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  1. In terms of replacement hardware, you can usually go to the stores and they will give you whatever you need. We've moved so many times with tons of Ikea furniture (mostly shelves, but some other pieces as well) that things have gotten lost. I've never had a problem replacing hardware-type parts by walking in and asking at the customer service/delivery/warehouse department. In fact, we have a lot of Ivar that lives in the school room now--and I'm still using the bag of 1000 metal pegs they gave me for free when I had lost a few. Many of their items are designed to use the same hardware, one re
  2. Thanks for all the advice and support! I didn't take time to post yesterday, but it went fairly well. Ds hasn't had another major rage, but a few outbursts here and there. I'm beat this morning because I spent several hours with him in the middle of the night because he would not sleep alone, and was building up to an event. I laid with him on the couch and did some massage and tickling... he eventually calmed and slept. I'm going to get cracking on finding a doctor on Monday. Of course, I'm supposed to be starting work this week, at least partially. I go back to my regular full-t
  3. This is my 7yo ds... I totally agree that it isn't intentional or rational. We were actually pretty good (in retrospect) at maintaining a very calming tone and not losing our tempers as he was raging. The store was very crowded, and he was trying to overturn merchandise as well, so there was that fear he was going to hurt himself or someone other than us. I was so in the moment and focused on him that I was only peripherally aware of the stares. I think my dh is more on the same page than I thought, after talking to him for a while... he just doesn't know what we can do. I'm scared he wo
  4. I love Torchwood... but it's not for kids. It airs in Britain during the "adult viewing hours", after what we would call prime-time---can't remember what they call it there. My kids do watch some Dr. Who, but there are some episodes I think are too dark/too much for them, and we skip those. Sara Jane Adventures is great for kids.
  5. Wow, did that cover it all? Those of you who have been on the board for years know some about my oldest ds... you may remember the window-kicking incident that left him with a huge scar on his leg at age 4. He's been variously diagnosed with ADHD and SID. He is also very very bright, which complicates things. I've personally thought that he has Aspergers issues, but never had a diagnosis. Part of the problem is that no professional has taken his issues very seriously. He's been taking Strattera for the past year and a half. It has really helped the intensity and frequency of his o
  6. Me too! I always pour first (never occured to me there was any other way...), but for my own I add more syrup after when the first pour soaks in. Only real maple syrup, though. I can't stand colored corn syrup!
  7. I have a Corwin as well... my boys are Corwin Drew and Kieran Danger. Other boys names I like: Brand, Bleys, Gwyddion, Cirroc, Tor
  8. I like the full sized pages... I post them on the refrigerator, and highlight the various chores according to who they "belong" to.
  9. Here's the trick I learned with large booKs... lie backwards to compensate for the droop :-P . I put a body pillow behind me, and recline back until my bed-side-down nipple is at the right height for the baby. Before, I always slanted my body forward when I slept. Now, even though I'm no longer breastfeeding, I'm more comfortable leaning back rather than forward. My doula had to come for a visit when oldest ds was about a month old to show me how... but I would never have made it through their infancy if I couldn't sleep while nursing. Sooo much easier!
  10. Well, today was mixed. My boys spent a lot of time in the pool with me and with grandma. SIL hid out most of it. I haven't given any unwanted advice until today, even when tempted, but she was down in the kitchen complaining about not having any time to sleep, and I said that nursing while laying down and even napping might be a good thing to try... I'd show her how, if she wants. She said that she's read too many warnings about lying down with a baby, it isn't safe. So that ended that. I think she's pretty stressed out now too. She came down to dinner late, and it looked like she had
  11. We were Neilsen a couple of years ago. They took the info through our TiVO. But our letter said that we were among the first group where they were counting people who used DVRs to record shows. No diaries, just consent forms for them to get the data from TiVo. We watch NO reality TV at all, so it isn't our fault! I long for the days when I didn't know who Jon and Kate were... now, even though I find them agonizingly distateful, I have no choice but to read headlines about them at every magazine stand, grocery store checkout and on the front pages of the "news". Yuck yuck yuck. I do
  12. With a name like Balanceseeker, it's got to be good! I know you are so right. This is perfect advice.
  13. Her first. Maybe her only. For years she swore she didn't ever want children, but I think it was very important to bil. My dh was convinced that she would have a transformation when the baby was born, just be converted to a really engaged mom. Thier mom (my mil) was a dedicated SAHM, very "momly", and my dh just couldn't imagine that his sister wouldn't love parenting as much as he does. He's a SAHD, and I think he got all the nurturing genes. I think I really got hopeful on behalf of my dh as well.
  14. Hmmm... do you think I misheard? Could it be the Dr. who is second on the list, and that's not his name... she was just saying he's the "babywise" guy? Or even that he just really loves it? It wouldn't surprise me. I was starting to tune out at that point in a fit of attempted self-control. La la la la la....
  15. OK, we are visiting out in Williamsburg, Virginia. We came out for a family wedding, but mostly because my sister in law would be here with her 2 month old baby, and we haven't been able to get to Chicago to see him. Background: My sil/bil are nothing like us. I'm family oriented, stay at home, geeky, poor... they are work and success oriented, sophisticated, rich. Slobby/well-dressed, diet coke/fine wine, Christian/Jewish, fat/thin, family restaurant/$300 tasting menu, ... we are a study in opposites. It would be funny, if it weren't so constantly awkward. I was really hopeful t
  16. I look the part even when I'm not. I'm overweight, and carry it all in my belly. "Apple shaped", as they say. Pregnancy just makes me a bit more so. I frequently told people that I was pregnant, because I could easily have just been getting slightly fatter. And I have had people ask me "when are you due?" when I'm not. Sigh. The curse of roundness.
  17. I'm Kay. I live in California. Obviously I was not feeling very creative when I started posting years ago. Now I just hate to change my "persona". Most places nowadays on the net I'm RevMommy
  18. I'm honest, I will return and correct underpayments. I don't think I'm the only one... as this thread seems to show, there are lots of people out there who are honest. We've just been convinced by the media focus on dishonesty that we are not the norm. I am an inveterate forgetter of things. My purse. My wallet. Glasses. Keys. It seems like at least every couple of years I leave a wallet or bag somewhere with all my money and cards inside. I've always gotten it back--either the business I left it at holds it for me, or some good samaritan who found it calls. Once I dropped my wall
  19. Ooops... Christ first but Santa is fine, love Halloween, Easter is about resurrection and the Easter bunny knows that, tooth fairy brings $5 in gold dollars.
  20. Kay (still) in Cal... but moving from Los Angeles area to San Diego area as of Monday. Santee/Lakeside, to be exact. 38 yo. I'm a United Methodist minister. I work full time, try to be at home as much as possible, and I do the curriculum planning and board cruising, dh does most of the teaching. I've been around the boards since I was pregnant with my first, summer of 2001. Has that been 8 years already? Sheesh! Dh: Doug. 38. SAHD. Writer. We met in our youth at Johns Hopkins. He has health issues still from a serious illness four years ago. Dss: Kieran, 7 Bright, bright, bright and
  21. I love my Kindle 2 as well! I have mostly free books on mine (you can download classics off the net), but I also have lots of church leadership books, and current bestsellers. Most new books are priced at 9.99 or less from Amazon, so it is significantly cheaper than buying a hardback. Older books generally cost less. I love being able to browse and buy on the go... several times someone has recommended a book to me, I pull out my Kindle, and in 30 seconds I have the book. Ready to read! I've read several novels on it all the way through, and it is just as immersive as holding a book...
  22. Where are you visiting when you come back, for how long? Are you visiting family? Planning on seeing an WTM friends?
  23. So we are in the midst of moving down to San Diego. My sons have grown up here in the West Valley section of LA, always at the same church. Do you have any suggestions to help make new connections at our new home? Plans already: We will have a church (as I'm a pastor) with a good Sunday School. I hope that goes well, but there is stress related to being a PK as well. I'm planning on signing my older son up for Cub Scouts, there is a den that is based at the church. Younger son is not old enough yet. I think we'll be going to be using a homeschool charter next year (Dehesa Charter S
  24. Solar power can be cost effective. Let me tell you about my best friend--she lives in Pasadena. When they bought their house, they took out a 2nd mortgage to pay for the installation of photovoltaic panels. Yes, the system cost $100,000... a big chunk up front, right? However, they got significant tax breaks. They power their house (a large ranch style probably around 3000 sq ft). While their appliances are energy efficient and they use efficient bulbs, they still must use a lot of power--they have 7 computers in the office and a heated pool. Also, they power two electric cars from th
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