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    I want to learn to be laid bac, while still being a perfectionist....I hope I can get there some day
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  1. I LOVE this idea, I'm going to try to implement this with my children, I'd never thought about this, I just had an aha moment! Thank you!!
  2. Other than what I suggested in the other board: cell biology, cell physiology, biochemistry, general chemistry (1 year), organic chemistry (1 year), histology, a GOOD microscope and someone to shadow, the only other things I can think about are the math classes to prepare her for such courses. I'm also interested in other people's advice, so, would you mind sharing your popcorn while wee wait? :-)
  3. This is interesting, I got credit for the 4 lower Spanish classes! Those were the classes I CLEPed! Has anyone had a similar experience? What's the "rule," if there is such thing? Does it depend on the institution?
  4. As a biologist I'll tell you that it makes more sense to me to take biology before chemistry. Physics is it's own little world and can fit anywhere, but chemistry is better as a succession of biology because a lot of the topics you'll study there are going to have been seen in biology on a more superficial level...that's my opinion. As far as the comment that "programming, infastructures, and concept designs are vital concepts to learn," I agree, unfortunately you cannot include them in your transcript as a science course because they are, well, math! You can always offer AP or more advanced courses after biology has been studied, that's what I have planned to do with my dc anyway. Good luck!
  5. For toxicology courses in cell biology, cell physiology, biochemistry, general chemistry (1 year), organic chemistry (1 year) and histology would be VERY beneficial. I would suggest investing in a GOOD microscope from the start, as they're expensive, and it's a waste of money buying cheap ones that don't work as well knowing that at the end you'll need a good quality one anyway! Also, we biologists love sharing our knowledge with anyone willing to listen, and we also love finding new people to join our group, so find a university professor somewhere so she can audit a few classes, visit his/her lab (usually after 13th b-day) and perhaps witness an experiment or two. Toxicology is a great area, there are tons of things to learn and explore in the subject. Best of luck to you both!!
  6. All I can say is that both he cc and the university accepted all my CLEP credits with no problem. They didn't go with a value (# of credits), however, I was able to take the next level up in the classes I had tested out of, and they appeared as transferred courses in my transcript. AP courses were only accepted after the first semester at the university was completed successfully, and not all the classes transferred. What I was referring to when I said "instant credit" before was to the fact that once the institution to which you're applying accepts the CLEP courses, you can take the subsequent classes in those subjects, whereas with AP, you have to go to school for a semester, and in some cases take a test given by the department before continuing. I'm not saying that one is better than he other, I'm simply stating the differences I know first hand. It's very possible that other people had different experiences, but that is mine.
  7. Please talk to me about forever fluent, I glanced at it very quickly and didn't really get the concept. I was expecting a program, and instead found a book..... What is it exactly, and how does it help? There is a series called "Pocoyo," the episodes are short, and you can find it on YouTube as well. The series was created in Spanish, it's simple, but very cute and engaging for little ones. My dss 5 and 2 LOVE it, even my 11 yo and my dh watch it sometimes and laugh about the things that happen in the show! It's about a little boy who always has something going on, he has a few unusual friends, but it's really cute, and he Spanish is flawless. If you find it in English though, skip it, it's not that good AT ALL!
  8. I think it depends. I usually shop around online and go for the best price. Check out http://homeschoolclassifieds.com page and your local curriculum sales, lots of people what to get rid of their old stuff at the end of the year to make room for the new stuff, and they have very good prices because they just want to part with their stuff. I'm interested in other people's opinions and ideas though. Good question!
  9. It depends on the child. My ds HATED the idea of it and refused to work with it, so I have no personal experience with the program. A friend of mine used MUS for her daughter and during her junior year, after getting very poor scores on her ACT math, hired a tutor to teach her from a different program (Saxon), cramming three or four years in her jr/sr years, but again, I haven't used the program so I can't speak for it's effectiveness. All I know is that when I went over it, back when I was considering it, it seemed pretty good, but in need of supplementation, but that's just my opinion. And I didn't check into extra practice exercises or anything like that because ds simply said "no!" My advice, start it and see how your dc likes it, and take it from there. Welcome to then board and best of luck!
  10. Thank you soooo much for the ideas. I had never heard of "My First Bilingual Little Readers," but I just ordered the first one! My oldest is almost 12, and pretty fluent (he uses bju Spanish for eh grammar), but my 5 and my 3 year olds are not. I'm going to check out the other websites and series provided. I searched for other threads about the subject but came out empty handed, any ideas on how to phrase the search? Thank you for the comments, please keep them coming!
  11. Ds got it from me, I have ADD pretty badly. It's pretty hard for me to keep up with schedules, so we have routines instead, I have a million projects that I've started but not completed and I'm pretty scattered brained :-). As a little girl my teachers complained that I got distracted too easily and since my work was done before most of my peers', I was also a distraction! To this day I cannot do just one thing at a time. I fold clothes, do my homework (online master's), wash dishes and set up schedules while watching tv. I clean and shower while listening to music, books or talks on cd. I bring my crochet work to the movie theatre so I don't have to just sit there to watch a movie. I have more than 5 books in my nightstand that I'm currently reading.....I'm sure you get the idea Dh is a great doctor, but I'm glad he's not our doctor. He has great expectations from medicines, because of he great research that goes into the making of any of them. He's also aware that medicines can be double edge swords and can have nasty side effects, but he believes in trying until you find the "right one," because in his opinion it's out there and all you have to do is find it. He wasn't there to see the disasters created by the different meds we tried at first, so for him "there was visible behavioral improvement" when ds was drugged up because he only got to see the poor kid who was tired from a horrible ill day, but he wasn't the one rubbing an achy belly or cleaning up vomit from the carpet during the day! I showed dh a spreadsheet I have in the computer where he could see that by May ds will have completed 7th grade. He agreed that if in May, when we revisit the document he has indeed completed everything, he'll take it back and not insist on the ps issue. Ds cries desperately every time he hears anyone talking about the possibility of being sent there. I'm confident I'll work. I took out a few things, like Latin, and stretched out others to give us time to finish them. Dh is a kind and smart md, a great man, a dreamed husband and a wonderful father, but he's a fixer! He became an md to fix people! I'm in love with him but, unfortunately for him, I'm not in love with his tools. :-)
  12. IMO the teacher's manual is not must, but it's very helpful. The lessons get a bit harder as time progresses. We did sentences with the words learned and used them in stories as well. Good luck!
  13. We're singe plating a similar schedule for my dh, and my proposed solution was if dad is home, we're off, if dad is working, so are we. And on those days when he has to sleep, well we can do school work to catch up, and play outside. We have a 180-day school requirement on NC, and adopting my proposition we'll have plenty of time to meet the 180 days/year and have time left for vacations :-) Good luck!
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