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  1. I unearthed this thread so that I could ask one question about the i-book, and after reading all of your posts, I think i know the answer.  I don't suppose it's possible to print pages from the i-book, is it?  I'd like the added bonuses of the digital version, but I'd like for my students to be able to write their answers on paper.  Can anyone comment on that?


  2. The really awful thing is that apnea makes you gain weight. So you're back to which came first, the apnea or the weight gain? Some moderate gain may have worsened the apnea which made you gain more, etc.


    I have a friend whose husband got a c-pap. He says he woke up for the first time in YEARS, and he lost all the resistant fat he was carrying around (which threatened his Army career) in six months.


    Well I got my c-pap about two weeks after that original post. I've been sleeping with it ever since, and it has made a huge difference. I haven't lost any weight, but the quality of my sleep is so much better. And dh is sleeping a lot more soundly too. I can't recommend the c-pap enough. It didn't take me long to get used to it at all.

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  3. Now that's very interesting.

    I've heard about surgical procedures, though I doubt they're recommend one for me. What I really need to do is lose :eek: weight. The snoring has worsened as I've gained weight over the years. Lovely.


    I'm sure my mouth won't like having a piece of plastic lodged inside it all night. I hadn't considered that part. Fun-fun-fun. :(

  4. Does anyone here have knowledge of the mouthpieces that you can put in your mouth at night to stop snoring?

    This page has pictures of a few:


    As you can see, there are quite a few, and I'm not sure if one is better than another or whatever. I do have mild to moderate sleep apnea, and eventually I will probably get a c-pap, but for now I'd like to try this mouthpiece if it will work. I actually saw one on ebay that cost $149 :eek: But then I saw many others that were around $40. I'd like to try one of those.


    Any advice?


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