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  1. My kids have their doors closed, I have mine open an inch or so so the cat can hook it open and come and go as she wants. She's incredibly noisy if she can't go exactly where she wants at night. My preference would be for a closed door and complete darkness and when we get pets in the future I probably won't let them in bedrooms at night, I've learnt my lesson. Our house is cold upstairs because we don't heat it at night and don't have any heating up stairs anyway. Just whatever rises. We all prefer it that way unless it's an unusually cold winter. My son's bedroom gets very cold but he runs very hot so it suits him.
  2. I'm another that used to grow African Violets and enter them in shows. I had quite a lot of plants in my late teens. I don't remember them being particularly difficult to grow and didn't have problems with crown rot or bugs but it might just be a different climate where I am. It was damp but not draughty in our house. Maybe it's just the stock here copes with that better. Also I used to have a massive tray of gravel that they sat on rather than individual under pot trays so they were pretty free draining. I haven't thought about them in years, I might get some more.
  3. We have a 2014 Samsung smart tv. You can't download from anywhere other than the Samsung app thing. If you have a similar model to ours then you can cast to the tv easily from apps on other devices over Wi-Fi. The tv asks permission the first time from a new device. It requires no other setting up on our tv.
  4. My 13 yr old sleeps 10-12 hours if left to wake naturally which she mostly is.
  5. I've met quite a lot of famous people but mostly due to the field my husband and I worked in. Some people were great and some people were unpleasant, same as anyone else you might meet. These days I'm not really into meeting the famous people that I admire or find interesting so I don't seek out opportunities to do so and don't bump into people by accident.
  6. I think it's a nice name but really common were I am. At one stage about a 1/3 of my adult female friends were called Sarah, another 1/3 were Rebecca spelt or shortened various different ways and it would get a bit confusing when referring to people.
  7. I thought it was dull and that disappointed me. It also didn't feel right, lacked a star trek feel.
  8. When I was at school a kid died playing rugby. He died pretty quickly from what I remember. I don't think he lived long enough to receive any medical help.
  9. I don't make a pot of tea that often these days. Generally I make tea in mugs for however many people want tea. I usually only have Yorkshire or one other brand that tastes very similar and I default to that. I might have some herbal in the house from time to time if people want that but the bags get old since they don't get used.
  10. My eldest got a basic phone at 12. It got upgraded to a smart phone after about a year. We are in a very patchy area for signal so it limits usage somewhat but she uses it on the Wi-Fi at home a bit. It's been handy to have from a practical point of view and she keeps in touch with a couple of friends via apps which I like.
  11. I once sharpened a huge pile of pencils, put them point up in a desk organiser then leant over it to grab something and managed to pierce my wrist with one of the freshly sharpened leads. Right in one of the very visible blood vessels, there was copious amounts of blood and I still have a mark several years later. Has made me very wary of sharpened pencils. I also badly sprained my ankle texting while walking. Fell in a hole in the pavement. Felt a total idiot. It was a bad sprain and took several months to heal. I now stand still to text or check my phone.
  12. We don't do masses. Our winters are usually more wet rather than snowy but we do get snowy winters every few years. We mostly get stuck in the house because of ice in a normal winter since we live on top of a hill but even then it's usually for a day or two max. I tend to bulk buy pet food and other basics if we're likely to get a bad winter. Sometimes shops can get a bit empty when it's really icy because delivery lorries have to cross moorland roads to get here but it usually only lasts a couple of days.
  13. From the Cam & Dursley railway station you could easily do a day trip into Bath.
  14. Yeah you are right I thought I'd get it wrong.
  15. Arrival at airports is still usually 2 hrs, sometimes 90 minutes. I have been on flights that you could arrive later but they were always tiny one or two room rural airports. Edited. Because I got it wrong.
  16. I find it more temperamental than broccoli or kale to grow, they're not fans of swings in temperature or moisture.
  17. Flipbook is another option. It's not free though the most basic option isn't too pricey. https://digicel.net
  18. My FIL is very unfriendly and unwelcoming to the point that I decided to avoid him a few years back. My husband seems to not see how difficult it is but he grew up in the dynamics that I see as wierd so maybe it's normal for him. I can totally see how things can be only subtly or moderately difficult in the moment but still be a major problem. We had profoundly different home atmospheres which is a major part of it. I wish I had seen it as a warning sign years back but I didn't realise it. Our kids haven't seen FIL in ages because I can't cope with taking them.
  19. Looks like my Panasonic breadmaker has been replaced by a new model. Ours is 7 years old. So you would need to check reviews of the new ones to see if they beep loudly.
  20. We have had 2 Panasonic breadmakers. They are great. The one we have only beeps briefly at the end of the program. Its not loud. I usually don't hear it.
  21. I prefer android massively. I've got an LG G4, great phone with a very good camera but I think there are at least 2 models since. I like that with Android you have such a range of options. The phones all vary so much so you can chose a basic one or a fancier one or something in between, you're not tied to the premium end. Also iPhones here are all tied to very expensive tariffs making owning them an expensive choice that doesn't gain you anything extra really.
  22. Typically, major battery/charging issues, the phone getting sluggish or some major accident that's not worth repairing. My current phone is doing really well at 18 months old but it had most of its innards changed uber warranty last year. I won't be upgrading for some while.
  23. I can write legibly with my left hand but it's slow. I normally write with my right hand. I have some cross dominance though so I think it's played into having a bit more fine control in my left hand because there are some things I do left handed. My mum is left handed but was forced to write with her right hand and she's ended up close to ambidextrous.
  24. I love the Smeg fridge look but I'd not buy one just for the look. I have 2 fridges one tiny one under a counter in the kitchen and a taller one about the same height as that smeg one in our utility room. None of our rooms can accommodate a huge fridge but I can see the attraction, they're still quite uncommon here in the UK. I hate combination fridge freezers though, I've never met one that wasn't a bit of a nightmare.
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