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  1. Proud of myself-I am a nervous driver, especially for interstate driving and unfamiliar places. Today, I drove DD to visit a college an hour and a half away-in a place I'd never driven, and interstates all the way. ?

    1. ThisIsTheDay


      I never pay attention to these sidebar updates, but yours caught my attention. GOOD for you!! I drive a lot on the interstates, but college visits incorporate all that makes me uncomfortable--new location, finding parking, not getting there too early, finding the right building, talking to people. So I see your accomplishment as double! I loved college visits with my kids, such fun memories, and now you can go do it again and be encouraged by this experience!!!  ?

    2. Myra


      I too am a nervous driver and just basically hate driving!  But ever since my kids have their driver licenses life it good again!

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