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  1. Just mailed DD's Governor's School application for this summer. Now, we wait. (The deadline isn't until December 5, so it will take months to get a yes or no back-but it feels good to have it DONE. And good practice for college applications.)

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    2. Terabith


      Skippy, what was the one at Memphis State?

    3. Skippy


      I think the one at Memphis State was called International Studies. I can remember having classes on Africa and the Russian language. The one at UT Knoxville had more of a math and sciences focus. The two experiences were both really fun but very different. I made some good pen pals and friends that I saw later at other events and also when I went to college. We even had a reunion for one of them (probably several months or a year) later with many of the participating kids showing up. This trip down memory lane is neat.

    4. dmmetler


      There are 7 offered this summer.DD has applied for Agricultural Science because that one includes veterinary science (and she’s taken the classes offered in biology). 

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