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  1. My brain is trying to come up with a Monolith song....something like this (so a parody of a parody?)
  2. Check community centers, too. The one I teach piano at does a BIG haunted house and carnival, with the help of the high school honors society. I'll be teaching for the next two weeks in Halloween Town ;)-this week is Fall Break, and they have major decorating and set up planned.
  3. DD said it went well, but there was some math that she blanked on. Which probably has a lot to do with the fact that Algebra 1 was several years ago and she didn't prep at all. We'll see how it comes out. She already has the scores she needs for scholarships at many of her schools on the ACT, so itwould be nice to get NM, but it won't affect much if she doesn't. She also says that there are benefits to taking a test at a private school-they had chick-fil-a (which she didn't eat as a vegetarian), fruit, donuts, etc.
  4. We're waiting to pick up (all two of us. Homeschoolers just don't usually test here. DD is testing at a private girls' prep school).
  5. DD is taking it now. I am at a nearby restaurant trying not to fall asleep-DD woke up at 4:30 am! Hoping she stays awake through the test.
  6. My DD did cheer from age 4 to this past August, and only left the sport due to repetitive strain issues with her joints. At age 4, it was just a dance class, basically, with maybe a forward roll or two added, but by her teens, yeah, it was flipping, spinning, getting hit in the face by someone else's head or foot. There were quite a few injuries on the mat at practice, and it definitely is anxiety producing. DD had great coaches, but even then, you're putting a lot of trust into the hands of kids. One thing I've noticed is that the older girls tend to drop the sport after a fairly serious injury-the girl who had a concussion last season didn't come back, nor did the one with an ACL tear. Both finished the season, but were done, and both had a hard time when they came back for the end of the season socially because they simply weren't where they were when they were injured. That was a major reason why we pulled DD from the team-making a clean break so she could rehab was harder at first, but it took the pressure to get back quickly off her, with, with a RSI, was important. Both her coach from last season and her current coach agreed-it is hard to keep kids off the mat long enough to heal without a body part in a cast, and the social pressure is high. I don't regret the time she spent in the sport, because she gained a lot from it simply because she wanted to do it. But I do think it's a good idea to keep in mind not just the start (the flag football or non-contact sparring or whatever) but the finish. Because it's hard to avoid the ramping up in levels and demands as kids age.
  7. Some states have cover programs/associations, where the program gives the diploma and sends the transcript, and does the counselor stuff, but we need to be able to state what is unique about our homeschooling. For us, what is in this form is quite different from the school as a whole. Both of DD’s common app schools told me to make sure we do the homeschool supplement for that reason. It both makes applying to college easier and harder.
  8. The PSAT is a shorter test. In 11th, it gives eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship program, which can be anything from a complete free ride to nothing, depending on the school. For 10th and below, it’s just practice. DD has scores on other tests that indicate that, with a little luck, she might qualify, but only one of her schools really gives anything significant for it, and they also give great merit aid for the ACT, which she already qualifies for, so it seemed worth it to try to find a place to take it, but not so serious to require mom forcing preparation. Almost no one takes the SAT here, which means the index is set based on the kids who make an effort to take the test (and the handful of private schools that have everyone take it, which is the case at the school where DD is taking it) because if you aren’t in that top 10% or so on other tests, what’s the point, when you’ll be taking the ACT anyway and the PSAT doesn’t help much in preparing for the ACT, so getting a qualifying score requires being practically perfect.
  9. I just got a message from the guidance counselor at the school DD is taking the test at inviting her to come for breakfast before the test with their kids and teachers. 🙂
  10. DD is taking it at a private school. She did some Khan academy over the summer, but not much else. Hoping it goes well. Anyone else?
  11. I am watching this year, since DD is a junior. I'm hoping to have her do her apps over the summer. So far, she has two common app schools and two separate apps, and is still adding to her list.
  12. I went to an undergrad school which actually had a campus on the nearby air force base, and a lot of the personnel took classes on the main campus as well. From what I can see, even many of the "I went into the AF because I didn't want to go to college" were willing to take advantage of the programs available once they were actually in the military, when they were stateside (that was during the gulf war, so a lot of the base personnel were deployed. I had more than a few classes where multiple students were deployed over the course of the semester, leaving a situation that felt kind of like some sort of movie about the Rapture).
  13. One thing I did for BK, who has pretty severe LD's, and who really, really struggles with math is to have her to do the math for elementary education class at the community college. It counted as a high school math credit, but since it was focused on teaching strategies for elementary math, the actual math was pre-algebra and below, and there was a lot of focus on using manipulatives and teaching in different ways. She had adapted math through Algebra 2 on her transcript before she came to me, but as far as I can tell, that was due mostly to being a nice kid and extra credit for things like making posters about the Pythagorean theorem, not actual understanding. The CC class gave her math at the level she really needed, in a way that helped her actually learn strategies that were helpful to her, and also gave her a little more confidence. The two semester sequence meets the general math requirement for degrees that do not have a specific math requirement, but are easier than college algebra, so if she decides to go back to colleges in the region, she won't need to take more math in many programs. For other subjects, we mostly changed the way she got content in and out-so lots of audio books and immersion reading for history, science, and literature (Learning Ally and Bookshare, plus a kindle with immersion reading were a big help) and lots of oral output. The community college selects textbooks available in this format-and, in fact, most have a digital code that includes a "Read to me" feature. She was interested in health, and did lifeguard training, CPR, First aid, and similar classes as part of her high school science (and it also gave her an in to good part time work-and now that she is out of school, she is working part time at two different pools, while she figures out what she wants to do). One thing her FOO was really good at was giving her life skills.
  14. FWIW, my DD got better at explaining pain once she had language to use. I'm not sure if that was the app, or just getting practice giving feedback to her therapists, though. It does go through framing pain very early on. and recognizing which parts of pain are more "in the brain" and which are physiological symptoms that need attention. I think it's in the free modules if you want to go through it yourself.
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