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  1. I use flats or more block heels, and I ask my students to bring the shoes they are going to wear (and appropriate hose) to the last lesson before the recital and try it with the piano there, especially since many of my students have keyboards where the pedal is a lot flatter and less likely to get stuck than on a grand piano. My experience is that flexibility matters more than heel height. Some dress shoes are just so rigid that it feels like I can't control the pedal-I can't feel it.
  2. On the Social worker thing, I actually thought Cobra Bubbles in Lilo and Stitch handled it fairly well-that he understood that Nani was doing her best, but just might not have been up to dealing with a very traumatized young child with behavioral issues (especially since she would have been grieving the loss of her parents herself, as well as suddenly being pushed into a parental role as a young adult). But I'm not sure that a child would take anything from it but that this scary looking guy is threatening to take Lilo away.
  3. Also, a stress tardigrade (after all, they can cope with anything) With ThinkGeek closing, I'm finding it harder to find gifts this year 😞
  4. Here's the newest installment in the interesting things about animal...stuff series
  5. What media handle it fairly well? I'm thinking that SuperGirl and The Flash TV series both seem to do a decent job (trying to think of shows where adoption/foster care is part of a character's backstory).
  6. Cooperative games like the Forbidden series or Pandemic would be good.
  7. I find this interesting because we've had two schools tell us they still want thehomeschool supplement even with a cover school transcript. These are smaller LAC's,though. I did have one neighboring state U tell me they refigured homeschool GPA's, but not ones from our specific cover school.
  8. I did these for my music students recently. They're layered wood cutouts, painted, glued, and then mod podged, but you could easily do something similar with paper or fabric scraps on wood or cardboard. If you have scrapbooking punches (or a cutting machine), it makes cutting shapes for layering easy.
  9. I have some students who pay for more than one lesson a week, and it’s very obvious their parents are paying for me to make sure they practice at least x times a week. I also used to tutor at the cheer gym, and same thing-parents were paying me less to actually teach and more to make sure the work was done (and given that the going rate for private lessons there was $1/minute, and I was booked just like a tumbling coach, supervising homework was pretty lucrative).
  10. My DD has done quite a few college classes in high school, and a couple earlier than that. I honestly do not care if she gets any credit whatsoever for them for college. The reason she did them was because they were the best option for her at the time. And overall, I think our local CC has been a great place for her to get the school experience she craved and to be in a classroom setting, and get used to time management and differing expectations without having to give up the flexibility and ability to follow her interests that she would have lost in a full time high school setting. In our state, it has also been a very cost effective way of accessing this content and the classroom setting. And the gift of time, in being able to take classes just because they sound interesting, without worrying whether they fit into a major, has been valuable as well. But ultimately, what she does this last 4 years before leaving home is high school. In talking to schools, even schools that do not transfer credits take DE, AP, IB, etc into account in class placement. And many of the schools that do not accept such credits are those where it is expected that students have had that DE/AP/IB level class anyway coming in, so do not necessarily offer courses at that level at all. So enriching high school is potentially useful in other ways besides financial there, too.
  11. In DD’s case, she is taking a college lit class this fall, so I had planned to do something at home that was more writing based this Spring. She’s done more long writing than short writing due to her science interests (and her short writing is often abstracts, which are usually under 500 words, and often limited to 250 words) and the fact that almost every college class she has taken has had major papers, so this seems like a way to both work on essays which might be useful for her applications next fall and to shore up an area where she hasn’t done as much work.
  12. I have a kid who really got into etymology for a few years. She was a natural speller, so I don’t know anything on the spelling side, but I can give a few recommendations on the etymology/vocabulary side. Excavating English, on Ellen McHenry’s site is a fun etymology resource. There is also Word Up! by the Visual Latin people, which is a series of videos. We used both for a group class/club. Athena’s Academy has a sequence of etymology/vocabulary classes that my DD enjoyed so much that she took them and then became a TA for them. If he really gets into etymology, the National Classical Etymology Exam was something my DD enjoyed preparing for. It is extremely difficult, so she found a lot of new to her words in preparing (as in there were no perfect scores the years my DD did it, and everyone takes the same test, so a less than 8th grader is taking a test that high school seniors at classical schools are not maxing out). The ACL is very homeschool friendly.
  13. Can you ask your DS? I have a traumatic anniversary that hits around Christmas, and I can get through the holiday stuff that everyone finds positive if I know it is coming and can plan for it, and sometimes even can enjoy it. But any extra surprise, however positive, will push me off that proverbial cliff.
  14. I'm planning on making DD's Spring English, in part, practice at writing applications essays/honors essays, scholarship essays . Does anyone have any good/interesting prompts their kids have run into? Or any really useful books? DD struggles to write/talk about herself, so I think this will be an area of difficulty for her in the application process next fall.
  15. We use VBRO/HomeAway, and even there, there are folks who need help on the photos and information side. And,actually, the same applies to hotel listings on Expedia, where you would expect more professional listings. If I can't get a good idea as to whether a hotel room, apartment, or house will work for us, I go elsewhere. And when I give reviews, I try to be very specific for this reason. Not to complain, but to give information (one of my most recent included the information that the historical marker in front of the house is a gym for Pokemon go, which is a plus if you play the game, but if there is a raid event while you are staying there, it may be very congested).
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