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  1. Please keep DD’s cheer team in your thoughts this weekend. They are going into their last competition of the season, and one of their primary bases broke her arm yesterday, so they have to completely rework much of the routine. They’ll be working tonight, and then most of the team will be immediately leaving to drive to Destin.  

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    2. dmmetler


      It’s really hitting them hard-they have had a lot of injury and illness all season which has caused a lot of changes. Until yesterday, they felt really good about this one, but now, not so much. This is the last chance to qualify for the Summit (the big post-season competition),  too. 

    3. dmmetler


      They hit yesterday with some mistakes, but no deductions (for falls, missed tumbling, etc. ) They are in 3rd place, but actually have a chance of having a top score overall-their level is huge and quite competitive

    4. dmmetler



      Day 2 didn’t go well-a stunt came down :(. Frustratingly, not one of the ones that had been changed at the last minute-those were fine. 5th place. They did get a specialty award for Best Dance at their level. 


      Now, a few week break before homeschool cheer tryouts-she’s finally old enough to be eligible. 

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