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  1. ISBN-10: 0073101699 Fourth Edition Chemistry:The Molecular Nature of Matterand Change by Martin Silberberg Also ISBN-10: 0072828439 Student Study Guide Fourth Edition
  2. Silberberg wrote an EXCELLENT gen chem text for college level chem 1 & 2 - much much better than Chang. 4th edition available on amazon for $5. Text has website with quizzes, etc. Student solutions manual and study guide available. For a highly motivated, science and math oriented student, perhaps covering chapters 1-6 would be reasonable. If you are going with a college level text, I highly recommend this one.
  3. Hey, I had a horse, too. It was a reward for years and years of loyal piano practice. Yes, WA is different. I love my friends there, but I got my mother's prairie hayfever, and spend too much time sneezing there. Love April, when the smells are out, and love Oct when the heat has broken. I grew up in Manhattan.

  4. Hi! Wound up in Kansas by way of Ohio from NJ/NY. Daughter learned to ride and even owned a horse for a while until we came to our senses. WA is quite a change from KS!

  5. Greetings! I was a ks-sunflower for the first 21 years of my life.

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