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  1. Motrin is an anti-prostaglandin and is a miracle worker for menstrual cramps. Have her take 600-800 mg every 5-6 hours (3 or 4 (200 mg) pills). That does the trick for most people. No more than 2400 mg in 24 hours. Diane W.
  2. We love NOEO science. It's been so much fun for my third grader. The teacher's manual is clear and easy to follow. It uses real books which are engaging and fun to read, and it also includes experiment kits. The supplies for other experiments are things you commonly have in your home. We've really enjoyed "Chemisty 1" this year. Diane W. Homeschooling for 16 years (whew!) DS 19 (graduated) DD 16 (junior year) DS 9 (3rd grade)
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