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  1. Hello friends, We are thinking of adding World History to our hs and would love to hear recommendations of what worked well for you and yours. I have come across Spielvogel's World History but not quite sure what books are required to complete the resources. I see Teacher's edition, Student's edition, Notetaking, Quizzes and I see Modern Times as well. What edition do I need for all these? or rather what are the latest editions for all these? Are there more associated resources that I'll need? Appreciate your help. Thanks.
  2. Lilaclady, Did you also have a workbook or study guide to go with it?
  3. If starting US History study in 6th grade, what have you found to be the best resources ~ books/workbook/websites for a solid study of the subject? Please adv. Thanks so much!
  4. Dear Community, Has anyone's DD/DS done this course online successfully or is this one that requires the help of a teacher? Trying to determine if I should send my child to the center or self learn at home? Please share your experience. Thanks so much as always.
  5. I'm proactively seeking an online high school program for my DS10 who is currently in a multi grade self contained class with differentiation and acceleration. He is accelerated to 7th grade and enriched to 8th grade if that makes sense. I'm seeking to homeschool him next school year and am trying to determine the quality of a potential online high school program. Is anyone here currently using one such program and is pleased with the programming advantages, high quality education, flexibility, advanced and dual programs offered if college & university sponsored. I'm open to whether they are private, public, charter, and college/university sponsored. If it helps, we're located in MO. I am currently looking at Stanford Online High School and if there is anyone here with a DD/DS utilizing their program, I would highly appreciate your response. I'm interested in any others too. Thank you so much community!
  6. Hello all, I have a DS 10 and DD 6 and I am seeking for curriculum ideas for them. DS10 is currently doing AOPS Intro to Algebra (completed AOPS PreAlgebra) and doing Plato Science for Middle School and a mixed bag for the other subjects. We have some ideas but may be missing out on some other options due to ignorance. :-) I am open for any ideas you may have for accelerated options )including online ones that you may have found to be excellent) that you may currently be using with your precious ones around this age range. Thanks in advance
  7. Has anyone's DD or DS taken EXPLORE on Jan. 23 received their results yet? Curious and anxiously waiting. :-)
  8. Figured it out. Please ignore. Thanks.
  9. Another related question ~ when you sign up for EOM on their website, do they specify a time limit for completion e.g. 3 months for the first or something like that and does one get a textbook or is it all online only? I'm assuming there is a tutor assigned?? Please help. Thanks again.
  10. Brad S and Mozwo ~ Thank you so much for your input. I will certainly be taking your thoughts into consideration as well. :-)
  11. Thank you so much mom2bee! You're most helpful. Checking the threads out now. :-)
  12. Thanks for your response JoJosMom! A little backstory ~ DS is 9 as you already know and is on AOPS and doing very well on his own. I have been in touch with the director of a program that uses the EOM and upon my explanation about my DS to cut a long story short ~ she immediately responded with "he, albeit a little young for the program under normal circumstances, is ready for the program." So I think we will do them concurrently. Just wanted to check here to see if anyone is doing them that way before we dived in. We'll give it a try. :-)
  13. Does anyone know of an online Mandarin program that is excellent in teaching a child to read and write the Chinese characters? Please adv. Conversational alone is insufficient for us, Thanks so much!
  14. Seeking your expert advice on the abovementioned for a mathy 9yo currently working through AOPS and doing very well. We then learned about Elements of Mathematics hence the following questions: 1. How do these compare with each other or is there no comparison at all? 2. If they are distinct from each other and would help enrich his math experience/journey, I'm considering adding EOM to AOPS. Would this be too much? 3. We're planning to work on it at home ~ in your opinion is that workable/helpful or is he better off at a center? 4. If you might have anything at all to add on this matter, please do not hesitate. Please help. Thanks in advance!
  15. Has anyone here tried this program before? Would love to hear your opinions. Also, you might know of a better vocab./grammar online program. Please share. Online only please. Thanks.
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