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  1. For one child .. looking for a good organizer /planner ?

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    2. Jen in NY

      Jen in NY

      we have always used planners and calendars from www.donnayoung.org


    3. Maddysmom26


      Thanks Jen! I am looking through there now and I think we will probably use those again. :)


    4. ejc715


      I'm going to try bloom daily planners... both student and teacher

  2. Is it me or does Rainbow Resource Take FOREVER to ship?????? Ugh!

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    2. RootAnn


      Rainbow usually ships within two days for me. Sometimes, it arrives before I've even started to look for it, although I'm spoiled by Amazon Prime.

    3. 2ndGenHomeschooler


      I ordered late Tuesday night and my order is due on Wednesday. It shipped on Friday but I didn't get shipping e-mail until this morning. Maybe your order has shipped already too?

    4. Maddysmom26


      I spoke to them, and apparently they were having issues with their emails and the shipping notice did not go out and it is suppose to be here by Wednesday. :)

  3. 3 weeks of quiet ... DD is off on vacation with her Oma.

  4. Rain Rain Go AWAY!

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    2. FairProspects


      Yes, send it to the west coast - we are dying of heat!

    3. Maddysmom26


      I saw that! :( Crazy Weather! Finally drying up here! Hope its headed your way!

    4. swimmermom3


      So you are the one who has our rain. The hot spell here is unheard of.

  5. Just sent in Last Report /Assessment & LOI :) Now on to ordering for next year!

  6. We finished our first year of high school!

    1. ladyinthegarden



    2. mathmarm


      How exciting!

  7. First Day ! Wish us luck!

  8. Happy 14th Birthday to my dd ! Cant believe how the years fly!

  9. Next week at this time my baby will be 14! How did that happen!?

  10. Currently buried in a pile of papers,books & school supplies!

  11. Whewww.. Think I have just about everything set for this year!

  12. Jen,

    we are near cooperstown ..If your a baseball fan then you know where it is, otherwise.... it's south of utica 30 min, west of Albany about an hour. Not really too much around us.. we have travel 30 min to utica for movies and shopping . ;)

  13. Hi Jen.. Saw that you live in NY.. thought it would be nice to connect with others in the same state. :)

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