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  1. I prefer Stevia to other artificial sweeteners, but honestly, when ypu’re talking killing organisms in a Petri dish, I wonder whether it was the stevia, or the alcohol.
  2. DD is in the process of trying out for the regional Homeschool high school cheer team (she's finally old enough to officially be considered high school), and last night, flew for the first time in years-without having a panic attack or shutting down. That is huge! She's really liking the team so far, so I'm hoping it works out for her.
  3. Ellen McHenry has Excavating English, which is an Etymology study aimed at middle school that is a lot of fun. I used it along with Word Up! (Video program by the Visual Latin folks-slight Christian content)for a club. There is also an excellent Etymology (and a vocabulary) course at Athena's Academy-my DD loved them so much that she did them first as a student and then as a TA. My DD did the National Classical Etymology Exam for several years and quite enjoyed it.
  4. I know that for my tutoring kids, I find it easier to find materials on Teachers Pay Teachers (both ones I've already purchased and new ones) than on Currclick. Their search is far more detailed and specific. I have several hundred items in my CurrClick purchase history, so obviously I've used them quite a bit-we did a lot of the lapbooking, timeline stuff when DD was younger because she needed the fine motor practice, and I loved their yearly events (I have a lot on my history I never downloaded, and I'm guessing most of those were the freebies), but I must admit that until I'd logged in yesterday (and did buy a few things), I hadn't bought anything there for probably 5 years, while I've purchased from TPT in the last month.
  5. So, if you bought anything and need to download it, do so now.
  6. I am an APO life member (albeit not at Miami), and APO has some significant differences-basically, it’s what happened when Boy Scouts aged out and wanted to continue scouting, and created an organization (Girls were admitted in the 1960’s). APO chapters cannot have houses, and are usually recognized as an organization, not a fraternity-you can be in Panhellenic, IFC, or Pan-Hellenic and be in APO as well.
  7. DD tends to wear conference t-shirts to college tours/fairs-if a biology department doesn’t comment on it or know what it is, she figures they aren’t a good place for her 🙂 (At her last one, the person she talked to will be presenting there this summer ).
  8. Do you have any history of thyroid issues? It was my allergist who suggested that I should be tested for Hashimoto’s-apparently hives plus hypothyroid are a major sign. For me, it wasn’t until my thyroid got under control that the hives really got under control.
  9. Are you on ranitidine or another H2 blocker? (Ranitidine is available OTC as Prilosec). It blocks a different type of histamine, and along with a regular antihistamine, like Zyrtec, is more effective against hives than just an H1 blocker. Prescription hydroxine stops itching pretty well, but really can only be taken at night because will knock most people out (it is used for pre-operative anxiety for that reason).
  10. My first bow attempt-it’s 2 1/2 in ribbon for each piece (so 5” height at the edges), and 7” across.
  11. I’m hoping the gym will let us share video once the kids have seen it (there was some at practice last night).
  12. DD’s cheer gym is putting together a parent team for the pre-Summit showcase (we have two of four eligible teams who qualified-you have to win your skill division across age levels at a major competition. DD’s team did not qualify, although they came close). Pretty much all of us are over 40, only a couple ever cheered before (my only experience is cheering for one season of pee wee football when I was 9). Our goal is to surprise (and for those of us with teenagers, see if they can really die of embarrassment) our kids :). We’re taking parts from the various routines that will probably be quite recognizable (everything from the ritual that the senior 5 kids do that is about twice as long as their routine, to the over the top facials and dramatic stomp that the youth kids seem to put on everything, to the over the top “fierceness” and drama that DD’s team put on everything, because I guess to a group of 13-16 yr olds, everything is life and death, serious business...) It was SO much fun! There’s just something about going out there, knowing you’re going to be horrendously bad, and enjoying it. (It’s also Amazing how dizzying forward rolls and cartwheels are when you haven’t done one for about 30 years....). Now to make some really, really big cheer bows :).
  13. We packed up a good part of DD's legos and put them in the closet-I still have one set of bins out because they're useful for tutoring and the younger kids in the STEM group do still build. I figure that if she ever really wants to put in the work, she has a lot of money in legos if she wanted to sell them.
  14. I just got approved to teach piano at the community center-which means they handle all the advertising and money stuff for me :)! Woo Hoo!!!

    1. Rosie_0801


      (I love people who do paperwork for me, lol)

    2. Another Lynn

      Another Lynn

      Congrats!  That sounds wonderful!  

  15. We have feline intervention-cats that pick up items and move them around. One stashes her finds under the TV cabinet (which has cutouts in the bottom like mouseholes), one picks them up, takes them to the kitchen floor, and plays with them until they end up under the refrigerator or oven, and one just scatters them to attack bare feet. Each has their own set of items they prefer. I was in the middle of a tutoring session last week, and cat 2 came through and stole the dice! We have a tree that sprouts clothing, and sometimes other things (skateboards, scooters, a bike once). Usually those items vanish at 3:30 when the middle school bus stops there, but some have stayed for weeks and end up donated to goodwill-or becoming lizard habitat :).
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