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  1. Hoping next month is better than this month.  Actually I didn't think this month was as bad as the last few months but still not caught up.  It's always something.

    Will count these as wins no matter how small.

    Found list library books.

    Fathers day - dh was very happy with some candy and gum from dollar tree & 1/2 batch chocolate no bake cookies.  He has a sweet tooth & I haven't been buying or baking.  Stepdad got a pan of homemade enchiladas & the other 1/2 of the cookies. Had all ingredients to make stuff on hand.

    Used walmart grocery pick up for 1st time. Used the $10 off coupon & strictly stuck to my list. (no extras slipped in).

    Dh came in with some fresh garden veggies other day. Someone at work brought them in.  We take all veggies people want to give.  If we don't eat them I will find someone that will.


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  2. Things have been/are rough here.  BUT I am thankful for all we have. 

    Think I will do like do like BarbecueMom and focus on saving.

    Made a yummy family meal with the leftovers given to me and a few spices & condiments.

    Came home with a case of bottled water no one wanted after an event.  Have a day outing in a few weeks, will throw those in a cooler & take with us.

    Used a free slush coupon to get ds a treat.

    Stayed home all weekend.

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  3. On 4/23/2019 at 8:05 PM, Math teacher said:

    Oh I have a doughnut story. Years ago, we were going to visit dh's parents, and stopped at the doughnut shop on the way out of town. I stayed in the car, and he came out and handed me the little white bag. I looked in there and there were TWO doughnuts. I said, what you didn't get you any? He said, yeah I did.

    He had gotten us One Apiece. I was so upset!!

    1 who eats only 1 ???????

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  4. When we were looking for a van, we went to 1 dealer that kept giving us the run around on price.  He kept asking what did I want my payment to be. So with a very serious expression I told him $20 maybe $25.  He laughed.  I sat there with a straight face and said "you were only worried about what I "wanted" my payment to be so I told you."    They also kept pushing a van we didn't really care for.  We ended up not buying from them.  

    Next dealer had a van I liked and had done research on.  After test drive we sat down to discuss it with the dealer.  I had some questions (safety & motor related).  The dealer kept kinda blowing me off and turning to dh to talk.  Dh looked at the guy and said "if you are the least bit interested in selling that van you better talk to her. It will be her van and she know exactly what she wants and has done a lot of research."  That got a surprised look and an "I am so sorry"   Dealer started paying attention to me after that.

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  5. That reminds me of when I went to see about the price of a new phone.  The girl kept telling me I could get the phone for $x a month.   She wouldn't tell me how many payments it was or the outright price.  Finally when I asked "I want to purchase the phone outright today, no payments HOW much is the phone?'  She looked at me as if I had gone crazy and said "why would you want to do that? It is $x a month"   😵     I left.  

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  6. On 4/21/2019 at 7:35 AM, Carrie12345 said:

    This isn’t an actual *complaint*, but I do need to put down a mini-vent! 

    Dh is going through a lot of difficult family stuff. Though he’s been on board with all of the decluttering, he’s recently had the chance to salvage some things from his childhood home, which is a whole emotional thing for him in the midst of insanity.  So now we have MORE STUFF!!! And mostly stuff that we’d be just fine without.

    I’m not about to stop him right now, because I think it’s really helping him.  But OMG. It’s definitely stressing me out!


  7. Not doing so great here.  

    Ds1 bday is this month (presents, cake, ice cream & bday meal out),  bought both dss some new clothes, had to buy meat (been mostly eating out of freezer),  ordered some graduation stuff for ds2, ordered some graduation proofs, needed gas in the car (holy cow).   Will need to order graduation invitations and stuff and ds2 birthday is coming up too.  Oh and car tags and dr bill all coming up.  Geez.

    Good news -- the clothes I bought, I had a coupon and this store is cheaper than most.     The meat I bought was on sale and I got the photo proofs 1/2 off.  Everything still added up but at least I got some deals.   

    Going to be taking some stuff to a curriculum sale.  Hope to sell a lot.   Won't make much as most is marked cheap but anything will help.


  8. 4 hours ago, fairfarmhand said:

    Goodness. My dd ran into some Californians last year. They were shocked that she was smart and well spoken. Neither was she racist nor did she speak with an extreme drawl. And she hates country music. 

    They were amazed that she didn’t care at all about shooting guns (they were all visiting Alaska) because she could do it any time at all at home. 


    Tennessee has no state income tax.

    Moderate weather but 4 distinct seasons.

    Wonderful educational opportunities—-hope scholarship and Tennessee promise can give students a wonderful start in college. Additionally, if I recall properly Tennessee has a reciprocal agreement with regard to students who live in border counties (there are many because of the long narrow profile of the state) you can get in state tuition with the neighboring state. So since I live in a county that borders ky, my kids can get in state tuition rates to ky colleges. 

    Many more cultural opportunities than many are aware of. Nashville’s not just about country music. There are a lot of other types of music and arts there.

    And a low cost of living.

    And sometimes you can experience all 4 seasons in the same day LOL


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  9. Ds will not eat eggs either.  "Unless they are in cake or something" - his words LOL   He will eat oatmeal but doesn't really like it.  If we have it to often he will just skip breakfast.

    I have tried to hide them in things like breakfast burritos but he will taste them or see them and stop eating.   If I fix breakfast burritos his have meat an cheese and cooked diced potatoes.

    He eats a lot of supper foods for breakfast.  Pizza is his favorite.  I have been known to cook a pizza after supper and then he can eat on it the next few days for breakfast.  

    Anything on a bun is good, chicken, cheeseburger, pork chop, steak & of course sausage or bacon.  Chicken  nuggets are good.  Sometimes I cook up extra meats at supper for the next day or one afternoon I will cook some meats for breakfast.

    He also likes things like hashbrown casserole.  I make it the night before and sometimes with some form of meat mixed in.  

    I know not healthy but I try to balance it out more later in the day if he eats this for breakfast.  


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  10. I just realized this is April.  In a couple weeks will be ds birthday.  I told myself back in the fall I would NOT be doing the wild and frantic
    "flight of the bumblebee"  hiding stuff and cleaning before the grandparents came over.   I told myself the house would be cleaned out (mostly) and just have to do a quick general clean.

    Uh huh that happened.  I think I just got my swift kick in the butt to get moving.  Geez 

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  11. Yesterday didn't go as I was planned and we got home late.  I also didn't plan for supper.  We were out of bread and anything easy to fix (and I just did NOT feel like cooking and cleaning something big as late as it was).  So I ran to the close grocery and bought bread, buns & hot dogs.  Not the best supper but  cheaper than fast food. 

    Tonight I have a plan for supper.  

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  12. This weekend was fun but 😲    Some things we could have done differently (cheaper) but we really enjoyed the day.   So I will try to not stress over that money.   Also we picked up some needed items.  Cost a bit at the time but cheaper where we were than at home.  So that will count as a win.  But it is time to tighten the belt again. 

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