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  1. Just fell up the concrete steps in my garden, ouch! nExt time I'm going to fally like a toddler, go all floppy. See if it hurts less.

    1. Dana


      I think them being closer to the ground makes a difference too. Feel better!

  2. I couln't sleep last night because the Owls outside were super loud. Now i'm so tired.

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      Way cool, tho! We have an owl. We only see her on Sundays.:-) Absolutely silent when she flies!

  3. What is it with people who bid frantically for stuff on ebay and then don't pay for them. It's so annoying!

  4. Crikey I'm tired. I think its the broad daylight at 4am waking me up everyday. My blackout blinds are not very effective.

  5. Urghh! I think I'm gonna stop planning nice group get togethers with friends. I'm sick of being told yes they can come a couple of weeks out only for them to double book themselves anyway. Total waste of my time.

    1. Sparkle


      I'm sorry, I hate that too. I had to stopping planning get-togethers for the same reason.

  6. Eating fish and chips on a lovely British summer evening.

    1. nmoira


      Mushy peas?

    2. lailasmum


      yes most definitely.


  7. Just getting worried that my newly regassed car air con wasn't working to realise I hadn't turned it on. Durrrr!

    1. scbusf


      We had the same problem a few weeks ago. We replaced the compressor last summer. All of a sudden, it wasn't cooling ...... I was panicking. Turns out DH had turned it off by hitting the button with his knee!!!

  8. My son just ran into me shouting emergency, emergency, asked him what the problem was, apparantly we've run out of black olives!

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      seems legit.



  9. It's amazing how much effect stress has on our bodies. I've been worrying about something for a few weeks and had bad backache for all that time. The problem gets resolved today and I find myself with about 95% of the pain gone.

    1. Momof3littles


      I think pain, stress, and fear are so incredibly intertwined! Glad you are feeling better.

    2. freeindeed


      Definitely all connected.

  10. I have a sad feeling. It's the sad feeling that comes when your husband overcooks the special treat brownies that contain the expensive organic dark chocolate to the point they are inedible and could be used as bricks.

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    2. Plum


      Brownie milkshakes?

    3. lailasmum


      Brownie milkshakes are a great idea.


    4. unfrumpable.


      Oh, that would make me sad too!

  11. Even though the rain today can only be described as torrential and it's blowing a gale, there's still a persistant little blackbird out there singing loudly through it all.

  12. Sometimes I hate the internet!

    1. mama25angels


      I totally understand!

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