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  1. Are you on ranitidine or another H2 blocker? (Ranitidine is available OTC as Prilosec). It blocks a different type of histamine, and along with a regular antihistamine, like Zyrtec, is more effective against hives than just an H1 blocker. Prescription hydroxine stops itching pretty well, but really can only be taken at night because will knock most people out (it is used for pre-operative anxiety for that reason).
  2. My first bow attempt-it’s 2 1/2 in ribbon for each piece (so 5” height at the edges), and 7” across.
  3. I’m hoping the gym will let us share video once the kids have seen it (there was some at practice last night).
  4. DD’s cheer gym is putting together a parent team for the pre-Summit showcase (we have two of four eligible teams who qualified-you have to win your skill division across age levels at a major competition. DD’s team did not qualify, although they came close). Pretty much all of us are over 40, only a couple ever cheered before (my only experience is cheering for one season of pee wee football when I was 9). Our goal is to surprise (and for those of us with teenagers, see if they can really die of embarrassment) our kids :). We’re taking parts from the various routines that will probably be quite recognizable (everything from the ritual that the senior 5 kids do that is about twice as long as their routine, to the over the top facials and dramatic stomp that the youth kids seem to put on everything, to the over the top “fierceness” and drama that DD’s team put on everything, because I guess to a group of 13-16 yr olds, everything is life and death, serious business...) It was SO much fun! There’s just something about going out there, knowing you’re going to be horrendously bad, and enjoying it. (It’s also Amazing how dizzying forward rolls and cartwheels are when you haven’t done one for about 30 years....). Now to make some really, really big cheer bows :).
  5. We packed up a good part of DD's legos and put them in the closet-I still have one set of bins out because they're useful for tutoring and the younger kids in the STEM group do still build. I figure that if she ever really wants to put in the work, she has a lot of money in legos if she wanted to sell them.
  6. I just got approved to teach piano at the community center-which means they handle all the advertising and money stuff for me :)! Woo Hoo!!!

    1. Rosie_0801


      (I love people who do paperwork for me, lol)

    2. Another Lynn

      Another Lynn

      Congrats!  That sounds wonderful!  

  7. We have feline intervention-cats that pick up items and move them around. One stashes her finds under the TV cabinet (which has cutouts in the bottom like mouseholes), one picks them up, takes them to the kitchen floor, and plays with them until they end up under the refrigerator or oven, and one just scatters them to attack bare feet. Each has their own set of items they prefer. I was in the middle of a tutoring session last week, and cat 2 came through and stole the dice! We have a tree that sprouts clothing, and sometimes other things (skateboards, scooters, a bike once). Usually those items vanish at 3:30 when the middle school bus stops there, but some have stayed for weeks and end up donated to goodwill-or becoming lizard habitat :).
  8. Ranitidine (Zantac)-it’s an H2 blocker, so works as an antihistamine. It seems to make other antihistamines work better than either by itself, which lets a lower dose be effective (and lower dose means lower doze). My allergist is the one who prescribed the combo. It’s not recommended for constant use except as a prescription, but to get through the Spring Pollening is worth a try. If you are on meds for thyroid or blood pressure, the real Sudafed can raise heart rate and blood pressure pretty dramatically and is best avoided.
  9. If your teen still likes doing egg hunts/Easter baskets, what do you put in them? It was so much easier when DD was still super into legos...
  10. I will also say it pays off down the road-the more “flipped” format of online classes prepared DD well for college classes-she was used to reading and doing problem sets and the like in advance of classes much more so than many of her classmates who came from more traditional school settings.
  11. It’s listed as an undergrad major, under the psych department.
  12. The reason for DX as an adult is validation that you are normal for you. In my case, I had multiple labels, but it was when I was evaluated in grad school that I found out that a couple of areas where I felt like I’d never lived up to expectation that I was actually doing better than expected given my testing profile. In my brother’s case, he had multiple DX’s that never quite stuck. As an adult, when he started to work with clients with autism (he is a lawyer for the office of protection and advocacy, and works with clients with disabilities who end up in the criminal justice system to try to get them in an appropriate setting), and realized that he was probably HFA as opposed to MPD, ADHD, ADD-H. He’s never bothered to be tested, but the realization has made it easier for him to accept had some things are a struggle. I’ve found this to be true. Labels matter less than what you do about them.
  13. (The one in Ohio). DD spent quite awhile talking to their admissions rep at a college fair, and they actually have her cognitive science major available, as well as an animal science program. Merit aid looks like it may make it reasonable.
  14. I know this one comes up a lot. We visited UAH today, and visited the honors college, biology, sociology, and met with admissions. First of all, it’s pouring rain, and has been all day. So pretty awful conditions to visit a school. Despite that, DD loves it. She loves the offerings in the honors college, that the standard dorm structure allows privacy and the ability to retreat, and that the flyers on campus obviously show that folks there share her interests. The book store had plenty of geeky t-shirts (and ones on students were also suitably geeky). She felt comfortable there. The cafeteria had ample vegetarian and vegan options-indeed, many things were set up so that they were vegetarian and meat could be added. There also was a dedicated allergy-free line, with separate dishes that were the only ones used on that line-a big difference from “we’ll mark stuff as to what allergies it contains, but it’s on the line right next to food that has said allergen, so you’re hoping that the worker doesn’t accidentally cross-contaminate”. The biology prof/department chair who interviewed her recognized the conference her t-shirt was from-and will be presenting there this summer on reproductive ecology of a specific fish. He doesn’t work in her specializations and interest areas, but suggested others that did, and answered her concerns about animals being killed for research/education purposes. Double majoring or combining minors is possible. Most classes are taught by tenure track faculty. Lots of research opportunities. He thinks something could be worked out to let her keep her education snakes in the vivarium, possibly in exchange for lab animal husbandry. (DD also knows the herpetologist there already, but didn’t mention that intentionally). She also did a lab tour. Sociology paired her with the environmental sociology professor, and they also got on well. Again, it’s not common to double major with bio, but could easily do so, research is included, and in fact a capstone project is required. There are a lot of classes DD is interested in. And, again, there are other faculty that he suggested she talk with. Admissioms felt there would be no problem with her age, transferring her credits from concurrent enrollment, or freshman status. There is a greek system, but it wasn’t really emphasized. There is a competitive game-day cheer team that cheers for hockey and basketball, and offers small scholarships that stack with merit aid. It’s definitely a student first, then athletics model. All told, it seems like a potentially very good fit.
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