidelines say to include.  It says focus on growth and achievements for the year. 

     I am just wondering how much detail you all include??


    Thank you!

  5. My understanding is that you can pick & choose which units to use in whatever order you want. (One WTMer highlighted the books by time period (4 blocks - Ancient through Modern) so she could line them up with her history.) For example, I'm using some of the American Lit units next year with my dd#1 and we haven't done any EIL before. 


    Oh my :ohmy:  that makes total sense and I hadn't thought about it that way.   Hmmmm.. We will be finishing up World History next year and doing American History in 11th. I guess I  should check the reading list for the world before I decide.


    Thank you!! :thumbup1:

  6. You're right it is Literature and Composition. We skipped that one both times because I didn't like the selections :). 


    Another option for her would be to give her a selection of literature guides and let her pick which books she wants to read. I'm not very familiar with what is out there, but I've seen Lori D. post some good suggestions on literature guides. That could combat her not wanting to read certain books.



    Thanks Debbie!


     I think if we stick with it I will skip that also because I think she would like the selections for American Lit better ! I didn't like what I saw for the selections in Lit & Comp either!

  7. I take it she didn't like EIL? What was good and bad about it for her? The obvious place to go after Intro is American Lit, but if she didn't like EIL, tell us why and maybe someone can make another recommendation


    For health, I highly recommend Oak Meadow! It even includes PE credit. 



    Well I really liked it, but she is not big on being told what to read, she likes to read but just things that she's interested in or chooses. So it was a bit of struggle to get her into some of the books. We did do some audio which seemed to work well.  I was also thinking that it may be easier to find something that combined everything into one instead of having separate grammar vocab etc.. 

    But we may just stick with it because she did like the Wordly Wise and Easy Grammar and of course this will be different readings.



    I know you said American Lit would be next I was a little confused by the EIL  listing because it says Literature and Composition is next then American Lit followed by British and then world.

    Is there a specific format or do you all just pick and choose which order?


    Thank you! :)

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  8. Okay I am struggling a little so any input would be greatly appreciated!



    10th grade plans:


    Math : Consumer Math   ( not sure what we are using yet maybe Lifepacs or powerbasics )


    Science: Survey of Astronomy


    History: Finishing world history/geography  ( same text as 9th grade)


    English: Easy Grammar 10, Wordly Wise 10, Writing Strands 5?   - We used EIL intro to Lit for 9th - I am not sure what to do for this year- Suggestions?


    Health:   Has anyone used Total Health?? Or Lifepac Health set?? Suggestions?




    Elective:  She wants to do a Makeup Artistry Class - Any suggestions?



  9. Just a quick question...


    When sending in your 4th quarter report for the year what do you include?


    My plan was to include the regular report that I have been doing for 9th grade.


    A copy of the scores from her CAT test.


    A copy of a transcript that includes actual end of year grade. ( Have not yet put this together, not quite sure of format yet)



    Also I know some of you mentioned keeping a list of course descriptions for the future but isn't keeping the IHIP enough for this? or do you do a more formal description of the courses for your records.?


    Thank you! :hurray:

    We have almost made it through our first year of high school at home!!  :hurray:  :hurray:

  10.  Wow I know I should be planning , however we are just trying to get through this year! One more quarter to go! :hurray:


     10th grade  ( I just cant believe I am going to have a tenth grader! :ohmy:  Feels like I just sent her off to Kindergarten)


     Global II  finishing up our current text.

     Math we are most likely heading to do a Consumer Math


     Unsure about Literature ( will probably continue the next text of current program)

     Not sure how long or if we should continue Grammar?

     Will definitely continue Wordly Wise

     Science ???


     She wants to do a Makeup Artistry Class for an elective


     So we have a lot of planning


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  11. If she likes the Saxon, but is having some trouble with some of the explanations, you might try the Virtual Homeschool Group's free at-your-own-pace course for Saxon Algebra 1 (scroll down a bit here):   http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com/course/category.php?id=65


    It includes recorded video lectures, online problem sets, and tests.  Since it is at your own pace, you could pick up where she started running into trouble.  I switched my ds 14 to this course when he got completely bogged down in the Dolciani text we were using.  So far, he is doing quite well with it, and math has ceased to be a hair pulling event (knock wood).



    Oh thank you so much for this !!  Maybe it will make it slightly more exciting than staring at a textbook! ;)

  12.   I was just looking at some of the options you suggested Lori  and I am trying to find something reasonable price. So difficult to tell without being able to look them over.


     I did find the MUS Algebra 1 2002 student text, test booklet , teacher manual on ebay for 9.99

    . Does anyone know if this is a good edition or is everything that would be needed?




    Also Saw the Teaching textbooks Algebra 1  textbook, answer key and test bank with no cds. on ebay but this program seems to be a bit pricey.


     Going to check amazon and see what they offer and also the local library.


     Also thank you for the idea of splitting it into two years :)  I hadn't thought of that. we may have to do that for Algebra 1. Especially if we switch programs.


  13. Wow! Thank you all so much!  Lori your post was really great! So helpful! I really appreciate all your advice!


     Its funny because as we work through the lessons in the Saxon algebra some of it she really gets and has no problem, then there will be another concept that is just like forget it there is no understanding.

    I do like how they describe step by step. But I do feel in some of their explanations are overly wordy and rather confusing as we get deeper into the text.


     She always says its not the text , she likes it but I am going to check into the others that you suggested.


     How do you go about switching , do you mean we should start completely over with the new text or try and review and pick up where she is comfortable.?


    I definitely will have her do a consumer math at some point and maybe a personal finance as an elective.


  14. I am curious to know for those of you with non math students what are your plans.


    We are currently working through Algebra 1 and honestly I think it will we will get through it but its a struggle (not sure how much she is going to remember)  and I don't think Algebra 2 is a realistic  option . Its not the curriculum we are using, she is just NOT a math person!  She does not want to go to college as of right now.


    My question is .. isn't there a basic math option for these students. I think a math where she would learning basics for life like managing her finances, banking, credit cards, understanding taxes, mortgages and all the stuff you really use .. would be helpful.


    I honestly do not understand the push for Algebra , I understand colleges want that. But I am finishing my degree now for a Bachelors in Psychology and I was able to take a basic math course because I didn't have algebra.


    It just seems that our children are being pushed to take these classes , that for the most part are things that they will never use, yet they are not taught how to manage their finances?


    Anyway.. can you share any Math courses that would be an option for this? I was thinking a business math , or accounting? 



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  15. I am just curious if anyone lives in Florida, what are the regulations like?  We currently are residents of NY and I go through our district there , however we spend  time in Florida and I am considering changing residence ... so I am just wondering how it is as far as paperwork, testing, etc.. for home schooling.


    Thank you!

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