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  1. Dh sold a car he has been working on (it needed minor repairs). Car wasn't worth a whole lot so not like mega bucks here. But the sale allowed us to pay a bill and dh go to the eye dr and get new glasses & contacts (no eye insurance). He was way behind on eye visit. Filed taxes, not getting back as much as I hoped. But I always hope for more lol. Dh offered last night to stop and pick up supper on the way home (using some money left from eye dr). He was trying to be nice saying I deserved a break. At 1st I said ok because I didn't have a plan for supper. Then I thought
  2. We have 3 family/friend birthdays this month. I was feeling kinda stressed over it until I realized I had 2 of the gifts already bought. YAY
  3. It's a new month! We can do this!!
  4. Snapfish, Shutterfly, Walgreens & Wal-Mart are a few places that you can do this. Upload pictures to the site then load into books and order. Can add stickers & captions or leave plain. It is up to you. Also most places run sales. You can make the album and save it until they run a good sale if not running one currently.
  5. Still mostly staying home. The one really nice day (sunshine, not to cold, no rain or wind) I went to the grocery. Didn't do to bad. A friend wanted to get together and catch up. Instead of the local coffee house I invited her over and I made 1/2 pot of coffee and she brought us each a cookie. It was a nice visit.
  6. Ds is same size as your ds. He has always had big solid thighs. He likes Wrangler relax fit flex for comfort style.
  7. Yes my taste buds have changed. Certain processed foods I use to like now make me gag. That surprises dh when it will be something we use to eat often and now I say "yuck". I find when watching food shows like Diners Drive ins and Dives I see more things I would be willing to try now than I would have in the past.
  8. Some of y'all are doing GREAT on the budget. I like seeing the menus too. Helps me remember I have such and such and can make something with it. hjffkj - yay for sneakers from a friend Mostly just been staying home. Nasty rain for days made it easy to not want to leave the house. We did leave to go to stepmoms for lunch. She was in the mood to cook and asked us to just show up and eat. Then sent us home with some of the leftover meat. I turned that into the next day meal 😉 Also went to dollar tree. I needed a card and they have really nice ones for 50c or $1. Also pick
  9. So the Proctor Silex toaster is no good? I need a new toaster and hand mixer and was considering this brand for both. Sorry about your coffee maker. Glad you had coffee this morning.
  10. I use a infrared heater in our living room. It doesn't blow direct heat but it warms the room. And I agree heavy curtains will help a lot too.
  11. Staying home all week makes for a frugal week 😉 Somewhere along the way (Christmas) I really messed up and things are super tight right now. So actually I had no money to go anywhere but this past week has also been a bad weather week so good week for staying home. Would love to go get Chinese or a pizza today but instead will focus on the fact that ds asked for a specific easy to fix meal that I have all the stuff for. Will make him happy, save money and I don't have to get out in the cold. I am thankful for a freezer & pantry full of food, heat, free books (kindle li
  12. Between ball games and hs group outings we use to do a lot of picnic style meals. I use to keep a small bag in the back of the van with a roll of paper towels, plastic utensils (kept in a peanut butter jar), paper plates (sometimes), pack of baby wipes & hand sanitizer. Also in the warm months I kept a small cooler back there with bottles of water. It just got to be a habit to dump off water and add ice before we left the house. I would freeze ice in butter bowls etc. and use that in the cooler. Ice lasted longer.
  13. Selkie it must have been in the air. I was up 1/2 the night too. Have a huge to do list but don't want to do anything. My main goal today will be straightening the house. Every room is a mess. Not a bad mess just lazy drop and go mess.
  14. Dollar Tree is where everything is $1, (or under). I like Dollar Tree. Yeah some of their stuff is super cheap and not worth a $1 but lately our DT has had some really good stuff.
  15. I wish the dollar general 5/25 coupons could be used any day of the week. I prefer to stay home on Saturday if possible. But I would like to start using them to stock up on toilet paper, detergents and such.
  16. Yep! Reading is my escape & downtime so I read what I enjoy!
  17. YAY for paying off truck! I need to remember to only got to dollar general on Saturday. I went Friday to pick up a birthday present and couple items. I could have just waited and gone right before the party yesterday and used the $5 off coupon but wasn't thinking UGH Didn't do so hot in January and so far I am doing horrible in February. Ended January going out to eat with friends and started February the same way. Then buying a birthday present and picking up food for super bowl. Gonna see if I can spend the next little bit making some February goals and a list of meal ideas
  18. Everyone is doing great! I was on such a good roll before Christmas season but having trouble getting back in gear. I remembered an idea I heard about. Get some empty totes with lids and box up the kitchen like moving (not the food). Clean the cabinets while empty. When I need an item I will pull it out, use, wash and put back in the cabinets. By the end of the month I should have everything I use in my cabinets. The article said donate the rest. Thinking about trying this with a few minor variations. Like after cleaning cabinets putting the stuff I know I use back in the c
  19. Yeah when I was growing up dad traded vehicles often. They were all used cars. Some of those if the gas hand hit 1/4 tank it meant empty. We found out the hard way. Even when I have had brand new vehicles I still don't like to get to 1/4 tank.
  20. Went to grocery yesterday for couple items. I usually buy laundry detergent there as it is same price as other stores. Detergent was $2 cheaper a jug yesterday. I bought 3 extra. Also found 2 birthday gifts for niece & nephew for $1.49 each.
  21. I do most of the laundry. I fold or hang it then yell "come get your stuff" Underwear is not folded. It is in piles to be dumped in your drawer. Mesh zippered lingerie bags are the way to go for socks. Everyone has their own labeled bag. Dirty socks in your bag every day. Zip, wash, dry. If you fold then each person socks are separated. Or the bag can be dumped or tossed in their drawer. Yeah several bags per person is even better. Kids know how and do various load of laundry when I ask, Usually when I think they need to practice more 😜 (aka I am being lazy and tell the to
  22. I am so sorry! Pizza sounds like good option tonight
  23. All the meal plans are awesome. While reading them I have remembered things I have on hand that would make another meal 😀 Last week I bought 2 hams. They were on the smaller side but super cheap per pound. I know from each ham I can get a meal, possibly a casserole with leftovers and definitely use the bone in beans. So that is good. Also had a moms get together. I spent some money to eat out but my coffee at the local coffee house was free. They have a perk program and I had built up enough points (over time) for a free large drink. Other than the moms thing I have mostl
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