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  1. Olympus has a bunch of them at different price points. I think they are mostly intended for doctors. I use one for my music students because it is less distracting than a phone and the files are smaller. I think mine was about $50 at Best Buy.
  2. We have a family stuffed frog that my DD bought at a gift shop years baxk -and immediately afterwards, my mother tripped and broke her elbow. DD decided the frog was responsible, and since then, DH has left notes and done things with the frog, kind of like Elf on the Shelf (and when we were with my nieces over Christmas, the frog would often appear with whatever the elf was doing-DH seems to take a lot of delight in that kind of thing)-and he does take the frog when he travels to send pictures to DD. It isn’t shared on social media, but we have a lot of pictures of that frog in our photo directory.
  3. University of Alabama- Huntsville was the most obvious. University of Nevada-Reno In pockets on campus, and the gaming store in the mall is so big it had to split into two storefronts. University of Toronto depends on what college you are in-each has a different feel. At all of those, you see students sitting around gaming and dedicated gaming rooms. MTSU had flyers up about gaming groups, etc, but we didn’t see it as obviously there. James Madison didn’t really have the vibe on campus, but has a nice gaming/Anime store not far off campus. University of TN has a nice gaming store nearby with multiple locations, but again, didn’t have a tabletop gaming vibe on campus. Sewanee felt like the students were doing an elaborate Harry Potter Cosplay, but I’m not sure if the observation would be appreciated :).
  4. Disability services probably would have told you if this was an option, but at some colleges, it is possible for student health to hold a prescription and for the student to stop by and refill a smaller supply from that supply, or even just take them daily. It’s used a lot for meds that need to be kept cold, but not frozen (like insulin) because the little refrigerators aren’t as stable as big ones, but could be used for something like ADHD meds or opioid pain meds which have a high risk of theft.
  5. And in some cases, we may have one child who needs an alternative, but another for whom public schools are the least bad option. I know families who have two or more kids split between public, private, online charter, and homeschooling.
  6. The community center officially opened registration for my Fall semester piano lessons today :)! It’s getting real...

  7. It can apparently use regular vivofit bands
  8. If you have cheer gyms, check there for dance classes. Often they offer more the dance team style dance, and also would offer flexibility and conditioning which would be helpful. It’s not ballet, but it might be a good option to at least move a bit and get some dance vocabulary. And they may be able to do daytime privates.
  9. I have a similar profile (finally DX’s with dyspraxia in my 20’s), and my speech therapist graduated me at age 11 with a similar statement. At age 13, I asked to go back because I was running into problems with social speech (part of my disability is that under stress I block in words-I know what I want to say, but for whatever neurological reason, my brain will NOT let me say it), so they did a re-eval and I started speech through high school. Truthfully, for me, the most valuable part of it was that it gave me a couple of days a week that I had a block of time that I was in a quiet place with only a few people, and the chance to explain what I was struggling with. I still don’t have some sounds reliably, but those years of language work are probably why I am able to function as an adult in a profession that relies on verbal communications. And I am very sure that my speech therapist was a major reason I made it through high school relatively emotionally intact. All that is to say-speech is more than articulation. And middle/high school ages is when “hard to understand under stress” can really start to be a social barrier.
  10. Again, probably not an option in Jan, but for Cheer Nationals the after hours wristband was $40. You would be sharing the park with a bunch of teens, but it looks like the same list, and lines were short to walk on (as far as I could tell, most of the teens spent their time pulling body positions in front of locations to take photos for Instagram, so the parents and little kids mostly rode rides). So definitely check with everyone you know who has kids who do travel or school sports, band, dance team, etc-maybe you’ll get lucky and there is an event you can piggyback on.
  11. Only if they can afford to do it. I can tell you that when I teach classes for homeschoolers, I tend to have to think of it as a volunteer opportunity, because honestly, I am lucky to clear my expenses. Homeschool classes are usually much smaller, so there is less income coming in, and I can’t cut much beyond that. The amount I can charge and get homeschooled kids is so low that I cannot afford to rent a room to host the class. And because of the wide age range that it often takes to get enough kids to hold a class at all, often parents who want actual instruction put their kids in the after school classes because they can be more focused, even though they cost more. I did it for co-ops when DD was still actively participating, but I now only offer clubs (which are things my DD wants and are basically for her, her friends, and a few other kids who want to try it out each year) and private lessons/tutoring during the school day. I think almost every dance studio, music program, gymnastics gym, etc has tried to offer homeschool classes,and most haven’f lasted more than a few semesters/sessions. Even when they already had the building and were not paying rent on a per hour basis, as I do, the money coming in is not enough to pay the expenses. An excellent science program limped along a few years, but it was the after school crowd that paid to keep their doors open, and a significant number of the homeschool classes just didn’t form (for years I did my best to recruit and arm twist enough parents to sign up so DD could do it). My BK coached a homeschool gymnastics class that never had more than 3 kids. They tried for almost 2 years to “grow the program” and it never did. Most of the ones that have lasted are those subsidized by churches, where they are not paying room rent, which isn’t necessarily a good choice for a secular homeschooler. I’m not saying that the CA plan should be adopted nationwide, but the fact is, more parents who can afford to pay for more classes, wherever the funds come from means that there will be more classes. As a homeschool mom, I can afford to teach a class that barely covers my costs at a co-op when I have a child taking another class at the co-op from a teacher who is barely covering her costs. But a business owner who is trying to actually stay in the black and make a living cannot do that. I am guessing there are far more people paying for their kids to take physics from someone who actually teaches physics using their voucher than people using their vouchers to go to Disneyland and calling it physics.
  12. He should have someone to drive him home, even if he isn’t sedated. Sometimes student health can provide transport or help arrange it. DH has a tube in one ear permanently and needs it replaced, and dizziness and headaches are pretty common immediately afterwards because of the change in pressure. It resolves within a few hours to a day, but you don’t want to count on being the lucky one who doesn’t get that symptom.
  13. California cost of living requires that fees be inflated beyond what the market would accept in most areas. Housing costs in San Diego are 684% of what they are in Memphis. Overall COL is 110% more. And looking at the rates for group music classes at the site posted vs what I charge for similar homeschool classes here, honestly, they basically are charging the same amount I am, once you account for that 110% cost of living increase. And my guess is that they are paying far more for rent due to that 684%. I suspect it the case that the vouchers are making classes and opportunities MORE available to people who do not use charters, not raising the price. A class of 10 costs me the same as a class of 5 to run-but until I have classes of 10 reliably, I cannot lower the rate for each child because I need to cover those expenses-or cancel the class. I suspect what folks will see in CA is that these homeschool classes will get more expensive, not less, and that a lot of programs will end up dropping daytime classes.
  14. Athena’s has AP English lit, and I’ve heard it’s quite good. I believe Online G3 has an honors bio that uses an AP textbook, but is not an AP approved syllabus.
  15. This is likely not helpful for January, but when sports teams do events at WWOS, they have the opportunity to buy discounted tickets that cover a 2 week period around the event. For DD’s cheer Nationals last year, a 4 day park hopper was $250 for spectators/parents/siblings (and there is no requirement that spectators go to the actual competition-although the passes include WWOS admissions) The downside is that these are physically picked up at the event, so you would have to coordinate with someone who can buy them, have them list you as a spectator on their athlete’s registration, pick them up, and arrange to physically get the cards within the 2 weeks that they are good for.
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