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  1. I'm looking to fly in there and then drive to destination, but I'm not much of a traveler and get intimidated w/unfamiliar cities. How crazy is Nashville in comparison to other similar sized(I have no idea what it is similar to) cities?
  2. things as easy as possible for ds while he is on a short trip. I would like to freeze in the liner so that he can throw take the food straight from cooler into crockpot. TIA
  3. Is there something out there(not a curriculum so much) that just lightly hits on elements of science through reading and discussion? I don't want to DO science this young. I simply want to wet dc appetite. I can tell I'm not explaining this very well, but hopefully somebody can help anyway:)
  4. I am reading the book Miss Hickory(by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey) to my dd(6)- wonderful little book(the kind where they learn a bit from the story) The story makes it sound like the cock pheasant leaves the hen(maybe even is hostile toward her) in the fall and returns in the spring- does this happen among pheasants and if so why? TIA
  5. Attending a conference and am looking for lodging near New Albany, IN. Just need clean, safe town suggestions(maybe w/in 20 miles of New Albany) TIA
  6. Looking for a nice day trip w/in 1 hr of Boston to go do something- hiking or shopping or ???? Somewhere nice and pretty preferably. Thanks!
  7. We will be travelling to Boston and will likely stop over somwhere btw. Syracuse and Albany. Wondering if anyone could suggest a safe, clean town to stay in? TIA
  8. I would also be happy to tell all my friends about it if it really is worthwhile.
  9. We only have a few days as we are mixing business with pleasure. Kids ages are 16, 13, 6 We are already planning on whale watching. TIA
  10. Actually, I thought my reply reflected a value of healthy eating- it's a question of who decides? What if I don't think all the sugar in yogurt is healthy for my child? And yes, I do think my autonomy for my children trumps the "value" of a school or any other govt. entity.
  11. "Are you saying you would prefer that kids have unlimited choice to whatever strikes their fancy for lunch? Is that what you would want for your kids? What do you think most kids would choose if given the option?" No, a variety of CHOICES(implies one gets to make a decision), but I ask you, who then decides what is healthy?
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