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  1. I hate egg yolks though do use whole eggs in baking. My sister had an egg intolerence when growing up ( also couldn't eat meat fats or full fat dairy or butter) so it was really rare for any of us to eat eggs other than in cakes. As a result I just can't get to grips with the taste of yolk, its so raw and icky. I would usually just give my yolk to someone else in the family but I know cats like them too.
  2. A couple of freinds of mine use belladonna homeopathic remedy for those brain exploding type headaches. I have cut and posted this from a Homeopathy website , you might find it useful. Arnica / Headaches resulting from head trauma. Belladona / Right-sided headaches and migraine. Associated symptoms include throbbing pain, reddened or hot skin, cold feet and hands. Bryonia alba / Remedy for pulsating throbbing centralized near or into the left eye. Symptoms include early morning headaches and dry mouth, disturbed by noise and movement. China / Headaches resulting from dehydration, weakness or anemia. Cimicifuga / Migraine and throbbing headache. Symptoms include headache associated with the menstrual period, stiff neck pain, and feelings of gloom or despair. Cocculus indicus / Headaches or Migraine resulting from worrisome behavior or insomnia. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Cyclamen / Migraine associated with dizziness, blurred or dimmed vision, or eye spasm. Symptoms include earache, dry mouth or thirst, and weakness. Sensitivity to cold or open air. Emotional upsets. Gelsemium / Symptoms include headache associated with blurred vision, sensation of tight band or vise clamped around skull, frequent urination, and difficulty holding head straight or opening eyes. Ignatia amara / Ice pick headaches and stress headaches. Symptoms include back or muscle spasms and feelings of grief, disappointment, or sadness. Iris versicolor / Treats headaches or migraine that typically comes during the weekend or during rest periods. Remedy for Migraine with aura. Lachesis / Left-sided Migraine. Symptoms include congestion, hot flashes, flushed or blotchy skin, and heat intolerance. Natrium muriaticum / Treats pounding headache pain. Relieves stress-headaches related to eyestrain, too much sun, grief, disappointment, or sadness. Nux vomica / Treats tension headaches, hangovers, toxic headaches from noise or scents. Ranunculus bulbosis / Treats headaches triggered by weather change (specifically before storm occurs). Sanguinaria canadensis / Remedy for headaches that are centralized into the right eye. Symptoms include eyestrain, vomiting, and sharp or splitting head pain. Sepia / Treats headache centralized in left forehead or above left eye. Symptoms include nausea and vomiting. Spigelia / Left-sided headaches. Symptoms include heart palpitations or other heart issues, stiff neck and shoulders.
  3. yep its an odd one that i can't quite my head around. Its hard to know whether to keep plodding or change, but since my dd is struggling with basic (well seems basic to me) stuff I think I need to do something.
  4. We are pretty much at the point of giving up MEP, for the time being anyway. My dd is around yr 1 lesson 82, she was 6 a couple of weeks ago. The thing I am finding is she understands the word problems and can extract the information from them and is understanding all the more than/less than stuff, but is finding really basic concepts like addition and subtraction just beyond her without me telling her every move. She doesn't seem to be really gaining an understanding of basic maths or how to solve the problems. I can talk things through with her and get her to find answers but if I ask her if she understands what we just did she is clueless. I think Reception is too basic for her though as we did something similar a while ago when she was 4 & 5 and she found it fairly easy going. It rather surprised me when she didn't fly with MEP. I know she doesn't see the patterns in numbers but as we are pretty certain she is mildly dyspraxic it may have something to do with that. We use a number line and lots of manipulatives and number cards. I am thinking of trying Math u see as it seems like she would be able to get to grips with simple things like addition with out jumping all over the place. Maybe returning to MEP in a year or so as it would be an easier program for us to be on as she can work to GCSE level without a change in curriculum.
  5. Sounds like my 2 yr old. He was awake 18 hours in one go one day last week. He woke up at 2am and went to sleep at 10pm. Not sure what to do to change it I think that some people just aren't sleepers. I am just thankful though that he is better than my brother who only slept 5 hrs a night, night in night out (he is still a limited sleeper as an adult). My only hope is that he will level out like my dd6. She was a dreadful sleeper up to age 4 when she sorted herself out and now sleeps about 11 hours a night. I think that kids that don't sleep much are just different and no amount of sleep training helps them.
  6. Piercing ears and earrings totally freak me out. I would say my dd will have to be 18 and make that decision as an adult. I don't have my ears pierced and never would. Its not common here to see girls with earring before about 13. Very very rare to see babies with pierced ears. However I doubt my dd will ask for a very long time, she is so hypersensitive to any level of touch that even brushing her hair or cutting her nails is extremely stressful, I think the whole idea would be off putting to her and she hasn't mentioned it so far.
  7. I live in the UK and automatic cars aren't that common really. Mostly just on cars for the disabled and I have it on noticed on MPVs and Mini buses recently. There is a separate licence if you only want to learn automatic so you can't drive manual unless you retake your test. My friend has just realised how limited she is as she only has an automatic licence and will imminently be car less when she looses use of her nearly ex-husbands automatic car. Cheap second hand automatic cars just don't exist so its going to be a while until she can get something or afford to take her test again. I think its worth learning to drive manual even if you only use it for emergencies and holiday rentals. I must admit I find diesel manuals easier to drive than petrol ones but don't know enough about cars to know why that is. They just chug along regardless of how bad a driver I am, or how un-coordinated I am that day.
  8. yes it was elopement I guess but in the midst of having a wedding day and venue booked somewhere else so kind of didn't feel so spur of the moment as it could have done, we had been planning a wedding of some sort for ages, just not quite that one. But such a wonderful experience and the relief at not having to please everyone else was great. Jukkasjarvi is an incredible place to get married.
  9. My dh and I had a destination wedding. We got married in northern Sweden at the ice hotel. The actual wedding was planned in a weird whirlwind after having spent the previous 6 months trying to plan a wedding to suit everyone and just not being able to financially manage it without so much debt it would have crippled us. We also had the added stress of having quite socially awkward families. Overall it worked very well. We suddenly came across an option of getting married abroad and it so happened that there was an opening about 4 wks later. We were away about 5 days and got married about day 3. No one knew we had gone and it was very exciting to come home and tell every one. 6 months later we had a blessing and a huge relaxed party/BBQ for our family and friends and it was just the best day. So relaxed and fun. My mum was ever so slightly miffed at not being let in on the secret but later said it had all worked out for the best. Over all the cost was massively cheaper for the foreign wedding, blessing and party vs the full formal family wedding. About a 1/5th of the price and we were able to afford to pay for a few people to come to the party who would have found it hard to attend else. The only time I think a destination wedding is a bad idea if you expect other people to come. Unless you are wealthy enough to pay for everyone or you know they would definitely able to afford it is a bit weird.
  10. Have you heard of salt anti-persperant / deodorant . It smells of nothing at all.
  11. Sounds like too much rinse aid. If you don't add it yourself then its probably in the soap and the formula has changed. Sometimes when I refill the dispenser or set it wrong we get too much in a load and it things come out with a sort of cloudy white coating on them. You can taste it if you use a glass but it does wash off if they are re washed. It does look dusty. Probably just changing soaps will help. We use one that doesn't have it in and just add it seperately.
  12. I am in the UK. Its really easy to buy low sugar + salt and organic baked beans too. We tend to have a big fry up if we are having a big day, travelling all day or just doing a lot. But it only happens a few times a year. It would be bacon, eggs, sausage, fried or grilled tomatoes (either fresh or tinned), fried mushrooms (in butter not oil), occasionally fried bread or mashed potato left over from the previous day. Its a meal that keeps you powered right through the day but its very fried and all done in a big pan normally so the flavours mingle. At other times a cooked breakfast would be an omlet or something else eggy. We have porridge several times a week. My mum remembers her family cooking huge quantities of bacon every morning for all their farm workers. In general we buy organic dairy and fruit and veg as we can. Organic flour for home made bread if I can find it and whatever else we can afford but not everything is organic. Organic veg and fruit is fairly affordable now but not always available. Our supermarket does nice local free range chickens that we buy nearly every week they cost about £6. They end up making 2-3 meals. We have just got back into buying beef and organic beef or local grass fed is very expensive but worth it for a treat. Other than that we just buy simple unprocessed foods as much as possible and try to avoid sugar. One thing I stopped buying in pursuit of a healthier diet was flavoured yogurt. I buy or make plain and add fresh or frozen fruit. There was so much sugar in the flavoured stuff even the supposedly healthy organic kids yogurt. The unhealthy stuff creeps in around the edges but not in any huge quantity.
  13. I wish I had spent more time on practical skills and gross motor skills from birth really. My dd is mildly dyspraxic and had dreadful balance and co-ordination, her and her limbs seem pretty disconnected. Her fine motor skills are fine if not a little ahead. I think school type stuff could have waited a bit especially as she is a naturally academic type. She is only 5 though so its something we are in the process of sorting. I have had a real lights on moment this last couple of weeks. I think as I come from a family of dypraxics i couldn't see the areas that I needed to work on as we are all like her.
  14. We are in the UK. My general experience of NHS GPs is pretty negative. They often seem too busy to care. They don't have a great deal of time allotted to each patient. When we lived in London it was very hard to even get appointments unless you were seriously unwell. Its better here in Devon but you can still wait a couple of weeks though they try and see young children quickly. The system of health visitors is pretty terrible, i don't know another mum who doesn't think their health visitor is useless, we stopped using their services. My experience of hospital has been a lot better, the doctors there were helpful and efficient, my son has a few health issues and it hasn't been as much of a struggle to get help as I though it would be. Our only trip to accident and emergency with my son when he was one, was a good experience (as much as it could be). We were dealt with very quickly. The only department that I found a huge disappointment in hospital was the maternity department which was just plain awful. Understaffed and just about everything that could be broken was (lights, bed, gas and air tube, and other things) and it was far from clean in some areas. I couldn't wait to get out of there. It was a completely different experience to my first home birth attended by lovely community midwives and with home visits from the doctor as needed. Even with the bad bits of the NHS, knowing it is there to use for free whenever we need it, particularly for my kids, is great. I think the preventative care elements are good and my mum has made use of lots of these programs. I have come to the conclusion that NHS dentists are only any use for check ups and we are starting to favour private dentists if anything actually needs doing. My son has some dental problems and getting a referral to a special care dentist has been hard and slow and because the regular nhs dentist pretty much refuses to do anything other than look, I have had to fill in the gaps with private dentists to stop things getting worse as best I can. I think the NHS is a system that needs you to be pro-active.
  15. I posted this on your other thread but incase you didn't see it try St john's wort oil. It really helps. As I said before my dh gets shingles and we only treat it with this. It will massively help the pain/itching and helps it clear up faster. Just apply a couple of times a day to the lesions.
  16. Hi My husband gets shingles regularly every time he gets seriously stressed, maybe once a year. Anyway, My advice would be to track down St John's Wort Oil- a good quality brand. Then dab it on the lesions, it makes a significant difference to pain and the length of time the lesions are there. My husband has been using it since about his second bout of shingles and its a very easy thing to have on hand to help yourself. His symptoms appeared on monday and treated straight away and today its obviously helped to knock it on the head. Though he could do with a few days off.
  17. There are costco and others like that in the UK but you usually have to either run a business or work for certain larger businesses to get a membership. For example my friends husband works for BT and they automatically get a membership and I have been with her but I couldn't just walk in on my own. There are lots of discount places like Aldi and Lidl where you could easily bulk buy. Also I have friends that bulk buy organic and fairtrade products as a group from a co-operative called Suma. I think there are others companies that do this too.
  18. My kids can have snacks whenever they like but generally ask mostly because of their age. I tend to find snacks are an important part of our diet. I just choose them really carefully. I have two skinny kids who appear to survive on fresh air at times. Whilst the eldest is now getting into her meals and will eat 80-90 % of most main meals its is only a recent thing. Prior to that my eldest had no apetite and looked so skinny she is now on the slim side of average. My 2 yr old eats very little. If we have snacks little and often they are are happier and generally more willing to sit down to a meal. We basically don't have any sugary treats on a day to day basis but have things like nuts, no salt crisps, vegetable crisps, veg, cheese, home made yogurt, bread and butter, fruit like apples and bananas, rice or corn cakes and hummus/soft cheese. We do have days when we have cake or chocolate or ice cream or something, but its not the mainstay of our diet and we don't often have pudding. I don't ever buy soda for having at home I might have it out of the house but the kids never do. I only buy fruit juice for birthdays. Its nice to have those treats but not at the core of your diet especially not for kids with small appetites. My son has a problem with his enamel, its not formed properly, so we avoid things like fruit juice, dried fruit, sugar etc.. Its made realise how harmful sugar and acidic food can be and how skewed a lot of the ideas I had about healthy snack food was when my daughter was tiny. Everyone I knew used to give their toddlers dried fruit and fruit juices as a staple and a lot of childrens food here is sweetened with apple juice. It can be expensive, nuts are really pricey at the moment. But then so are pre packaged snacks. I usually go shopping once a week but would top up if I have forgotten something critical.
  19. Hi We are about half way through yr 1 with my 5 yr old (6 in May). They do suggest different manipulatives and we use coloured lolly sticks (from a craft store) occasionally but mostly use crystal tumble stones and snap cubes. The tumblestones are really cheap from places like ebay and we have them in different colours, they have also been useful for categorising in science. Mep do suggest making collections of things, shells would be a good one. We live in the UK so yr 1 is the yr my dd would be in at school and the Mep levels do seem to be pretty accurate for her ability. As far as I can figure yr 1 in the uk equals the last yr of K. She finds it challenging but acheivable so you may find your 4 yr old could go into yr 1 without doing reception.
  20. Alcohol wipes worked on my sharpied tv the other day. Surgical spirit works on a lot of things, i guess thats the same thing.
  21. Hi we live in Devon but my husband lives and works in Bath during the week so we spend some time up there. I haven't come across many people following classical education approach outside of our immediate area. Here there are a cluster of a families using the well trained mind to different extents. We use it as a spine to our home education and follow some areas more closely than others. I have often found getting the resources difficult in UK as postage can be too high from the USA or things are just not available. We use First language lessons, story of the world as well and plan to start Writing with ease soon too. my kids are 5 and 2 (at the end of feb) Have you been in touch with the home ed group in Bath, they might be able to give you more local info.
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