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  1. Thanks, for sharing this. I'd like to send you a PM to ask more questions. :-) If anyone else has experience with this, please feel free to give your two cents!
  2. Looking into various co-op options for next year and this one looks intriguing. Has anyone tried it? We've looked into CC, doing CCM alone, Catholic Schoolhouse, etc. Just would like to hear from people who've used it and what your thoughts are about it, pros/cons, etc. Here's a video intro about the program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_j6V2rofMM
  3. If you have tutored Essentials in CC, I'd love your feedback. How did you like being a tutor? Did you feel equipped to do the job? Any advice or tips for a newcomer? How much prep time per week were/are you doing for each class? We are considering joining CC in the fall for the first time and I have an upcoming 4th grader. I'm considering becoming an Essentials tutor. Also, if you were not an Essentials tutor, can you give me any feedback about the program? Thank you for any information you can share.
  4. If you live near Minneapolis, there is an awesome exhibit on the Romanov dynasty at the Museum of Russian Art until Mar. 23rd.
  5. Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy is very nice read aloud. You can do or skip experiments as interest and time allows. http://www.amazon.com/Exploring-Creation-Astronomy-Educational-Ministries/dp/1932012486
  6. Thanks for all your ideas-- very helpful. I guess because PLL doesn't have a bunch of diagramming, or definitions of parts of speech, I thought I needed the Seton English as a supplement. I will probably keep the Seton Handwriting a couple days per week because dd is still mastering cursive. and is still learning the "strokes". I might just "trust the process" and either sell English 3 or use it for 4th (isn't a lot of grammar repetitive anyway?) Memoria Press has a lot of vocab in its literature guides anyway. Does anyone do a lot of this orally, like the vocabulary and spelling words and just write out the comprehension questions? Would love to hear how people use it. The first grade literature was more work bookish and fill in the blanks. These books look like I need to have dd write answers on separate notebook paper anyway. Thanks for all your help!
  7. Please help me schedule out PLL as the "center" with other Language Arts as needed. Maybe I overbought curriculum. This is for a 3rd grader, so we are doing the entire PLL book this year (some split it over 2nd/3rd) I have: Primary Language Lessons (Hillside version) Writing With Ease Memoria Press Literature Grade 2 (I use it a year behind) Courage of Sarah Noble, Little House in Big Woods, Mr. Popper's Peguins, & Tales from Beatrix Potter Seton Spelling 3 Seton English 3 Seton Phonics Seton Reading Comprehension (could do this in Religion, because it's pretty much bible history) Seton Handwriting 3 Seton Vocabulary 3 American Cardinal Reader Grade 3 Thanks for your help!!
  8. Thanks everyone. The more I look at CC, the more difficult I think it would be to try to combine with CCM. I'd love a CCM co-op, but doesn't look like it will happen this year. For those who did CCM at home, can you give me an idea of how you laid out your week? Or did you spread it out over two weeks? How much time to present the intro to the memory work for the week, versus daily review? Do you recommend doing CCM before core subjects or in the afternoon after LA, Math, etc. have been completed? Any other tips? I will be using this with a 1st & 3rd grader, with my 3 year old tagging along.
  9. Following this discussion. Does anyone know if it would be possible to go to CC for the community aspects but use CCM materials at home? Any one with experience running a CCM co-op? Thanks for sharing any info/experiences.
  10. Everyday Graces by Karen Santorum http://www.amazon.com/Everyday-Graces-Childs-Manners-Foundations/dp/1932236090
  11. We started MP Story Time Treasures around 2nd semester of First Grade and finished it up in 1st semester of 2nd grade. We're now finishing up More Story Time Treasures here in the 2nd semester of 2nd grade. We use them as a supplement to other LA programs and love them! Will use the "2nd grade" literature of The Courage of Sarah Noble, Beatrix Potter, and Little House in the Big Woods etc. next year for 3rd grade. We have been very pleased with MP STT/MSTT. The mix of reading comprehension, vocab, writing, and grammar-- even a touch of drawing as a bonus is wonderful. It's been working great here, so we will stick with it.
  12. Crimson Wife, Is this what you were referring to? http://www.stgeorgebooks.com/booklist.cfm?SID=2533
  13. Tara, Good question! I read an old version of TWTM and Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise did recommend Voyages in English as one of their curriculum recommendations for grammar-- very thorough and rigorous content. Earlier in this thread, Crimson Wife stated the original 1950's version was a bit dry for her tastes. I believe you are right the newest version is very secular-friendly and geared to schools/classroom use. I've never had a chance to look at either in person. The vendors that use ViE never seem to come to our homeschool conference. I do have one friend who uses strictly Our Lady of Victory lesson plans and they use the original ViE all the way through. I'll have to ask her how they like it. Although.... it IS grammar. How exciting can that be?? http://www.olvs.org/ShopCart/InvDtl.aspx?InvId=10438&GrdId=&InvCatId=
  14. Sounds like you have a great curriculum lined up for next fall. Stay the course! Just wanted to throw this out there for those who are still undecided or need a good Catholic workbook option for LA. :-)
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