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  1. Oh, and this family makes the cutest, most fun, Disney family vacation videos. This is their most recent one, but watch them all. It'll give you a sense of what it's like. More freaking fun than you can handle!! LOL Sorry, no video. Violates the rule for posting copyright content.
  2. Oh, and we went all the time when my youngest was a baby. We put him in the baby backpack carrier and took him everywhere. We baby switched at the major rides, and it worked fine. There are also baby centers in every park (the one in Magic Kingdom is especially lovely), with a room for nursing moms, high chairs, changing tables, etc. I visited multiple times a day.
  3. End of May is a little better....as long as you avoid Memorial Day weekend. The beginning of May is our favorite time to go. Our preferred times to visit in order are: 1st Week of May, early March (before Spring Break), October, early December (before Christmas break), and February (not President's Day weekend). There is a price differential between the more crowded times (summer and holidays), and the rest of the year. Notice how I NEVER go in summer. Free dining is not worth the crowds and humidity to me. If you stretch out your vacation to five days in the parks, you can have a somewhat leisurely time, and enjoy it. Three days is too short...you'll be trying to cram everything in and it won't be fun. My absolute minimum time for a vacation at WDW is 8 days. We usually go for 12-14 though. That allows us to relax and make it a real vacation. Oh, and we still can't see or do everything in that amount of time. We pick and choose, and save some things for later. Since this is your first time, I would suggest staying at Port Orleans. It's my favorite "moderately priced" resort. Beautiful setting, great pools, comfortable rooms, and a lovely theme. Here's a website solely dedicated to this resort. They also have special princess themed rooms that your dd will love (for a little extra $) http://www.portorleans.org/ You'll need to decide if you're interested in the dining plan. We always get it for convenience sake. We get the plan that allows 1 table service, 1 counter service, and 1 snack per day. That is more than enough food. I also bring things like granola bars, instant oatmeal, cold cereal, and poptarts (hey, it's vacation time, lol), etc. for us to eat in our room if we want to eat a quick breakfast and get to the parks by rope drop (which I also highly recommend). For restaurant and food information check out http://www.allears.net/ and http://www.disneydining.com/ Both excellent resources with menus for each restaurant, as well as reviews. You will need to make your dining reservations 180 days in advance if you want to guarantee you'll get the choices you want. We can help you with that when you're ready. As far as tickets go, I always get Park Hoppers. I like the flexibility, and it only adds around $55 per ticket for the length of your stay. I also add the Waterparks and More option. If you think you'll want to spend the day at one of the water parks, it's great. And they're a blast! Go to https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/ and browse through the different hotel options and price them out. Of course, the deluxe hotels are the best, but they are pricey. Totally worth every penny, though. Moderates are great, and we've never had a problem with certain value resorts either. It's all up to you. Also forgot to add that at 10, your dd is a Disney "adult", so be sure to figure in adult prices for tickets and meal plans for her, not the child's price.
  4. Oh my word! They should have given you antibiotics and sent you home until the infection was gone before they did the extraction. A good dose of clindamycin would have had you feeling much better in 48 hours. THEN they could have numbed you properly.
  5. Food & Wine is AWESOME!!! And I don't drink. LOL So, it's Food & More Food for me. It's so much fun, and you and your dh will have an absolute blast. DO IT!!
  6. 1.) Don't go in summer. 2.) Are you going to Disney World or Disneyland? 3.) What is your budget? 4.) Three days is not enough if you're going to Disney World.
  7. My college son still living at home pays for his auto insurance, his cell phone, and anything else he wants that doesn't include food. We pay for his food, and we don't charge him rent. My teens all buy their own clothes once they're around 14 or 15. We'll buy them the basics, but I'm not going broke buying a trendy teen wardrobe (that was my dd...I did not finance trips to Hollister with her friends every weekend). I still pay for health insurance, but if they go to the doctor's office, they pay the co-pay (once you hit college age or older) and prescription costs. They bought and paid for their own vehicles, and they maintain them as well. I do not believe in coddling kids when they reach adulthood. Working and earning their own way early in life is good for them. And it prevents them from becoming a 26 year old waste of space living in your basement.
  8. Well, you know what I find irritating? It's that kids (and I use that term loosely) think that it's perfectly acceptable to back out of an invitation you've RSVP'd to if something better comes along. I was always taught that to do that was rude. You've already accepted the first invitation, that's where you're going...no matter what else comes up. And, on top of that, kids also have no problem telling the first host that they got a better offer. I've heard teens (and college age kids) say to one another, "Yeah, sorry, I was going to come to your house, but then Suzy decided to have a sleep-over, so I went there instead." :huh: :ohmy: As my grandmother would say, "Were you raised in a barn???" Get some manners people. Read an etiquette book.
  9. They are waiting to see if they get a better offer. If they don't, and they're bored, they'll show up. If they do get a better offer, they won't. They don't want to commit to your invitation, because they don't want to commit to coming to your party. Not sure anything you do or say will change their behavior. Although if you tell them they're being rude, they'll most likely decide to skip any future events at your home. Since these are your dd's friends, and she appears to be in her mid-teens, I would let her handle these parties completely on her own. Also, if I received a party invitation from a 15 year old at age 22...I most likely would not come. The age difference is too great at that point in their lives. And FWIW, I think their behavior is completely rude and inconsiderate, but I don't think you're going to change it. So I guess you have to decide if it's worth the stress or not.
  10. Not trying to discourage anyone from CrossFit, but just a little word of warning. We had this happen here in Utah. It's awful, and there's nothing you can do to fix it. Please do not overwork your body beyond its capacity. It is extremely dangerous. NOBODY should feel like puking during a workout. That is too much. https://medium.com/health-fitness-1/97bcce70356d
  11. I second the Nature's Miracle and the Kilz.
  12. Birth control is one of the best solutions for this in teenage girls. Simple, cheap, and does the job very quickly. Why is she opposed to bcp?
  13. Liberty Tree Tavern in MK for lunch. Artist's Point in Wilderness Lodge (2 table credits, but worth it) 50's Primetime Cafe in HS for fun. Tusker House in AK for a character breakfast buffet. Via Napoli in Italy. Garden Grill in The Land Epcot 'Ohana in the Poly. Kona Cafe in the Poly for breakfast. Yak & Yeti sit down in AK Be Our Guest for dinner in MK We eat at one sit down restaurant per day at WDW. It gives us a much needed break, and we always love the food and the atmosphere.
  14. Nope. I don't bag bananas or melons. They have skins, and the fruit is protected. I only bag produce that needs to be weighed together.
  15. Prime is like crack to me. The price would have to increase a whole lot more for me to even consider going without. Just the amount I save on shipping Christmas gifts alone is totally worth it.
  16. When my dd was that age it was Aeropostale, Hollister, American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M, Anthropologie, and a bunch of others I can't remember. LOL
  17. Depending on what your child needs as far as braces go...it's a minimum $4,000-$5,000 for the basic, no-frills, needs braces for 18 months with no other complications in her mouth. If she needs a palate expander, chains, headgear, etc., it could be a whole lot more.
  18. We've stayed on the strip with our kids multiple times, and it was fine. And I'm a Mormon who doesn't drink, smoke, or gamble. We went to Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, M&M world, and Coca Cola World, as well as the King Tut exhibition at the Luxor. We only stay for one night on our way back and forth to Disneyland.
  19. Have them do a CBC to rule out the scariest possibilities quickly, then go from there.
  20. Yep, $10 or so per day, depending on how many cats and litter boxes you have. It's an icky job. I have cat sitters when we're on vacation, and it costs me a bundle. I have three litter boxes and they come twice a day to feed, water, and clean. So I usually pay $200- $300 for the week. It would cost me a ton more to board them.
  21. The OP seems to have said that this is a major corporation. His local boss will not determine his salary. The HR department can legally differentiate between employees that have a college degree and those who don't and pay them accordingly. As long as he does not have a degree, he will be less valuable to this corporation than those who do. No matter what his age. It doesn't look good on paper to only show a high school diploma. And he is NOT indispensable, no matter what his boss says, or no matter what they are telling him to make him feel good. Nobody is. That's just the cold hard facts of the corporate world. And I would bet a million dollars that his boss would not quit if the OP's husband left. That's nonsense. They're trying to placate him, and string him along. He needs to get out of there.
  22. If he doesn't have a college degree, and his colleagues do, that is a justifiable reason for his salary being lower. Perhaps he should consider taking classes at night. Otherwise, he needs to find another job.
  23. I love DST! It makes me supremely happy to have that extra hour of daylight at a time when it's actually useful to me. So I am always happy to move my clock forward each spring. :D
  24. Not rude. Unless there is a recovering alcoholic at the party, or you are pushing alcohol on those who do not choose to drink. Otherwise, who cares?
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