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  1. Thank you for this! I guess I should have her start poking around state colleges to see if she gets a spark so we can be a little more specific.
  2. My oldest is a sophomore this year. She would like to take some classes at the community college. She does have medical school as a consideration in her career path, but isn’t interested in an Ivy League school. I am wondering if anyone encountered a situation in which financial aid or something else was altered because your college freshmen had dual enrollment credits.
  3. Is there an app? Viewing from my phone is a mess!
  4. Do you think the workbook would still be helpful to students using the web version?
  5. She is in 7th. She can read, just doesn’t like it.
  6. Background: My eldest (7th grade) is a bright girl. She picks up things quickly and naturally and does not like to review or "be taught" material. She doesn't read. She can, just doesn’t. She can decode fine and there is not a vision issue. I have tried many books and options and it becomes a stand off/WW3 type situation.This girl has also flip flopped on going to PS dozens of times in the last year. She has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). I would like for her to go the second half of the school year just to get it out! I think she needs to see and experience PS so that she can finally decide for herself what situation is best for her (obviously her dad and I will be a large part of the decision and help guide her to the "right" one if she doesn't land on it herself). I do believe she is capable of making this decision. If you disagree, please leave your book recommendations anyway! Her writing suffers. I know that by reading good writing, her writing will improve. I need your top 3 or so book recommendations that she might actually read. She is all about peace and love (hippy girl!). She loves mystery/thriller movies, being weird, strong women leaders, animals and nature. Please drop your best recommendations or other advice regarding reading/writing.
  7. Does anyone have experience with a middle schooler at CC? My 7th grade daughter expects to attend BM high school, and at that point I guess I cease to object. I talked her out of middle school in part with the help of the hive... Around here students start foreign language in 7th. I'd like for her to start this year as well. I reached out to our local CC this morning, but thought someone else here had some BTDT. I noticed also that there was an option to take sign language. She started last semester with the local HASA, but there are no grades or assessments. Am I overthinking?
  8. My MIL says it ends up not being much cheaper once you factor in the fees and such. Their face value looks cheaper, but I think the value isn't actually there.
  9. DS Will develop automaticity when writing his name in cursive within 4 weeks. Subsequent statements could reflect individual letters or other pieces of information such as address, parents names, etc.
  10. Science fair type experiments that follow scientific method plus measurement and conversion skills.
  11. Does anyone have geology suggestions? What do the non-musical folks do about music? He is not yet interested in an instrument and we have done composer studies in the past.
  12. I would follow what the prescriber said unless the pharmacist deemed it unsafe.
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