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  1. Here's a vote for Stanley Lombardo's translations - Iliad Odyssey Aeneid!
  2. I just found this resource in the College Board AP literature section. Thought it might be a good source of essay prompts for a high school literature class. http://www.litworks.com/index.php http://www.litworks.com/bk/26/The+WordSmith+Prompt
  3. FWIW to follow up - my ds took the SAT2 World History in Dec. and scored very well. We used Glencoe's World History by Spielvogel for his homeschool class, then he studied Princeton Review and Ethel Wood's AP World History http://woodyardpublications.com/ap_world_history to review for the exam.
  4. My son worked through this book on his own over a period of about two months. On the SAT CR, he didn't miss any of the comprehension questions. It was a very helpful resource for him.
  5. My ds wants to major in math next year at college; he isn't really sure what area in math he wants to go into. None of the institutions are elite colleges where you can assume that most departments are excellent. Here are some questions I thought of but I don't know if I'm being realistic in asking. Number of undergraduate math majors: Number of undergraduate math majors graduated in 2013: %Math majors who complete math degree in 4 years: Number or % Math majors who double major: Most common double majors: Number of years to complete double major in most common double majors: Number or
  6. Ambleside has a week by week checklist for reading assignments for each year - they even have "lite" years with less reading. Maybe this would be a good lit/history/humanities curriculum that is all "checklisted" out for your ds.Also, I think a good portion of the readings are available in the library or online. I never used this but it seems very well organized and supported with a forum. http://amblesideonline.org/curriculum.shtml#years Also Bob Jones has Iowa Tests that you can administer as a home school I think. http://www.bjupress.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SearchView?type=p
  7. Here is one resource that rates the honors colleges of 50 public universities - not real detailed but a good place to start: A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs (Volume 1) Paperback by John Willingham (Author)
  8. Just note that the SAT 2 Latin is only available a few times a year - for example, May but not June.
  9. My ds took geometry with Jann in TX several years ago as a freshman. The class was well-organized, the lectures were thorough and understandable, the homework assignments were helpful for practicing the material learned, and the tests were fair and graded quickly. I thought the level of the class was geared to an average to above-average student with good study skills. Jann was always willing to answer questions from students and communicated well with me if I needed to get in touch with her. My freshman son handled this class completely on his own without my assistance. My ds generally d
  10. My daughter took the Great Books 1 tutorial with Mr. Callihan during the second semester of 9th grade to supplement public school many years ago. She enjoyed the class discussion and the readings (in college, she is a classics major). The only difficulty I had was in communicating with Mr. Callihan - he would only respond to emails in which I expressed interest in registering my daughter for a class or paying her tuition for one!
  11. My son used both Lial's Precalc and Thinkwell a couple of years ago. Lial's was his main resource. From what I remember, Thinkwell covered many of the topics at an introductory level and then the text went into more detail and had more challenging problems.I didn't have any problems integrating the videos to supplement the text - the topics lined up pretty easily. If you look at the Thinkwell site, you can find a detailed outline of the course so you can get a better idea for yourself of how you would coordinate the two resources. I used the tests in the text but my son viewed the videos and d
  12. My son is also taking the NLE 3-4 prose as well as the SAT Latin test in May. Here is a resource recommended by Kathy in Richmond which is great: Excelability in Advanced Latin (A Path to Success on Latin College Entrance and Latin Placement Examinations) [Paperback] Colakis (Author) Also have this which has a more detailed grammar review as well more specific SAT type preparation: SAT Latin Subject Test w/CD-ROM 2nd Ed. (SAT PSAT ACT (College Admission) Prep) [Paperback] Palma (Author) Both are on amazon. You will need the Excelability answer book which is purchased separatel
  13. A friend of my son said that if you are applying to university with need-blind admissions that the FASFA ordering is not important. Maybe college confidential has some info on this.
  14. Article about use of FASFA by colleges in determining admissions decisions. http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/10/28/colleges-use-fafsa-information-reject-students-and-potentially-lower-financial-aid
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