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  1. On 12/1/2018 at 12:29 PM, mommyoffive said:

    Picked insurance and went with the expensive again instead of the HSA.  I never know if that is the right choice or not.  It would have saved us $200 a month going with the HSA, but then if you  have health issues that isn't saved.  I hate making these choices because how the heck are you supposed to know what the year will hold for your whole family. 

    I miss the days of dh having insurance through work.  Lost his job(place closed) and now working where insurance isn't offered.

    I am very thankful he has a job.  They are hard to come by nowdays but man I miss the insurance and yeah the pay too (took a HUGE pay cut with job loss)


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  2. Hope you get the interview Scrap

    Tree has been up here 2 weeks.  Was the best day to put it up as it takes forever to put up.  Big tree, old tree, individual branches to be shaped & then all the lights.  Yep takes a while.

    I like the slowing down idea very much.  Every Christmas I say "next year I am going to be better prepared, the house cleaned & gifts bought early"  Never happens. Then I stress and nearly kill myself trying to get everything done.  This year is no different.  The house is not clean, presents are not bought.  But this year I am going to give myself permission to let things slide and enjoy the season.  (ok I am still stressing about buying gifts $$ but the rest can slide)

  3. 6 hours ago, frogger said:


    We tend to skimp on all holidays except Christmas but I really need to be careful not just with gifts but food. I tend not to make desserts and drinks and such the rest of the year because I focus on purchasing nutrition only but it stinks not being able to for Christmas so I need to just have some self control but yes it's hard.


    Trying not to feel defeated.  Printer needs a new drum but at some point I would just like to buy another one. This thing is over a decade and every time we put ink in it it puffs out everywhere. I already mention the oven breaking. The hot water heater needs flushed but that shouldn't cost anything but time. The kids need a new shower head if they will ever be able to use the upstairs bath and the car has need a few different things for the engine swap  and I need to replace the windshield in my vehicle before my daughter will be allowed to take her driver's test in it. I'm seeing I will have to replace it every couple years since I will keep having new drivers and windshields last from a few days to a few months around here depending on how lucky you are. After all that we have holidays. Yikes. 


    I'm working on photobooks for the Grandparents so that's three albums. Maybe I should look around for a place cheaper than Costco. 

    sorry about all the things wrong.  I totally get it.  I have a long list like that too.

    I don't know how much books are at Costco but snapfish has been running deals.

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  4. Trying hard to cut back this Christmas.  Actually trying to cut back on amount spent on gifts but still give thoughtful wanted gifts.  Struggling with this.

    I love giving gifts but this year money is super tight. I am very stressed about some other stuff going on & add trying to find gifts. I am about to lose it. (still no clue what to get most people on my list) 

    But I did make another meal from leftovers and 1 can veggie.  So that was a basically free meal for 4.  That goes in the good category.


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  5. Wait you eat FOOD on Christmas?  I thought it was "eat candy & junk from stocking" day.

    Ok I am not that bad. We either way breakfast or supper at MIL depending on schedule of young kids with divorced parents.  Other meals for us are random whatever we can find.  Usually there are leftovers in fridge.  

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  6. Money has been slipping away left and right.  Mostly for Christmas presents and groceries but still. 

    Have gotten a few good deals.  We went shopping Friday afternoon and Saturday.  Found each ds main Christmas present.  They were with us, normally would have tried to hide it or came back etc but we were out of town.  We couldn't pass it up (saved $80) so we bought it.  They are 17 & 20 so not like ruining santa but still wished it could have been a surprise.  

    Also found some niece and nephew gifts 1/2 price.

    MIL likes the adult coloring books.  I found some really nice ones super cheap for her.

    Came home from 2 different thanksgiving dinners with quiet a bit of turkey.  Put it in the freezer in portion sizes for soups & casseroles.  Cheap meals later.



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  7. Frogger - sorry about your oven.  Some appliance stores sell scratch and dent appliances.  A lot of the defects are on the side or back and not even seen.  Things like that don't bother me so that is where we start looking.

    27 minutes ago, itsheresomewhere said:

    So the moral of the story is to not clean the oven.  Got it and I will happily suppport that. Lol


    🤣🤣 Hey I can support that too

  8. Thaw in fridge several days.  Take out of bag when ready to cook. Pull out stuff stuck in cavity. Plop bird in pan.  Rub a little oil all over bird. Pour beer in cavity. Cover with foil & bake at 325 for however long suppose to.

    Yep I go all fancy. LOL   But seriously it comes out moist and everyone likes it.

  9. 12 minutes ago, Plum Crazy said:

    Do you have to play online? We’ve only ever had Xbox and i’d Like to avoid the annual live card. The kids want to play Spider-Man, dh wants Red Dead 2 and God of War. Can those be played offline?

    I asked ds.  He doesn't have those games but thinks they can be played offline.  He said if you can see the box it will say internet required if you have to have the card.  Some games can be played both online or offline

    I know nothing about these games. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Quill said:

    I want dh to fix my reverse osmosis water filter so I can tell myself I shut one more door whereby cancer might be coming in. (Probably has no basis in reality, but to satisfy my mind...)

    I want to replace my Kitchenaid stand mixer, but I doubt that will happen this year. Mine still works but struggles with dough. 

    Beyond that, just any of the books or small items on my Amazon list. ?

    Saw this

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  11. I haven't gotten my assignment yet but I figure it will be deviled eggs & pies and maybe pasta. I just go with the flow as long as they tell me several days in advance. 

    But did find out that the family won't be celebrating on Thanksgiving day. SIL will be with her family. So we will be celebrating on a different day.  Fine with that too.  

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