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  1. My dd got married last summer, and we had nothing of the sort. The person at the reception venue who helped us plan everything initially was there to oversee and supervise the entire reception. I didn't have to do anything other than be a guest. He was responsible for the staff, the food, the cake cutting, the music, etc., etc. He was not paid extra to do this. I've never even heard of the type of job you're describing, and I would expect the wedding planner to be there on the wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly. I would not pay a separate person to finish a job belonging to someone else.
  2. Yes. This. The breach most likely occurred when the healthcare worker was removing the PPE. You have to pay attention, and you have to do each step correctly. I have no idea how prepared this hospital was for this type of illness. Do they have decon showers? Is someone there making sure you are performing each removal step in the right order? Too many variables to know for sure, but it is VERY easy to do. I expect a handful of cases to result from Mr. Duncan's illness, but I don't believe it will go beyond that.
  3. They are all up on LDS.org now. So, here is Elder Holland's talk if you haven't had a chance to see it: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/watch/2014/10?lang=eng&vid=3821264213001&cid=10
  4. Yes, that's Andrea. She just got married. She is an absolute sweetheart. I'll tell my dd. They're still good friends.
  5. Huh, I know more than a few exceptional families around me doing extraordinary things. Maybe because I'm in Utah, I see more LDS people than the average, but most folks around me are not the type of family you're describing.
  6. Andrea Bell? My daughter knows her well. They used to dance together. She's an amazing young lady!
  7. I didn't see it, but was it Whitney Jensen?
  8. Is anyone else excited to see this? I can't wait. Hopefully, it will dispel some myths about who we really are.
  9. "It is more important to walk AS Jesus walked, than to walk WHERE Jesus walked." Loved President Monson's talk.
  10. The rest of my family is at Priesthood, and I am Alone. In. My. House. :thumbup: I don't know what to do with myself. :D
  11. I can't express how much I love Elder Holland. He was the most amazing university president ever when I was at BYU. He knew so many of us by name and greeted us that way every time he passed us on campus. I remember one day when I hadn't even seen him, and he called out my name and asked me how my day was going. And he really wanted to know. I loved his talk today. Loved it. I'd link it if it were up on LDS.org.
  12. Two to three weeks. And you cannot get the flu from the vaccine, it is dead. You could get flu symptoms from FluMist...that is a live, but weakened vaccine. Most healthy people will not show symptoms from it, but those with a weakened immune system could. Those who are immunocompromised, or older than 50, should not have FluMist.
  13. You know, ebola is not the only hemorrhagic fever out there, and not even close to the only one that's been transmitted by travelers to U.S. soil. Why is nobody up in arms about Lassa fever, Marburg, Hantavirus (native to the U.S.) or other types of yellow fever? Oh, that's right...because the news media hasn't beaten you into a frenzy over it with sensationalistic coverage. Other diseases in the very same category have been safely handled by health professionals in this country WITHOUT causing a pandemic...shocking, I know. And we will do the same thing with Ebola. People are panicked over something that is not going to occur. Waste your worry on something worth worrying about. Ebola is not it.
  14. I can't speak for other Christian faiths (and I do know not all Christian faiths think LDS believers are Christian), but we believe that everyone on earth will have an opportunity to learn about our Heavenly Father after death, if they did not have the opportunity during their life on earth. And then it will be their choice as to whether or not they will accept those teachings. We also do not believe in the traditional concept of hell. We feel that everyone who lived on earth, but for a very few, will receive a reward (or Heaven) which will allow them to be at peace and happy. We don't believe that there is a "one size fits all" heaven, and we very strongly believe in the concept of free agency. All people will end up where they are most comfortable, based on their faith, their life, and their own choices. In other words, if you don't want to be in God's presence, He's not going to force you. Also, we believe that people keep their same personalities in Heaven as they had on earth. If you were a big, fat jerk in life, your personality is not going to undergo a transformation simply because you died. You won't suddenly become all sweetness and light. You'll still be a big, fat jerk (the rhetorical you of course, not you personally :D ), and that factors into your final placement, so to speak. I won't clog up this thread with specifics to my theology, but if anyone has more questions feel free to ask or PM me.
  15. I'm LDS, and yes, I believe that people of all faiths will have the opportunity to go to heaven...although heaven for us is not just as "one size fits all" place. We believe, as Christ said, "There are many mansions in my Father's house."
  16. The superglue is fine. If you haven't had a tetanus shot in the past ten years, then yes, you need one. But not specifically because of this injury.
  17. Enterovirus D68 can cause paralysis in certain individuals. It is related to the polio virus. It is not polio. When it moves beyond the stomach or airways, then it can attack the nerves causing paralysis. West Nile and some other viruses can also cause paralysis, and often it's impossible to tell what the immediate cause of the child's illness is without further testing. Enterovirus is not that great at causing paralysis...it's considered a somewhat rare complication. Not like polio. Polio is a paralysis master. However, 10 children in Colorado with D68 are showing nerve damage on MRIs, and do have paralysis. Colorado Children's had over 500 kids hospitalized with D68 as of a couple of weeks ago. Here in Utah, we've had over 100, but I haven't seen any paralysis yet. We are being very vigilant. The problem is that the nerve damage is permanent. Physical therapy is a huge help, but once the damage is done, it is not reversible, and the child will have some degree of permanent paralysis as a result of the illness. Enterovirus D68 is very contagious, and spreads easily and quickly among children. And it is a much bigger problem for the US population than ebola is or ever will be.
  18. We're exposed to a million different illness every single day. It's part of the job. We do it willingly. We are professionals, and we are here to help those in need and to heal them as best we can. It is not sad. We love what we do.
  19. This type of situation tends to be a huge trigger for those who suffer from health anxiety disorders. People who have that tend to focus on the most unlikely disease scenario, and ignore the things that are 1000 times more likely to kill them. I have zero worries about ebola in this country. A pandemic of it is not even on my radar. What will be a problem will be the people headed to the ER with flu symptoms who now think it's ebola. People who have never been anywhere outside of their city and have had no contact with someone who has, will be convinced their ordinary cold is ebola. And since we're already overrun with enterovirus D68...I'm not looking forward to it. So far, all of our patients in Utah have only had breathing distress, but 10 kids in Colorado now have paralysis involvement. And that doesn't resolve completely. That's my main worry when I'm at work.
  20. A rapid strep test is an antibody test. They don't always come back positive, because if you do it too early, your body hasn't had time to make antibodies against the strep bacteria yet. The throat culture is to see if the actual strep bacteria grows. That is checked every 24 hours for up to three days.
  21. If your son is ever interested, Ballet West has an excellent summer intensive here in Salt Lake.
  22. It does get easier as they get older. Girls start dropping out around 14 or 15, because they discover boys, or they find that their talent level has not grown to what you need to be a professional. So the classes are smaller and more focused toward a career in ballet. Also, once your dd can drive, you're home free! I was so happy when that happened. My dd's professional school went from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM, M-F, plus extra evenings and weekends for company rehearsals if they were in the middle of a production. It was an hour commute round-trip, so when I no longer had to do that, I was cartwheeling with joy. :D
  23. My dd performed Nutcracker at Ballet West as a student for years. It was very professionally run, and it's a beautiful show. That's the production where parents were not allowed backstage at all for any reason. I was all in favor of that rule. :D
  24. And one of my most favorite things when dd became a professional ballerina (well, besides the pointe shoe allowance, because that was my MOST favorite thing)....I don't have to be backstage at another Nutcracker performance EVER!!! :hurray: Although we did luck out when she was a child performer with a professional company...union rules forbid parents from being backstage, and you were definitely not allowed to dress your child (or even touch the costume), or help with their make-up or hair. I much preferred that to a ballet school performance, where you had to do everything. For days on end, with no food or sleep. *shudder*
  25. Oh, absolutely! And the professional dancers will give the audience the best show they can possibly give them. As any professional in the entertainment industry should do...if they want to stay employed. It's just that they would rather be dancing something else. Particularly on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. That's hard, but if they want to be performers, they'll pay the price. With a smile on their face.
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