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  1. We are not hoarders. Ok we are not hoarders to the extent of the ones on tv.  I am well aware we have entirely to much crap.  I am so ready to get rid of stuff.  I want to keep only stuff that we use or truly makes us happy.

    I am more ready to get rid of stuff now than I have been in the past BUT  then I start going through stuff and thinking "what if I need this" or "well I could use this".

    A friend told me "if you can go to the store or order it.... get rid of it.  Then if you ever do need it again you can just go buy it."  But I keep thinking "what if I can't buy it again"  Dh lost his job (place closed).  He got another job but he makes WAY less.  


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  2. 8 hours ago, DawnM said:



    See, and for me, when I watch Hoarders, I look around and think, "DANG, my house is actually pretty clean!"  and then I go out for coffee......

    Sometimes I got into the "our house is looking like gotta toss stuff"   But most of the time this ? is what normally happens to me.

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  3. Some stuff for the guys in family 


    keyring screwdriver


    beef jerky

    favorite candy

    hot wheel car - hold over from younger days

    duct tape

    gloves - work or snow


    nail clippers

    gift cards


    tiny hand sanitizers

    life straw

    playing cards or card games

    bungee cords

    zip ties

    fishing stuff - lures, hooks, line etc.

    nerf darts

    phone charger

    coke - in special bottles

    word search books


    zippo or cheap lighter - no they don't smoke, wanted lighter for EDC bag

    new cords for tablet 



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  4. soror  I usually save my birthday money for house stuff too.  

    heartlikealion feel you with dh and the money.  My dh and I are not always on the same page either.  

    hjjkjk  sorry about not getting the raise

    Barbeque mom  nuts & pepperoni slices were my fall back for snacks

    I miss our bread store.  I could get some really good deals there but they closed down.

    Not sure I knew about budget bytes.  I have the page open now so I don't forget to look.  

    My stepmom just gave me a big container of yeast.  It was buy one get one and she said she only needed one.  I guess I need to try my breadmaking skills again.  I do have a 2nd hand bread machine, I need to find some recipes.

    Went to the grocery, think I did ok.   Got "real" food that goes with stuff had on hand.  Didn't buy any snacks.  I haven't been buying snacks lately. 

    Used most of dh check to pay bills.  Again I totally forgot about a bill but at least nothing got cut off this time.  I have always been on top of bills but the last few months it just slips my mind.  I have had some added stress and maybe that is why I am forgetting.  I am going back to writing it all on a calendar and marking it off when paid.  Give my brain a rest. 





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  5. Sometimes I think I did ok in September.  Other times I am I like what the heck did I buy.  Really I didn't buy anything extra.  I bought groceries and household supplies (toilet paper, soap, detergent etc. )  I even packed lunches when we had to be out at lunch time.   September is just a hard month for us.  And I don't guess it is going to get any easier the next few months.

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  6. Christmas -  I am thinking maybe fix MIL and my parents some homemade frozen dinners.  MIL could be in the single serve size containers and my parents a little bigger container.   Dollar tree has various size and shape aluminum containers.  And I could get some of the glad type bowls for soups & chili.

    Also thought about making cookie dough and freezing it in cookie portion size.  Then putting in freezer bag and giving as part of their gift.  That way if they wanted a cookie or 2 one night they didn't have to make a whole batch.

    Both sets are very capable of cooking, and do it nightly, but I was thinking that way if they wanted a night off.  

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  7. Home Again - awesome deal on hockey 

    I was thinking about Christmas yesterday and felt sick, in a panic sort of way.  Of course I was also thinking of all the things we need to get done/repaired/replaced too.  

    We were given some cooked food (leftovers from a cookout).  Ate that for several meals.   Stayed home today (that saved money).

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  8. August I definitely wasn't on my game.  Got to get back at it. 

    This morning I had a good thing happen.  Stopped in a store looking for something. They didn't have it so I started to leave. Ds2 pointed out the 2019 farmers almanac was on sale.  I always get one for my stepdad for Christmas.  I grab one thinking I'd save $1.  When I checked out the girl asked if I was a member of their reward program.  I said no.  She said, it's just your name & email and if you sign up you get $5 off your purchase.  Yeah I signed up and got the book FREE!!   Yeah it made me happy.


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  9. 15 hours ago, peacelovehomeschooling said:

    Looks like I am in the minority, I love icing!  The cake is merely the vehicle for the icing in my corner of the world.

    YES!!! Love icing!! 

    I don't eat cake/cupcakes very often. Usually family birthday parties.  Certain extended family members make faces or give me a hard time when I say I will take the extra icing left on the board after cutting cake. Yes I know it's not good for me but geez it is a very few times a year.

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  10. Y'all this year is zooming by.  I can't believe we are 1/2 way thru August already.  And I am NOT doing good, at all, on my money goals this year ?. I just keep trying.

    Major screw up this month.  I forgot to pay the water bill.  I don't remember getting a late notice. (ds2 doesn't remember either and it is usually me or him that gets the mail in). Anyway we came home other day to no water.  I had to pay the reconnect fee to get it back on.  Doubled my bill. I feel so stupid.

    Family birthday party other night.  They grilled to many burgers and bought to many buns.  They didn't want the excess and gave it to us.  Free lunch the next day and buns for a few more meals. (as sandwich or garlic bread)

    The library has been my friend (always is).  Besides books I have been using getting on ancestry for free.  

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  11. Mom's birthday was this month. I planned on giving her a bag of snacks as her gift.  Went to dollar tree and found a bunch of name brand snacks, really nice cards and a cute reusable bag (used as the gift bag) for very little money.

    Dh got a bonus check last week.  Cashed it and went to grocery before ever coming home.  Grocery was having a meat sale and he bought all he could with the check.  I had mentioned being low on meat.  He bought ground beef, chicken & pork steaks.  Nice to have meat in freezer & I didn't have to try to figure out how to stretch the grocery budget for meat.  Not to mention I didn't have to go to the store.

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  12. Hope they get your bike back!

    YAY for all the frugal wins.

    Losses -- don't stress just think about something good and move on.

    Kinda a loss kinda a win - Went out to eat with friends -spent a little money (loss).  The downtime and relaxation with these ladies (win)

    I have a bunch of math curriculum I am trying to sell cheap.  Thought I had a buyer but she backed out.I

    Wins -- home all weekend (no spending),  sweet friends gave us a bunch of garden surplus & some books I had in hold (online library) came entertainment!

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