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  1. My daughter is in Honor’s Chemistry with her this year, and she really loves her.
  2. That's a weird grading scale, even with these quizzes being open book. I don't like that at all.
  3. We were a CC family as well before 7th grade. I have found that the environment at Wilson Hill is definitely more academic than CC which really leads to better discussions in class. The students are top notch, and their seriousness rubs off on others. It definitely inspires students to reach higher. Love Wilson Hill. Those Great Conversation classes are really amazing.
  4. My daughter is in 9th as well and is taking Great Conversation 3 with Bruce Etter, Logic 1 with Bart Martin, and Latin 2 with Joanna Hensley. We are doing Physics 1 at home and plan to switch out Logic for Chemistry next year for 10th. Their science program looks awesome! This is her second year with them, and she absolutely loves it. ETA: If you are looking at Rhetoric 1, make sure she has completed Logic as a prerequisite. (That's what we are doing this year. She thinks she is just taking another class from Mr. Martin for fun.) :)
  5. Daring to be different is sometimes not all it's cracked up to be. My daughter wore a Greek Goddess costume in 6th grade and carried a peacock along with other symbols of Hera. Everybody called her a princess all night. Not cool when you are an adult-sized sixth grader and long past princesses. Epic fail. She looked amazing, though.
  6. I think I can make something for around his neck from a painted dropcloth to hide the mane. The beak is no problem. Neither are the wings structurally because cardboard would work. I just need to inexpensively do something that will work for feathers. I can use some real feathers, but there is a financial constraint with the size of the project.
  7. Oh, no. I think you misunderstood. The costume is for an actual HORSE, hence the problem. So, everything is supersized. Tons of feathers or whatever. ETA: The back end is super easy, though. :smilielol5:
  8. I need to transform a horse into a hippogriff by Saturday. Any ideas? I've been procrastinating for far too long. I think i can make something to cover the mane. The issue is really wings and something that appears feather-like without spending a fortune.
  9. My daughter went to her first big out of state show in December. When they got to the show, her horse was nervous (even though he had been shown a lot) and kept trying to buck her off. Approaching the cross country course, bucked her off. In the dressage arena, bucked her off. It was a little nuts because he had never done that before. She was pretty devastated. Moral of the story: Horses are unpredictable. These kind of days happen to everyone, even to people and horses that show a lot. Working with horses builds character. This is just part of that.
  10. When he can remember the words to the songs..... The only time I saw him in concert, he was not with it at all, but he is a fantastic song writer.
  11. I would go ahead with Omnibus. I considered it really as more of a guide than anything. Because it is a series of essays, we just took it as the opinion of different people. No need to agree with them at all. The discussion questions will start you off on the road to some interesting discussions, and the answers in the teacher's CD are just meant to be examples of how a discussion might go. I have not found another great books study out there that is as comprehensive. I recommend you cut some books and pick and choose what discussions are meaningful for you. It is actually a bonus if you disagree with one of the authors because it does give you a different perspective to think through that you probably don't have at home. My daughter takes the Great Conversation courses at Wilson Hill, and I can tell you that even those teacher's don't agree with everything in Omnibus.
  12. In high school, I was prescribed blood pressure medicine for migraine prevention. I think this is/was a fairly normal treatment even in people with normal blood pressure.
  13. The good news about the Pony Club manuals is that there are a couple of more once she has read through D. No actual Pony Club joining required, thank goodness.
  14. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DNL2X76/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1#nav-subnav Start with the D Pony Club manual. There is a lot of information here about care of horses and riding as well. Lots of great information.
  15. Wilson Hill is using it as the history spine for Great Conversations 3 class. I looked at the sample and was underwhelmed, but I think I mostly didn't like the typesetting. :closedeyes: I hope that it turns out to be a good choice.
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